People who know Yiwu wholesale markets have likely heard about Yiwugo and are curious about it. In today’s post, we’ll guide you through exploring Yiwugo from 5 aspects highly of interest to users.

What is Yiwugo?

Launched in 2012, is the Yiwu suppliers’ directory online. There are 75,000 stores on the site. All of them come from the world’s largest small commodity supermarket – Yiwu International Trade City (5 districts), Huangyuan Market, and Yiwu Production Material Market, etc. Online stores have a corresponding offline booth in Yiwu wholesale markets.

yiwugo online yiwu market suppliers
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Anything you can find in Yiwu markets is available on Yiwugo, such as jewelry, toys, clothing, shoes, bags, office supplies, and other low-cost small accessories.

Currently, both the Yiwugo PC website and the phone app support switching between Chinese and English. Additionally, Yiwugo has its own international version called, which is exclusively in English to facilitate the use of overseas visitors. The products and stores on Yiwubuy are identical to those on Yiwugo. Moreover, you will notice an “original Yiwugo (义乌购)” link below the product images on Yiwubuy.

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Who typically uses Yiwugo?

Yiwugo is primarily used by the Chinese, with only 10% of users coming from outside China. Based on the latest 30-day overseas visitor data released by Yiwugo, the majority of overseas visitors are from the US, the UK, Ukraine, India, and Russia.

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On Yiwugo, major users are retailers and small wholesalers. The minimum order quantity for most products is typically a few dozen. For experienced overseas buyers, Yiwugo has become an essential app on their smartphones. They can directly source the desired small commodity types at competitive prices, bypassing middlemen. Additionally, they have familiar freight forwarders to arrange international shipping.

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Another major Yowugo user type is overseas importers planning an on-site visit to Yiwu markets. They use Yiwugo to:

  • Get an overview of wholesale markets.
  • Gather information about interested suppliers, such as store addresses and 360-degree panoramic views, providing a clear look at every angle and product within the store.
  • Utilize Yiwugo’s precise location services to navigate the vast market and visit the suppliers offline more effectively.

This way helps save much time and energy. Because the Yiwu market is exceptionally large, and for those unfamiliar, it’s easy to get lost. Even food delivery drivers use Yiwugo to locate shops for deliveries.

How to download the Yiwugo app and use it?

3 ways to download the Yiwugo App.

Go directly to your phone’s app store and search for “yiwugo”: Use Google Play Store for Android phones or the App Store for iPhones. Then, download and install the app.

Type “yiwugo” in your browser: You will see the Yiwugo App install icon provided by Google Play. Simply click on it to download the app.

Visit the official Yiwugo website and click the link “Save more on our App!” at the top: Download options are available for both Android and iPhone.

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Register an account after downloading the Yiwugo App.

One way is to register using your email. Another way is to register using your mobile phone: choose your country, enter your mobile phone number, click “send code”, check your phone messages for the verification code, and then set your password.

Direct search for products and suppliers or use Yiwugo RFQ.

The most straightforward method is to type the keywords of what you want, and find the exact products or suppliers offering similar items. You can also search for products via images. For those suppliers looking good, you can engage in online chat with them for quotes or send inquiries as shown below.

Additionally, it is recommended to download the most commonly used Chinese messaging app, WeChat, and add the supplier’s WeChat ID for fast communication. Besides that, you can also contact suppliers through phone calls, emails, WhatsApp, and other means.

how to contact yiwugo suppliers

In addition to direct search, Yiwugo also has the RFQ (Request For Quotation) channel, similar to Alibaba RFQ. You post the buying request and suppliers will be bidding for it. Below 3 images show you how to use the Yiwugo RFQ step by step.

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Here you might wonder, “Direct search vs RFQ, which is better?” If you want to quickly connect with multiple suppliers, use RFQ to let suppliers come to you. Then, select 2-3 suppliers looking good for further evaluation and communication. If not satisfied, you can either release another round of RFQ or opt for Direct Search until you find satisfactory suppliers.

Yiwugo VS Alibaba VS 1688

Platform language and suppliers' English skills.

The Yiwugo platform has an English version. This is friendly to overseas buyers compared to 1688, which is only available in Chinese and requires machine translation. However, most suppliers on both platforms are not proficient in English. Because Yiwugo and 1688 primarily cater to the Chinese market, with the majority of users being Chinese businessmen.

