Recently, I received a lot of inquiries about the wholesale fanny packs. While dealing with inquiries, I also got a lot of experience in purchasing such products. And then, I decided to write this article to share how to correctly import fanny packs from China.

Please note that we will not disclose our client’s design or product information. All the product photos are from Google and Amazon.

Table of Contents

1. What’s a Fanny Pack? How Hot Is It?

2. What Kinds of Fanny Packs Can You Buy from China?

  • Types of Fanny Pack
  • Materials of Fanny Pack
  • Storage Capacity of Fanny Pack

3. Tips for Customizing Your Fanny Pack in China

  • Customize Logo
  • Add Pockets
  • Change Belt Length
  • Use Breathable Mesh Pad
  • Choose High-quality Zipper

4.  Where Can You Find the Fanny Pack Suppliers in China?

  • On-line
  • Off-line

5. Tips for Finding a Good Fanny Pack Manufacturer in China

  • Fanny Pack Manufacturers Location in China
  • Supplier’s Responsibility 
  • Suppliers with Good  Communication 

1. What’s a Fanny Pack? How Hot Is It?

The fanny pack is a small fabric pocket with a zipper and is worn around the waist, also known as a belt bag, bum bag, or even waist pack. It is very practical. When people are traveling or exercising, a fanny pack can be used to store small items, such as keys, mobile phones, cash, headphones, and many more.

Fanny pack was once popular in the ’80s and now they have become popular again due to their usefulness and trendy designs.

Hiking Fanny Pack with Bottle (1)

Hiking Fanny Pack with Bottle

Unshaken Running Walking Cycling Belt Pouch for Phones

Unshaken Running Walking Cycling Belt Pouch/Bag for Phones

First Aid Fanny Pack

2. What Kinds of Fanny Packs Can You Buy from China?

Types of Fanny Pack

You can find all kinds of styles in China, such as:

Fashion Fanny Pack

Running Fanny Pack

Running Fanny Pack

Funny and Novel Fanny Pack

Funny and Novel Fanny

Fanny Pack for Hiking, Travelling, Walking

Materials of Fanny Pack

The main materials are leather, PU, canvas, Nylon, and Neoprene.

fanny pack Materials

The leather fanny pack is mostly used for luxury and its price is the highest. Thus, most customers will not purchase the leather from China. Instead, they choose PU materials. The PU fanny pack looks like leather but the price is about $2-4.

If you only consider the appearance, I suggest you choose the PU material. So you can spread the cost on other accessories such as good zippers to improve the quality of your products.

The fanny pack made of canvas is more common in outdoor and sports such as mountain climbing and traveling. The price is about $1.5-3.

Nylon and Neoprene materials are light and suitable for sports. The price is about $1-2.

Considering the sweat problem in sports, the material of fanny packs is usually waterproof. 

Storage Capacity of Fanny Pack

Generally, The size of the fanny pack is small, but some customers ask for oversized packs.

In daily life, the size of the fanny pack has a great impact on your experience. If the pack is too big, you may carry a lot of heavy objects on you. If your pack is too small, the storage space maybe won’t enough for you.

Thus, I suggest that the capacity of your fanny pack be designed according to your needs

The size of fanny pack 2

3. Tips for Customizing Your Fanny Pack in China

After reading the brief introduction above, maybe you have the right pack in your mind. But have you considered these questions?

You can import this fanny pack from China and so do your competitors.

The key point is:

  • How can you be more competitive?
  • How can your product be different from others?
  • How do you make your customers choose you?

Yes, the answer is that you need to customize your packs. You can try the following aspects:

Customize Logo

You can add your own logo. It can build your own brand image and increase customer loyalty. I’ve learned that there are several ways to personalize the logo of the fanny pack. These are:

Add Pockets

You can add more pockets to your packs, such as bottle pockets, cell phone pockets, etc.

Add pockets 6

Change Belt Length

Another thing you should pay attention to is the belt part of your fanny pack. You’d better consider the maximum size required by your country’s customers.

