Many wholesale markets in Guangzhou aren’t concentrated in one area. If you don’t do homework before coming to Guangzhou, you will waste much time but don’t get what you want.

I’m sure you’ll find some related Guangzhou guides on Google, but these blogs just give you a general overview of Guangzhou markets. It’s not enough for you to know Guangzhou wholesale market well. So I make a list of the best wholesale markets in Guangzhou you cannot miss, and the things you should pay attention to in the market and the skills of dealing with shopkeepers.

This article covers lists of wholesale markets in Guangzhou. You can click each link below to take you to related sub-articles. 

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1.Guangzhou Clothing Wholesale Market

Guangzhou Clothing wholesale market is No.1 in China, and lots of the other Clothing wholesale market are just reselling goods from the Guangzhou market.

Below are the Top 3 best places to buy wholesale clothing in China

  • Thirteen Hong Market (十三行)
  • Shahe Market (沙河)
  • Baima Market (白马)

2. Guangzhou Fabric Wholesale Market

Zhongda Fabric Market (中大布匹批发市场)

Zhongda Fabric Market is the largest fabric and clothing accessories in the South China. There are over 4,000 stores in the 18 independent buildings. It is located in Haizhu District, right next to Zhongshan University.

Zhongda Fabric Market is famous not only for the complete colors and fashionable styles of all kinds of fabric but also the wide variety of garment accessories like zippers and ribbons. What’s more, the price is the cheapest in the city. Therefore, Zhongda Fabric Market is deeply welcomed by business people, especially clothing manufacturers and consumers.

I specifically introduce Guangzhou International Textile City below.

Guangzhou International Textile City(广州国际轻纺城)

The fabric in Guangzhou International Textile City is of the best quality and more popular among foreigners, compared with the other 17 independent markets in Zhongda Fabric Market. The decoration of stores inside reflects the style of their products, which is very special.

Guangzhou International Textile City, also known as Guangzhou China Fabrics and Accessories Center, is a seven-floor huge building. And it has three functions: transaction, exhibition and business which offers you a one-stop sourcing base for fabrics and accessories.

Haiyin Cloth Art Concourse(海印布料总汇)

Haiyin Cloth Art Concourse is the first cloth market in Guangzhou that aims at the whole process of cutting, sewing, and designing for all kinds of fabric like wool and cloth. And It is also a very reliable fabric market in Guangzhou among customers.

The fourth floor is the national worsted fabric exhibition and sales center. It collects the fine products of major wool textile factories in China and provides the latest and most popular fabric for big clothing brands at home and abroad. So it attracts many fabric experts.

Main business: Fashion fabrics, home fabric, hotel configuration, tailored cutting, worsted fabrics, stage engineering, special clothing, work clothes, uniforms, and fine accessories, etc.

3. Guangzhou Shoe Wholesale Market

Global International Trade Center Buyun World(广州步云天地鞋城)

Global International Trade Center Buyun World, one of the most popular shoe markets in Guangzhou, is located in the Guangzhou Railway Station which is a good place to wholesale footwear for your business.

Global International Trade Center Buyun World is a big building with 10 floors. The World of Children’s Shoes is in basement 1, while from the 1st to the 3rd floor, you can see a bigger shoe world. Furthermore, the 4th to 10th floors are international shoe exhibition and business offices. If you have enough time, I advise that you explore all the floors for a better choice.

At present, there are more than 1,000 shoe manufacturers and sellers from all over the country and overseas. And the purchasers are mainly from the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, and other countries.

Xinhua South Shoes Wholesale City(新华南鞋业百货城)

Xinhua South Shoe Wholesale Market is one of the largest and most influential shoes markets in China. with an area of 150, 000 square meters, including hundreds of shops.

You can find all kinds of medium and high-grade shoes of different brands from home or abroad, such as leather shoes, sports shoes, slippers, children’s shoes, cloth shoes, and casual shoes in Xinhua South Shoes Wholesale Market.

What’s more, equipped with convenient logistics and warehouses, it’s convenient for you to store and transport your goods if you plan to wholesale footwear in this market.