In contrast, Alibaba is positioned for the international market, and suppliers can generally speak English. The platform supports English as well as other languages like French, Spanish, etc.

Language barriers pose the most significant challenge for importers. For example, when browsing on Yiwugo, you’ll find that many product details are in Chinese, as shown below.

yiwugo product details in Chinese text

This is quite common because Yiwugo sellers use automatic translations that can’t translate Chinese text within images. When you have questions about product details and want to consult suppliers online, their response may be slow, and communication through machine translation can lead to misunderstandings, hard to truly get your points.

Overseas buying is more complex than sourcing locally. And no one can guarantee that the entire process will be problem-free. When issues arise, the communication costs under different language and cultural differences can be substantial.

Variety and richness of product types.

Yiwugo mainly offers various small commodities provided by Yiwu wholesalers and manufacturers. In comparison, Alibaba and 1688 have a more extensive range of product types. Becuase 1688 gathers suppliers across China, and Alibaba gathers suppliers from China and other countries.

For example, raw materials and industrial products such as tractors and excavators can be quickly found in 1688 and Alibaba with many suppliers. But you’ll notice that Yiwugo has either very few or no suppliers offering such products.

International payment options.

Typically, for overseas buyers, Yiwugo sellers often let you order via Yiwubuy. This platform is specifically designed for overseas buyers and supports payment methods such as PayPal and T/T. For small orders, Paypal is suitable.

Regardless of the payment method chosen, there is a service fee imposed by the platform, ranging from 3% to 20%, depending on the order value. Let’s suppose the T/T, you still need to pay some service fees to the bank. Note that the order payment does not cover shipping costs.

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Payment options on Yiwugo are more diverse compared to 1688, which only supports Alipay and online banking with Chinese bank accounts. However, Yiwugo is less flexible in payment options compared to Alibaba. Alibaba supports a wide range of international payment methods. Additionally, Alibaba’s Trade Assurance service provides added protection for your payment.

International shipping.

Regarding international shipping, you can forward your order to Yiwubuy platform agents. They will calculate shipping costs and send you to have a look. Typically, packages within 2KG are delivered by the most economical options like ePacket, although the delivery time is long, and hard to track the logistics information. If more by sea or air.

In case you think the shipping time and prices are suitable, the platform will arrange the shipment for you. Or, you can inquire with Yiwugo sellers if they have cooperative freight forwarders to manage the shipping for you.

yiwubuy international shipping via the platform agent

Overall, Yiwubuy’s international logistics is better than 1688. Most products on 1688 are limited to domestic delivery within China, with a few cross-border items available for overseas delivery.

However, Yiwubuy’s international logistics is not as flexible and user-friendly as Alibaba’s shipping. On Alibaba, you can input the product’s weight and volume to intuitively compare shipping costs. Additionally, most Alibaba suppliers have partnered with freight forwarders for international shipping.

Is it necessary to hire a Yiwu agent?

Reading here, I believe you now understand how to download and use Yiwugo, getting to know buying from Yiwugo is not easy for beginners. If you lack experience and only intend to buy a few everyday items for personal use, you can check AliExpress as an alternative. If there is no big price difference, buying from AliExpress is more convenient.

If using Yiwugo to purchase a variety of items for home decoration projects or wholesale products for resale, I strongly recommend finding a reliable Yiwu purchasing agent to save you a lot of time and reduce potential risks.

Be sure to find JingSourcing. Our office is right in front of the Yiwu Market. We can filter out suitable suppliers, go directly to Yiwu markets to find them, obtain samples, shoot videos for you to review, or send them to you. We will then provide you with quotes for comparison. And we’ll inspect products for you, and through video calls, confirm if any discovered defects are acceptable to you. Quality products at competitive prices are crucial for e-commerce.

Additionally, we have reliable freight forwarders to get agent prices from shipping companies, airlines, and couriers. Also, we can help you consolidate items purchased from different suppliers. This means we help you optimize shipping costs and save a significant part of overseas sourcing expenses. With years of experience in handling international shipments, we can tailor the best logistics solutions based on your specific situation.

Ask JingSourcing for Yiwu wholesale at good prices & with quality assured.

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