The original belt size of the manufacturers in China is mainly based on the waist of the Chinese. So, you need to know the maximum size of your belt before you can import it. If there is no right size, you need to customize the length of the belt.

size of belt

Use Breathable Mesh Pad

When exercising or traveling outdoors, many people choose a breathable mesh pad instead of ordinary nylon.

Choose High-Quality Zipper

Sometimes, you can see two styles of the same fanny pack, but there may be a difference in the price of about $0.2. If you take a closer look at the zippers of these two bags, you will find that they are different.

In this case, I suggest that you consider spending an additional $0.2 on the zipper. Because the quality of the zipper directly determines the user’s experience. You must not want to receive bad reviews from your customers because of a poor-quality zipper.

Customization often involves a minimum order quantity (MOQ). Our supplier tells us that the MOQ for a pack is about 300-500. For a variety of color styles, the quantities of one color should not be less than 100. In other words, when MOQ is 300, then you can only select up to three colors. If the MOQ is 500, you can select up to 5 colors.

Generally, the volume of a piece of goods is about 0.1 CBM. Based on this data, you can probably calculate the cost of shipping at the time of import.

For more information about Freight Cost of the fanny pack, you can refer to this article that we wrote sometime back.  

4. Where Can You Find the Fanny Pack Suppliers in China?

On-line: Alibaba, Made-in-China, Sourcing Company.

Alibaba and MIC are the two largest wholesale websites in China. You can find a lot of wholesale fanny pack suppliers on them.

Apart from wholesale websites, you also can find Jingsourcing, a sourcing company in China, to help you purchase fanny packs. We can serve you the whole importing process including customization.

Off-line: Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Quanzhou Fujian, Yiwu Zhejiang, and Hebei.

Most of the manufacturers in these areas are famous for the Luggage industry. Each area has its own features with different prices and quality. You can visit the manufacturers directly and have a tour of the factory to see the production process. For more information about this part, please refer to our article about the Diaper Bags, Chapter 7.

5. Tips for Finding a Good Fanny Pack Manufacturer in China

Understand Where Wholesale Belt Bag Manufacturers Are Located in China?

If you want to buy a fanny pack from a real manufacturer and not a trading company, then you better understand where the Chinese fanny pack is located.

In my experience, factories that make a variety of packages are usually able to produce fanny packs. In China, such factories are mainly located in these cities: Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Yiwu, Quanzhou, and Hebei. If you find the location of the supplier on Alibaba is in Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Ningbo, pay attention, it may not be a real factory. 

Generally speaking, the charges of the factory located in Shenzhen and Guangzhou will be higher than those in Yiwu and Quanzhou. Of course, the quality of these products and the management of the factory will be better.

Supplier’s Responsibility Is the Key Point for Customizing Fanny Packs.

If you want to customize, like adding a logo or more pockets, then a responsible supplier is very important.

For example, if your first order is 500 or 1000 packages, and you let the supplier help you customize and modify many samples. Feeling the order is small and troublesome, irresponsible suppliers may terminate the cooperation. This means that the time and money you spent before are very likely to be wasted and you have to find a new supplier to continue this project.

Make Sure Your Supplier Has Good Communication with You.

If you want to customize fanny packs in China, nothing is more important than finding a timely and efficient supplier.

If you find a supplier with a lower quotation, but hisresponse to emails is always slow and your questions are always answered late, then you’d better change the supplier, even if his price is very good.

Because a supplier with poor communication skills will cause your custom projects to be delayed for a month or two, or even longer. So, you are likely to miss the best sales time.

Now, I want to know what you have comprehended:

Have you discovered how to find a quality supplier?

Have you learned how to import fanny packs from China?

Have you understood the details when customizing your wholesale fanny pack?

We’re a sourcing company with rich experience in purchasing and customizing fanny packs. We’ll do our best to serve you the whole importing process with quality inspection. So feel free to CONTACT US or leave your comments below. 

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