We have received many new customers for importing diaper bags from China in the last two years. Many of them don’t know how to import diaper bags from China. They encounter a lot of problems when purchasing a diaper bag. This article helps customers who want to wholesale diaper bags in China. It also helps people who want to start a diaper bag business.

We list the few points that importers are most concerned about:

Please note that we will not disclose our client’s design or product information. All the product photos are from Google and Amazon.

1. Different Types of Diaper Bag You Can Import from China

Diaper bookbag/backpack
Features: Large capacity, with many compartments, great for travel.

Diaper bag tote/purse
Features: Simple and stylish, Suitable for taking a baby to go shopping. And it’s easy to clean.

Stroller diaper bag Diaper pouch
Features: Used for hanging on a stroller, functional and stylish. Be designed for modern parents, with classic needs.

Diaper bag tote/purse
Features: Simple and stylish, Suitable for taking the baby to go shopping. And it’s easy to clean.

Hip diaper bags/Messenger Bag
Features: Outdoor lightweight material, streamlined design, easy to organize and carry. Unisex stylish and spacious design.

2. What is The Wholesale Price for Diaper Bag in China?

There is no huge difference in the price of different diaper bags. Generally, the price of a diaper bag is around $10-$20USD. The price range of the following diaper bags that our customers often order is $10-$13USD.

High-quality diaper bags may include a complex production process. They offer better functionality. They feature high-quality fabric, like leather or special outdoor materials.

For example, in January of this year, one of my customers who specialize in branded products customized a high-quality package. It has a large number of sorting layers that can be used to classify a variety of baby products. Moreover, he selected the light, wear-resistant, and waterproof fabric. The cost in total is around 20 USD.

Since last year, our company has been purchasing diaper bags for our customers in various countries. We found that the same style of diaper bags from the same supplier costs 10% more in 2018 than in 2017. This is because raw materials and labor costs are higher in 2018. So don’t be surprised if you find that suppliers are more expensive this year than the last year.

3. The Shipping Cost for Importing Diaper Bags from China

Our company previously had helped many customers source lots of diaper bags. Although the different styles of diaper bags vary in size and weight, there is not much difference in the shipping cost. So, I take a diaper bag that we help our customers purchase before as an example.

Usually, 500 diaper bags are about 400KG, 3.5 CBM. Their dimensional weight is about 670KG. (For some lighter weight, but larger volume goods, express/air freight will charge according to dimensional weight.)

3.1. The cost for shipping by express/air freight

The following table can help you roughly calculate the shipping cost of each diaper bag to different countries by express delivery.

(Please note that different courier companies have different prices. The express price may change at any time in a year. The price in the table below is just for your reference.)

Express Price
Express Price

Express Price
Express Price

3.2. Cost for shipping by sea freight

Sea freight is more complicated. You need to transport goods from China to your warehouse in your country. It involves the Chinese export process, shipping on the sea, import process in your country, customs clearance, and domestic shipping to your warehouse. Better find a professional freight forwarder that will help you handle the shipment from China to your warehouse.

Shipping a full container load is cheaper (FCL). But many of the importers’ first purchase in China is not enough for one container. Some just purchase thousands of packages each time. So, they usually ship less than container load (LCL).

I will give you some shipping LCL prices for all included costs as a reference.

(This price is for goods at 3-5 CBM. If the number of goods is more than 5 CBM, the price is cheaper.)

Sea Freight
Sea Freight

Sea Freight
Sea Freight

4. How to Customize Diaper Bag?

In fact, most of the importers select diaper bags from the ones already produced by the factory. However, more successful and experienced importers will customize diaper bags by their own design. They make your personalized diaper bags, unique from many of your competitors.

Importers usually have these changes on the diaper bags:

  • Print/embroider your own logo on the backpack. Most types of backpacks are made of canvas. You can send some good patterns to the factory and let the factory print them on the canvas material.
  • You can add more multiple compartments to diaper bags.
  • You can change the bottom material of the diaper bag to leather. With this, even if you put the bag on the ground often, the bottom will not get dirty. (See the following picture.)
  • You can add a USB line on the diaper bag and facilitate charging anywhere.