Guangzhou Metropolis Shoes City(广州大都市鞋城)

Guangzhou metropolis shoes city is the largest “one-stop” wholesale shoe market in the Pearl River Delta. It is located at the junction of Jiefang South Road and Daxin Road in Guangzhou. And it is a golden place for wholesaling shoes and shoe materials for more than 100 years. 

Guangzhou metropolitan shoes city covers an area of about 22,000 square meters, housing about 800 shops. So it’s shoe heaven for shoe lovers and wholesalers.

Most of the shoes in the Guangzhou metropolis shoes city are made of PU with trendy styles and attractive prices. Even if there are leather shoes, they are mostly two-layer leather. The price is between$3-$8 per pair which is much cheaper than the specialty stores.

The stores in the market aim to do business with wholesalers. But it’s OK If you want to buy one or two pairs. The price is surprisingly low when you buy shoes during the changing season.

But there is something you need to know. There are not enough stock goods, and the size of the shoes is limited in stores. For example, if you want to buy a pair of size 38 shoes, maybe you can only find size 36 shoes in the stores. So you can’t take shoes home on the same day, and you have to wait for the arrival of your size 38 shoes.

4. Guangzhou Watch Wholesale Market

Guangzhou is the watch wholesale center in China too. And in Guangzhou, these watch wholesale markets are mainly located in ZHAN XI Road (站西路).

During years of development, the watch industry in Guangzhou has achieved the most complete and efficient supply chain in the world, which enables the watch suppliers in Guangzhou to do OEM watch specifically for you from low to high-end easily.

Also, you may have heard some stories that you can purchase $100 ROLEX in Guangzhou. ZHAN XI Road Watch wholesale market is where these stories happened.

5. Guangzhou Jewelry Wholesale Market

Guangzhou Hualin Jadeware Street(广州华林街玉器街)

Guangzhou Hualin Jadeware Street is a must-visit place if you are very interested in jade.

Guangzhou Hualin Jadeware Street stretches for more than 300 meters. There are 142 jade shops on both sides of the street, with nearly 1,000 jade and jewelry stalls. Guangzhou Hualin Jadeware Street mainly does the business of jade and jewelry processing which can date back to the Qing Dynasty.

You can find all kinds of jewelry processed from high-quality Yunnan jade materials, like jade rings, earrings, jade pendants, jade bracelets, as well as jade brands. There are not only ancient jade and antique jade, but also the fashionable Chinese Zodiac jade in recent years. What’s more, there are even jade processing tools and raw stones.

The price range is very wide, as low as $1.6 and as high as $1,600. Don’t worry that you may get fake goods, because the merchants only sell genuine ones to avoid the harsh punishment by the mall.

Guangzhou Taikang Jewelry City(广州泰康饰品城)

Guangzhou Taikang Jewelry City is the most comprehensive jewelry wholesale market, with low and medium-end products. The shops in Taikang Jewelry City is not big, selling products with the fashion trend in low price. Moreover, most shops support small MOQ.

If you plan to start a jewelry business or want to try different styles of goods at a low cost, then Taikang Square will be a good choice.

Guangzhou Taikang Jewelry City sells jewelry made of all kinds of materials like stainless steel, copper, alloy, silver, and crystal. Except for that, some shops also sell scarves, hats, cosmetics and so on.

Guangzhou Xijiao Jewelry Market(广州市西郊大厦华南国际小商品城)

Xijiao Jewelry Market is much bigger than Taikang Jewelry City which is one of the biggest jewelry markets in Guangzhou. There are four floors of goods selling area, covering 35,000 square meters with more than 1,400 shops. Of course, the average quality and price are higher than Taikang Jewelry City’s.

And Xijiao Jewelry Market is crowded with private brands shops belonging to leading manufacturers. Many shops can operate jewelry designing, manufacturing, and selling at the same time. So, if you need custom service, you can try this market.

6. Guangzhou Foshan Furniture Wholesale Market

Lecong International Furnishing City

When it comes to the furniture wholesale market, we can’t miss the Lecong International Furnishing City which is China’s furniture capital and the largest furniture distribution center in the world, located in Foshan, an hour’s drive from Guangzhou. So people often put the Guangzhou furniture wholesale market and Foshan furniture wholesale market together, and call it Guangzhou Foshan Furniture Wholesale Market.

We list two furniture markets in Lecong Foshan furniture market below. But before that, let’s have a look at the famous Lecong International Furnishing City first.

