Our Dropshipping Services

Dropshipping is the easiest and cheapest way for anyone to start an online business. You don’t need to keep any inventory because your Chinese supplier will directly deliver the product to the customer who places an order on your website.

To help dropshippers at all levels, we provide the following two service plans to help you grow your business.

Beginner Plan

$50 /Month 10% service fee of product value
  • $0 minimum order for any product
  • Competitive price from Chinese wholesalers
  • Standard e-package shipping fee
  • Inspect each product before shipping
  • Free product photography.
  • Private label, customized packaging.

Growing Plan

$0 /Month 5%-10% service fee of product value
  • $500 minimum order each product
  • Competitive product price from Chinese factories
  • Low discounted e-package shipping fee
  • Inspect each prouduct before shipping
  • Free product photography
  • Private label, customized packaging

Beginner Plan

Suitable for those who want to start an online business with limited budgets, or sellers who want to try as many products as possible to find the best-selling ones.

What's the cost?

  • Monthly Charge: $50/month, which can be refunded once your order amount for that month exceeds $1,000.
  • Product cost: Products are purchased from Chinese wholesalers or retailers, for that the prices are more competitive than most of the dropshipping sites. 
  • Service fee:10% of the product value.
  • Shipping cost:Shipping fees are charged at the normal standards of e-package shipping companies.

6 Steps to use the Beginner Plan.

  1. Send us an inquiry, by telling your dropshipping experience and the products you want.
  2. A professional agent assigned by us will contact you, and provide you with free pre-sale consult services.
  3. A $50 monthly fee will be charged, when you want to start dropshipping your first product.
  4. Find products on Aliexpress, Taobao or other Chinese retail websites, and send links to your agent.
  5. Confirm price and shipping cost with your agent, and finish the payment.
  6. Your agent gets the product, check the quality, and ship to your customers.

Growing Plan

Suitable for sellers who can purchase in larger quantity and those who need product customization.

What's the cost?

Product cost: We help you find the best suppliers in China and get the most competitive prices for mass production.

Service fee: 5%-10% of the value of each batch of production orders. If the order amount for any product is under $1,000, we will charge $100 for that order instead. More detail to see in the following table.

Shipping cost: Based on the product, the destination, and your weekly shipment volume, we will provide you with lower discounted e-package shipping. 

5 steps to use the Growing Plan

1. Send us an inquiry, telling us what kind of products you want, and the requirements for customization.

2. A professional agent will contact you, help you find the best manufacturer, get the most competitive prices, and offer the most economical and stable logistics solution.

3. You pay for the cost of mass production. The agent follows up on the production, and arrange to storage all products in our warehouse.

5. You prepay some shipping fee. Then once your customers place order on your store, we will deliver it to them.

(You can manually inform us of the relevant order information, or let our order management system grab the information automatically by connecting to your stores)

Product Value Service Fee
Less than $1,000 $100
$1,000-$2,000 10%
$2,000-$3,000 9%
$3,000-$5,000 8.5%
$5,000-$7,000 8%
$7,000-$10,000  7.5%
$10,000-$15,000 7%
$15,000-$20,000 6.5%
$20,000-$25,000 6%
$25,000-$30,000 5.5%
$30,000- 5%

Advantages of Our Dropshipping Service

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Better Product Price

Compared to other dropshipping websites like Ailexpress, we can provide more competitive prices for sellers who want to grow their business.

Optimized Logistics Solutions

We have built cooperative relationships with many logistics companies, which enables us to offer the best solutions based on different destinations and products.

Higher Efficiency

We can offer you a stable supply chain and handling all other troublesome processes, empowering you to operate your business in a more efficient manner.

Quality Inspection

We will conduct a thorough inspection to make sure the product is of good quality, hence ensuring your shop can be free of negative reviews.

Reliable After-sales Service

The agent assigned to work with you will provide you with exclusive one-to-one services, and will timely solve any shipping delay or quality issue.