Alibaba, the most well-known online B2B marketplace, on which you can find direct manufacturers with the most competitive price. Hence, the first website buyers will choose when they want to source products in bulk is Alibaba.

But many buyers are wondering such questions: are there any other sites like Alibaba? Or if they want to source products from local B2B websites, are there any other local Alibaba alternatives for them to choose?

There are many posts on Google classifying many C2C, B2C or some dropshipping sites like Amazon, eBay, Salehoo, Doba into Alibaba alternatives. But as we all know, Alibaba is a genuine B2B platform, suppliers on which are manufacturers and traders. They provide service for those buyers that purchase in bulk instead of retail. So such classification is definitely nonsense.

In my today’s post, I will select 16 websites with a large visitor group and good feedback from those dozens of so-called wholesale websites, including 8 China wholesale websites like Alibaba, 3 America wholesale websites like Alibaba, and 4 Alibaba alternatives in India.

1. Sites like Alibaba in China

Global Sources

Compared with Alibaba, it will take Chinese traders and manufacturers a larger membership fee, usually $14700-$29400, to register in the Global Sources. So many small trading companies won’t join the platform because of the high fees. The platform focuses on electronics, auto parts & accessories, gifts, crafts, jewellery.

Apart from providing service for buyers and suppliers online, Global Sources also holds export sourcing shows in Hong Kong SAR every April and October. There are eight events every year, including the world’s largest electronics and mobile electronic shows as well as Lifestyle and Fashion show, which makes buyers find suppliers easily in an offline way.

So besides comprehensive trade shows like the Canton Fair, you can also discover some specialized trade shows focusing on a specific industry to attend on Global Sources. These trade shows are worthy of attending.

trade show of GlobalsourceIn addition, most suppliers on Global Sources will set a higher MOQ than Alibaba. Generally, MOQ of many products is about $1000. Only when your order reaches the MOQ standard, will suppliers negotiate with you further.

Made in China

Made in China is a site focusing on the promotion of Chinese products, and only displays the products provided by Chinese suppliers. That means, all products on Made in China are supplied by Chinese suppliers. Most businessmen in many Occident developed countries will choose to find Chinese suppliers on this platform. Its main major products are machinery, auto, motorcycle parts, etc.

The products categories of Made in China

The same as Alibaba, if the supplier has enough inventory of the products you want to buy, then the MOQ is negotiable, even dozens or hundreds. But MOQ will be much higher for customized products.

Besides, there are many kinds of payment methods available on the platform, and most suppliers can accept Paypal.

payment menthods of made in china


Dhgate, focusing on cross-border trade, supports small orders. Many overseas small businessmen like Amazon sellers, eBay sellers, dropshippers will display the Dhgate’ product pictures on their Amazon, eBay, Shopify online store directly. Generally, they won’t stock any products. Or they only can undertake small MOQ and even just need dropshipping service.

However, many sites like Alibaba, Global Sources, Made in China can hardly provide such service for them, so Dhgate will be definitely a good option for them to import products from China.

For example, as the below picture shows, if you want to buy the stainless steel water bottle, you can clearly notice from the picture that 10 pieces is allowed. And you can also know the price for different MOQ with no need to communicate with suppliers. Such a sourcing model is similar to shopping on Amazon, which is convenient.

But the MOQ on Alibaba or Global Sources will not be so low as Dhgate. And only after you send inquiry to suppliers, you can know MOQ and wholesale price of the products.

The wholesale price on DHgate


Aliexpress is an online retail service platform based in China, which is owned by the Alibaba Group. Strictly speaking, Aliexpress is not a site like Alibaba. Alibaba focuses on B2B, but Aliexpress focuses on B2C/C2C. The reason why I recommend it here is that most sellers on Aliexpress also provide both small wholesale service and  online retail.

