We Support Multiple Types of Business

Product Development

If you have an idea for developing products, we can help estimate the cost of sample and mass production, and advise on things like crafts, materials, and packaging for free. Once you confirm all the details, we’ll match you with the best factory and follow up on the whole process from production and QC to shipping to your door.

We’ve supported many kickstarters and helped them turn their product ideas into a reality. Baby Blendy Bottle is one of our successful cases. We selected the most professional bottle factories and PCB board factories and helped him redesign circuits and all components to achieve a lower product price.

Baby Blendy bottle
cargo container shipping

Medium to Large Business

Finding suppliers through Alibaba or Canton Fair and purchasing by yourself can be a real headache if you spend more than $500,000 annually and need a wide range of products. We can arrange a specialized team of up to 20 people to handle your supply chain in China, and offer good credit payment terms.

We helped an eCommerce company in Europe increase its annual purchase volume from $500,000 to $3 million in 3 years. Every week, there is a 40HQ container filled with 10–40 different kinds of goods, which are shipped to Europe by sea or rail.


eCommerce sellers’ trial order quantities are often too small for the factory to offer customization services. Over 80% of our clients sell on Amazon, Shopify, or they’re eCommerce companies with 20,000+ SKUs. We can help with:

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