Finding the right manufacturer in China to make your products is the choice of many importers. However, it is not easy to find a real one.

After reading today’s post, you can get some practical advice on how to find it.

How to find manufacturers in China?

Many importers prefer to find factories online. Because it is the most convenient and fast way, which includes:

Online platforms

You can start by checking popular Chinese wholesale websites like Alibaba, made-in-china, Aliexpress, DHgate, etc. These websites have a large number of Chinese suppliers, and you can easily find the products you’re looking for by using their search filters.

Note that many of these websites are trading companies, not factories. In the following sections, I will explain in detail how to distinguish between them. Keep reading.

Sourcing company

Another way is to find sourcing companies to help you.

Professional and large-scale sourcing companies like Jingsourcing have a large number of stable and reliable supplier resources through years of experience. If you cooperate with us, you won’t have to spend so much time and effort searching for factories. We can quickly select several suitable factories from our database. We can also negotiate with multiple factories to get better prices, thereby helping you reduce sourcing costs.

Note that many sourcing companies have emerged since 2020. When searching on Google, you will find more than 100 such companies with similar content and services. I can say for sure that many of them have directly copied our website. Because building a website is not expensive, and it only takes a few people to operate it.

In fact, some of them are actually trading companies without their own factory resources. Their service process is also unprofessional, and they also can’t handle many orders. This is not much better than the supplier you can find on Alibaba by yourself.

Key points to verify whether it is a factory

Below I summarize some practical questions you can ask suppliers to help you determine if they are real manufacturers.

Where are they located?

Manufacturers located in industrial clusters are able to offer higher-quality products at more competitive prices. You can check their company profile to find out where they’re located.

This is a common way to find factories. For example, if you want to find factories on Alibaba that manufacture outdoor & playground toys, you will find more than 60% of the suppliers are located in Yongjia, Zhejiang province. This means that this place is the main producer of such outdoor toys and you can easily find a real factory here.

What are the supplier's product lines?

Another tip to distinguish a manufacturer from a trading company is to check its product categories. If the supplier’s product range is very diverse, then it is a trading company. Because the factory generally produces only one or a few similar products.

What is the supplier's business scope?

A supplier’s business scope is usually indicated on their business license. If it includes words such as “production”, “processing”, and “manufacturing”, it is likely to be a factory. While a trading company is generally more focused on “selling”.

What's the MOQ of products?

The MOQ of factories is usually higher than that of trading companies. Therefore, you can judge a supplier by testing whether he can sell you a smaller quantity of products.

For example, if you want to buy 4000 glass bottles from a supplier, you can ask if you can buy 300 first. If they are good in quality, you will place a larger order in the future. In this case, a trading company may accept your order of 300 pieces. But if you are dealing with a factory, he may refuse you because his MOQ is higher, such as 1000 pieces.

If you only want to wholesale many types of products or customize products with small quantities, you don’t have to strictly distinguish whether they are factories. Even if you finally find a real factory, he may refuse you because your order is too small. It is time-consuming and does not make much profit.

At this time, you can seek trading companies or sourcing companies to help you.

Jingsourcing: your best support for manufacturers and product

As a leading sourcing company in China, Jingsourcing has helped 4000+ clients source manufacturers to produce their goods, inspect, and ship from China. We have lots of advantages including:

Rich manufacturer resources

We are located in Yiwu, the largest wholesale market in China. There are many factories around us, and we also have integrated manufacturer resources all over China, many of which you can not access on wholesale websites.

Whether you need wholesale stock or customize products, just tell us your requirements and budget, and we will quickly and efficiently select several suitable factories from our supplier database. They are located in industrial clusters, have passed our strict factory audit, and their prices are very competitive. So you can completely trust them.

In addition, we can collect their samples and send them to you together so that you can better compare. After balancing the quality and price, you can decide which one to work with.

Strong ability in product customization

We have over 20 years of experience in product customization and have handled many complex projects that most Chinese suppliers were unwilling to do. I can responsibly tell you that finding the right factory is very important.

For example, we helped an Australian client customize her bath ball, which she wanted to import from China for lower costs. However, she spent several months searching on Alibaba and couldn’t find a manufacturer to produce it. Finally, she found us for help.

This customization project had two main challenges. On the one hand, many of the materials listed in her formula were only available in Australia and hard to find in China. Secondly, it was difficult to tell the exact amounts of each ingredient according to her formula because she measured them in “drops” or “cups”, while Chinese factories used “grams”.

We contacted a factory specialized in chemical products that had been working with us for more than eight years. After seeing the bath ball formula, he told us within minutes what ingredients to substitute for this fragrance and the exact ratio of ingredients. As a result, we successfully produced the desired scent in the second sample.

As you can see, finding the right and professional factory can provide a quick and accurate solution, thus saving you time, effort, and cost.

Find the Best Factory by Jingsourcing

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