If the product you want to buy can be wholesaled in bulk, sellers will show the discount for bulk orders as the below picture shows. For those products without bulk price, you can consult sellers about whether they can provide bulk wholesale service.

bulk price on Aliexpress

Caution: The bulk price is negotiable, especially if you need a larger quantity. Hence, you should negotiate with suppliers about the price before you place an order.

Actually, there are many Chinese factories and wholesale suppliers on Aliexpress. They not only run a store on Alibaba, Global Sources, Made in China, but also on Aliexpress. Selling on Aliexpress is a kind of additional sales channel for them.

Therefore, you can not only buy in bulk at a lower price on Aliexpress, but also source China wholesale suppliers.


The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is a statutory body established in 1966 dedicated to creating opportunities for Hong Kong’s small to medium businesses.

The following 3 pages on HKTDC will help you a lot,

Trade fairs

HKTDC organizes more than 30 fairs every year. Nine of these fairs are the biggest ones in Asia, and three are the world’s largest: the HKTDC Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair, the HKTDC Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair and the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition).

Hence, apart from Global Sources, HKTDC is also a website for you to find information about trade fairs.

Trade shows on HKTDC

HKTDC Online Marketplace

HKTDC operates an online marketplace of 30 industries with over 130,000 quality Hong Kong, China and Asia wholesale suppliers and manufacturers.

 The product page on Alibaba can show the detailed product information, but the product detailed page is not available on HKTDC. There are just a picture and simple product specifications on HKTDC.

So you have to consult the supplier about the product detail information if you want to learn more. Thus, it is more likely a supplier directory rather than a marketplace.

product listing on HKTDC

Small-Order Zone

There are 100,000+ products in the Small-Order Zone available in a quantity of 5 -1,000 pcs. The Small-Order Zone is an online shopping site for global buyers to source and purchase quality products in small quantities at wholesale price from verified sellers. Buyers can instantly place orders and make payments online via credit cards or PayPal.

The same as the online marketplace, it also just provides a product picture, and you need to consult suppliers about more product details.


Summary: as HKTDC is established in 1966 and it is a statutory body, the web user experience will not be as good as Alibaba. In addition, for more convenience, you can download HKTDC app on your mobile phone and transfer into the English version.

Sourcing company

A sourcing company is an agency to source commodities and buy products that are out of the buyer’s reach on behalf of them. Sourcing agents are often needed in international trade. Learn more here.

Nowadays, more and more businessmen like to cooperate with sourcing agents, especially for those without importing experience or having multiple product categories to deal with. Sourcing agents can provide many services, including selecting the right suppliers, price negotiation, following up production, quality control, product compliance & testing, shipping & logistics, etc.

China sourcing agent jingsourcing


1688, owned by Alibaba Group, is specially designed for Chinese local businessmen. Hence, it will be troublesome for overseas businessmen to use the platform, like language barriers. The reason is that many suppliers on 1688 can’t speak English. In addition, 1688 only has a Chinese version. So you just need to translate it by third- party tool, like Google Translate.

Although it appears troublesome, 1688 is still an additional source of finding Chinese suppliers and know the price range of some products. About 1688, you can check out my previous post (the most complete guide on Google) to learn more details: Buy Bulk from 1688 for Your Business or Personal Use?


Different from 1688, Yiwugo has an English version, but the product listing optimization on Yiwugo is not very good. Most suppliers on Yiwugo also have offline stores on Yiwu International Trade Market. Yiwugo seems an online Yiwu International Trade Market, and you can find the exact offline store address of the supplier from the product page.

If you want to contact suppliers, I advise you to install Wechat App, the most popular chat tool in China, on your mobile phone. It will be very convenient for you to communicate with suppliers at any time. Besides, you can contact suppliers by phone, email or other ways. Although most suppliers on Yiwugo can’t speak native English, they can communicate with you about the details in some simple words.

2. Sites like Alibaba in USA and Europe


Most products on Kinnek are industrial goods, including bakery equipment, cannabis equipment, dairy equipment, cidery equipment, beverage production equipment, etc. And the majority of suppliers on Kinnek are located in the United States.