Most Chinese factories have a minimum order quantity of at least 500 or 1000 units for a personalized baby diaper bag. To buy only 200 or 300 pieces, you can just get your logo printed on diaper bags. You can’t do more customization for an order of less than 500 pieces.

5. Quality Issues You Should Know About Diaper Bags

We have identified two primary quality issues that may arise with your diaper bags. Generally, customers ignore these issues.

diaper bag quality

The first one is the zipper part of the diaper bag, which is very easy to break during use. So, pay special attention to the texture of the zipper. You have to test it by hand and look at the metal material. Many factories use some bad zippers to save costs. A bad zipper is not smooth to pull and breaks easily after a period of use.

The other one is where the body and the strap are connected. It is easier to get off the line if it is not very strong. So when purchasing from suppliers, let them sew more lines in this area or make this part with a thicker cloth.

6. How to Find Diaper Bag Manufacturers/Suppliers in China?

6.1 Find Diaper Bags Wholesale Suppliers Online 

You can find diaper bag suppliers on Alibaba and other wholesale websites like Made-in-china, Global source, DHgate, AliExpress, or on an independent website on Google.

Vendors on Alibaba generally have higher requirements for MOQ, usually above $2,000. First-time buyers and those who want to buy only 100 diaper bags or less should choose DHgate or Aliexpress. 

But, if you want to sell this product for a long-term business, I recommend you to buy from Alibaba instead of DHgate or Aliexpress. It’s because most of the suppliers on both sites are not factories. Usually, they buy products from different factories and resell them to you. So, it’s hard to guarantee that the quality of the bags you buy every time is the same.

6.2 Find Diaper Bag Manufacturers in China

If you have your own business plan and want to customize diaper bags according to your own ideas, find a reliable manufacturer. Communicating your ideas with suppliers on Alibaba is difficult. Moreover, it’s also difficult for a supplier who understands and meets your requirements.

Suppose you already have a supplier on Alibaba. But you are unsatisfied with the quality of diaper bags manufactured by your current supplier. In this case, I suggest you come to China to participate in some exhibitions. You can find some suppliers of diaper bags at the exhibition. You can communicate face-to-face with them and choose a supplier that is most suitable for you.

In China, you can find diaper bag suppliers from these fairs:

7. Where Can You Find The Best Diaper Bag Manufacturers In China?

Our team has a lot of experience in helping foreign clients find diaper bag manufacturers in China. The majority of these manufacturers are found in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, QuanzhouFujian, Yiwu Zhejiang, and Hebei. Each of these areas produces diaper bags with different qualities and prices.

If you are looking for the best quality diaper bags, then go to Guangzhou and Shenzhen. These areas contain a lot of raw materials. Therefore, manufacturers in these areas are able to manufacture diaper bags of a higher quality. However, you will have to spend more cash on your diaper bags.

Quanzhou, Fujian also has a number of diaper bag manufacturers. There isn’t much of a difference in terms of quality. The prices in Quanzhou are a bit lower than in Guangzhou. So the suppliers in Quanzhou tend to be the most cost-effective ones.

If you are looking for an affordable diaper bag, then Yiwu is the place to be. However, the quality may not satisfy you. In Yiwu, the quality of diaper bags depends on the production capacity of the factory you are buying from. Therefore, you need to learn how to distinguish the good quality from the bad one. If you do not have this kind of experience, then you should find a professional purchasing agent like us to help you.

We advise you to find a diaper bag supplier in the above areas. But one place you shouldn’t consider is Hebei. Though the diaper bags in Hebei are the cheapest, the traders there are not as professional as those on the East Coast. Hebei is quite inland and you may have problems communicating with most of the manufacturers there. Therefore, they may not be able to customize diaper bags according to your specific requirements.


Now It’s Your Turn

I hope this Complete Guide will help you import diaper bags from China to your country easily.

Now I’d like to hear from you:

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