China manufactures 50% of the world’s cases and bags, including diaper bags. In today’s blog, we will take you on a tour to explore the diaper bag industry in China from the following 3 aspects:

Find diaper bag suppliers on Alibaba

When sourcing diaper bags on Alibaba, you’ll find that the majority of suppliers are ‘verified.’ However, it’s important not to blindly trust verified suppliers. That’s because any supplier can become ‘verified’ by simply paying the membership fee and filming a factory video. This is simple and doesn’t necessarily guarantee the quality assurance of suppliers.

And I can tell you that over 80% of Alibaba’s suppliers are trading companies. Do not spend too much precious time finding factories, especially when you have a limited budget of a few thousand dollars.

Factories typically have a minimum order value of $2,000 — $3,000 per product style, and they prioritize larger orders. For small custom diaper bag orders such as material, color, shape, and sizes, you need to wait for the factories’ schedule and they may be less flexible and proactive.

However, most trading companies can fulfill your custom diaper bag order according to your requirements even if your MOQ is low. This is because they usually have a wide range of diaper bag factory resources from small to large scales, making them more flexible.

Choose diaper bag suppliers located in the industrial clusters.

China’s diaper bag industry clusters are primarily located in the Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Fujian provinces, which are also the areas where most diaper manufacturers are concentrated.

  • As for Guangdong, diaper bag suppliers are concentrated in cities like Shenzhen and Guangzhou. They typically offer the latest styles and good quality, but prices tend to be slightly higher.
  • In Fujian, you can find diaper bag suppliers centered in Quanzhou, a manufacturing hub for bags and clothing.
  • Zhejiang diaper bag suppliers are mainly in Yiwu and are usually lower in price. Like Yiwu, Baigou, a city in Hebei Province, manufactures diaper bags at a better price but with unstable quality.

Ask suppliers for quotes and diaper bag samples for evaluation.

Evaluating suppliers requires a multifaceted approach. For instance, you can ask them questions to assess their professionalism and how seriously they take your inquiries. List diaper bag suppliers you think are OK. Next, reach out to 5-10 of these suppliers to request quotations. This way, you get the diaper bag price range after making comparisons.

That should be under the same diaper bag quality and requirements. Different fabrics, pocket designs, metal hardware, patterns, and logo printing, can lead to variations in quotes. For example, among different metal hardware options, copper is the most expensive, while zinc alloys are the cheapest.

More importantly, order a few diaper bag samples to visually inspect the quality and overall effects. Then, you can select suppliers whose price and quality meet your standards, proceeding with further order placing steps.

JingSourcing connects you to suitable, reliable diaper bag suppliers.

As buyers, you can find diaper bag suppliers on Alibaba. Whenever you encounter difficulties or issues in the process, make sure to reach out to JingSourcing, a leading sourcing company based in the industrial center of Yiwu.

Our diaper bag prices are 10%-15% lower than Alibaba's and more accurate.

We can provide you with diaper bag quotes that are at least 10% lower than those from Alibaba suppliers. So far, we have integrated diaper bag manufacturers of various sizes from all over China into our supplier database. All of them have passed strict factory audits and fixed cooperation with us. So we can help you get factory-direct prices.

Furthermore, when we provide quotes, we typically explain the pros and cons of the diaper bag quote. In comparison, the individuals you contact on Alibaba are often sales representatives who may not be familiar with their products. As a result, the provided quotes are not accurate, failing to meet your desired quality and effects.

We excel in diaper bag customization based on 15 years of industry experience.

Our sourcing agents have years of experience in sourcing and customizing diaper bags. For your inquiry, our agent will communicate with you about the diaper bag details, such as fabrics, styles, sizes, colors, etc., and advise the most suitable and cost-effective printing methods.

In my experience, common logo labels include fabric labels, embroidered patches, metal logo plates or stickers, silicone labels, and leather labels. Logos and patterns can also be directly printed on the diaper bag body using techniques like screen printing, thermal transfer, embossing, and more. Click the images below and enlarge them to have a better understanding.

fabric labels
fabric label
silicone labels
silicone labels
leather labels
leather labels
embroidered patches
embroidered patch
thermal transfered logo on bags
thermal transfer
canvas bag with screen printed pattern
screen printing
metal logo plates and stickers
metal logo plate

Screen printing is the cheapest for large orders (≥500pcs/item) with simple logo patterns.

Screen printing is the cheapest method if you buy more than 500pcs/item, with fewer-colored simple patterns. Suppose you want to print a 5×5cm² logo with two colors on his 500 diaper bags, the screen printing cost will be around $250. That is, the printing price is $0.5/pcs.

However, screen-printed patterns have an obvious glue-like feeling as below.

Screen printed patterns on bags

DTG works well for small diaper bag orders and complex multi-color pattern designs.

DTG works well for complex multi-color designs, without restrictions. Suitable for all-over-print diaper bags. Printed patterns feel the same as other parts and are hard to fade. One thing to note is that DTG works better on 100% cotton than other fabrics.

Additionally, this technique is suitable for small orders. It’s charged on a printed area (square meter) basis. The color number and pattern complexity do not impact the final price.

digital printed patterns on bags

Embroidery suits small pattern designs and looks more advanced on diaper bags.

The embroidery pattern has an enhanced 3D effect and is high quality. As for the cost, it can be influenced by factors such as the intricacy and dimensions of the pattern, the thread count, the order quantity, and other variables. For instance, we previously assisted a client in embroidering a one-color letter pattern in 2x5cm size on 200 fabric diaper bags (as shown below). The cost was about $0.7/pcs. You can utilize this instance as a reference.

Click to Enlarge

Product quality is our priority.

For diaper bags, major defects often include uneven stitching, hardware defects, and surface abrasions (leather bags). We first communicate with you to get your checking focus and then conduct inspections in our warehouse. In the process, we send you videos or pictures of inspected diaper bags for real-time communication. This makes the inspection efficient.

Also importantly, we check a higher percentage of products than 3rd-party inspection companies for free. In addition, we’re the only sourcing company that offers a full review to reduce the defect rate to 0.

Four popular types of diaper bags we've helped buyers customize.

So far, our database covers most types of diaper bags you can see on the market. Here are some popular diaper bags that we’ve assisted U.S. and European e-commerce sellers in customizing and manufacturing in China.

Please note that we will not disclose our client’s design or product information. All the product photos are from Google and Amazon.

Backpack-style diaper bags

Backpack manufacturers produce this-style mom bag for even weight distribution, comfortable wearing, and the convenience of having both hands free. These bags typically offer a spacious interior with various pockets and compartments to accommodate items like diapers, bottles, baby clothing, etc. Also, there are several small design elements that enhance functionality: the hook for hanging on a stroller; anti-theft features; USB charging port for added convenience; and front reflective strips for added safety during nighttime outings.

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Tote-style diaper bags

Tote-style diaper bags have a more fashionable appearance. Most totes offer ample space with interior pockets and compartments to store various items, similar to diaper bag backpacks. With top handles or shoulder straps, they are convenient to carry and suitable for short trips and various daily occasions.

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Messenger diaper bags

Messenger diaper bags feature a modern and fashionable design, often with a unisex style. They come with a single shoulder strap that can be worn crossbody. These bags typically include front or side zippered pockets for easy access to items like cloth diapers, bottles, etc.

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Fanny-pack-style diaper bags

Fanny-pack-style diaper bags are fashionable but can only carry essentials like diapers and wipes. We’ve even assisted clients in customizing such bags with memory foam-lined seats, providing added comfort for parents and ensuring a comfortable seat for the baby.

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Ask JingSourcing to customize premium diaper bags & cut costs.

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