Kinnek seems a supplier directory. When you click into a supplier’s profile, you’ll be able to see any products they might have in their catalog and/or any featured products. You can filter a supplier’s products by category or specification.

If you want to know more information from the supplier, you can request a quote or message the supplier directly from their Kinnek profile.

Wholesale Central

Wholesale Central is a B2B platform, and it just supports wholesaling. Retailing is unavailable. It is just a wholesale supplier directory without a detailed product page as Alibaba. Most suppliers on it have their own website, that is to say, when you click into the supplier’s profile, then it will jump into the supplier’s webpage directly.

Besides, you can learn the information about trade fairs on Wholesale Central.

trade fairs information of wholesale central

Noticethere is no strict rule about membership applying on Wholesale Central for suppliers, so you should identify whether the supplier is reliable or not carefully.

Worldwide Brands

 Worldwide Brands provides a pretty special Wholesale Directory for online sellers, including dropshipping suppliers. Many of small bulk wholesale suppliers offer their products with minimum orders of $500 or less. This is more cost-effective for online retailers that want to make their online business up a notch.

If you can’t find a product that you want to sell, simply submit a product request and the platform will work on tracking down the wholesaler for that product.

But before using Worldwide Brands, you need to become their member first. The member fee is about $274 for lifetime access.

The member fee of Worldwide BrandsMany buyers want to search websites in Europe like Alibaba, but only to find some small online B2B marketplaces. I have to say that, many buyers in Europe find suppliers on the above 8 China wholesale websites.

3. Alibaba alternatives in India

India MART

IndiaMART is India’s largest online B2B marketplace, with a 60% market share of the online B2B classified space in India. It has abundant product categories, including Industrial Plants & Machinery, Building & Construction, Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, Apparel & Garments, Food, Cosmetics, Jewelry, etc.

You can filter the nearest suppliers according to your location in India, which is very convenient.

Find suppliers from these cities of India

Although it doesn’t display many images on the product listing as Alibaba does, the user experience is still good. It has a detailed supplier profile and introduces the supplier in a short video.

Trade India

This is also a popular site for trade shows and online B2B marketplace among small businesses located in India and the other parts of the world. There are more than 1200 product categories on TradeIndia.

The same as Alibaba, the first step is to locate the best-matched suppliers of products you want to purchase, then send inquiries to suppliers.

find suppliers from trade india

The same as IndiaMART, you can search suppliers according to industrial & manufacturing hubs in India.


There are only 6 main product categories on go4WorldBusiness. But you can find many suppliers from different countries on it like China, India, Australia, Indonesia, Italy, etc. Besides, it sets offices in New Jersey, USA and New Delhi, India.

As the product information on go4WorldBusiness is not in detail, you also need to send an inquiry to suppliers for getting the product details and latest price.

The product category of go4WorldBusiness

Exporters India

Exporters India, established in 1998, is the largest searchable B2B marketplace and exporters directory connecting suppliers and buyers in India.

Compared with IndiaMART and TradeIndia, the website layout appears outdated.

4. Sites like Alibaba in Korea

EC21 is also an online B2B marketplace but located in Korea, and its main export markets are Europe, North America, South America. The suppliers on the platform come from all over the world including China, Korea, the United States and more, and you can filter suppliers by country.

The export market of EC21

To Wrap It Up

Among the above 16 recommended sites like Alibaba, 8 sites are based in China. In fact, there are not many online wholesale websites in other countries, and most of those websites focus on small bulk order, which is related to the distribution of the world industrial chain.

Thanks for reading, if you know some other useful online B2B marketplaces, welcome to tell us by leaving a comment.

We, the leading sourcing companies in China, help our clients find the best manufacturers, ensure the quality of products and arrange the shipment to their doorstep, making the whole sourcing process a lot easier and safer. If you’d like to source products from China, feel free to CONTACT US.

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