Our Extra Sevice and Fees

Extra Services

Start from $20 All these services will be quoted by each inquiry.
  • 1 by 1 inspection.
  • Travel to factory for inspection.
  • Hire labor in China.
  • Design packaging, labels, etc.
  • Lifestyle photography, product video.

It Will be Quoted Case by Case

Costs vary based on labor inputs, so inquire with our agents about service fees.

One-by-one product inspection: Our workers can help you inspect every product according to your requirements, and we only charge $5/hour. We will help you reduce the defect rate to 0, so you don’t get any bad reviews from customers. We strongly recommend this service for Amazon sellers.

Travel to the factory for inspection: For general review included in the Pro and Basic plans, we inspect the products in our warehouse. If you want us to travel to the factory for inspection, you only need to pay the cost of travel. As this cost varies from case to case, you can ask your agent for details. You will probably get this service at a discount or for free.

Labor: Our workers can help you with any labor at $5/hour, including packing products, bundling products, and applying FNSKU stickers. FNSKU stickers start at $0.03/each.

Warehouse: After the free warehouse period ends, we will charge a $10/CBM/month warehouse fee. Our warehouse is located in Yiwu Zhejiang, around 200km away from Ningbo and Shanghai seaports.

Graphic design: Our company has in-house graphic designers to help you design packaging boxes and labels. It’s more cost-effective and efficient than finding a designer on Fiverr. Check out our packaging designs.

Lifestyle Photography & Product Video: If free photos in the Pro plan are not enough, our designers can help you create lifestyle photos at a low cost. The price starts at $50. Check out our designs and costs.