Lecong International Furnishing City stretches 10km from the Lanshi bridge to the No.2 Longjiang bridge, covering over 20,000,000 square meters with more than 3,450 shops, showing over 20,000 different types of furniture products.

Here are the top two furniture wholesale markets below.

Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center(罗浮宫国际家具博览中心)

Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center is the biggest and the most famous mall in the Lecong furniture market. It covers 380,000 square meters with over 2,000 top-class furnishing brands from home and abroad. Moreover, there are 20 theme pavilions according to different classification methods such as function and style.

Louvre furniture center was granted the title of “4A scenic spot” in 2012. Every year, more than 2 million people from 105 countries regions visit and purchase furniture there. So this is a must-visit place if you want to import furniture from China.

Sunlink Furniture City (South Section)(佛山顺联家具城南区/顺联世纪家私城)

Sunlink Furniture City (South Section) is a good choice if you plan to do furniture business, because of its low price for low and medium-end furniture. There are ten furniture malls, covering more than 200,000 square meters with nearly 1,000 famous manufacturers at home and abroad setting up business here.

What’s more, there are five professional furniture purchasing theme areas: “Sofa Purchasing Center”, “Hotel Furniture Purchasing Center”, “Home Life Hall”, “Modern Furniture Hall” and “European Neoclassical Experience Hall”.

Furthermore, the “Shunlian International Sofa Purchase Fair” will be held in March and September respectively twice a year, with over 50,000 foreigners attending the fair to buy furniture in the Sunlink Furniture City (South Section). If you just have time to visit Guangzhou and Foshan at that time, a visit to the fair can be very interesting.

7. Guangzhou Toy Wholesale Market

Liwan Toy Wholesale Market(荔湾玩具批发市场)

Liwan Toy Wholesale Market is the first professional toy wholesale market with both size and characteristics in Guangdong Province. It is located on the first and second floors of No. 38 stone subgrade, Zhongshan 8th Road since 7 years ago, with a total market area of more than 2,000 square meters, housing over 80 shops.

It’s very convenient to go to the market or travel around, as there is the Guangzhou-Foshan bus Terminus next to the market.

Moreover, there are tens of thousands of toys at Liwan Toy Wholesale Market, such as plush ones, electric ones, voice control ones, remote control ones, and intelligence ones.

Guangzhou Yide Road(一德路玩具批发市场))

Yide Road is the largest toy wholesale and distribution center in Guangdong Province and even South China. And toy dealers from all over the country wholesale from Yide Road, including some famous toy wholesale centers in Yiwu and Chongqing. Guangzhou Yide road toy and gift wholesale center has very broad radiation, with an annual turnover of more than $1.6 billion. 

In addition, more and more foreign buyers from Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America, and Russia purchase goods directly from Yide road. And the trading method has gradually changed from cash and spot form to commercial contract, and supporting services like banking and transportation are also available currently.

I’ll show you the most famous toy wholesale market in Guangzhou Yide Road below.

Onelink International Plaza (万菱广场)

Onelink International Plaza is one of the biggest wholesale centers in Guangzhou, located in the prime location of Yide Road, close to Metro Line 2 and line 6 – Haizhu Square Station, with a very convenient transportation.

Onelink International Plaza has a seven-floor wholesale business area, covering over 40,000 square meters, housing more than 1,500 shops and selling up to 1 million kinds of goods including toys.

Onelink is a wholesale market in Guangzhou, but most of the shops are doing both retailing and wholesale business nowadays. The benefit is you can find the latest toys here if you like to buy some gifts for your children or family.

And you can find not only all kinds of toys here but also many other products like home decorations and stationery products. What’s more, Onelink International Plaza has its official website, you can also check or buy products online which is very convenient.

If you want to import toys from China, you can pay a visit to this market. Furthermore, the distance between Onelink International Plaza and Liwan Toy Wholesale Market is only about 200 meters, so you can visit the two markets on the same day to save time.

8. Guangzhou Electronics Wholesale Market

The center of Guangzhou Electronics wholesale market is near Nanfang Building(南方大厦). There are four markets in this area, and each of them is with different expertise.

Unlike the famous electronic wholesale market HUA QIANG BEI in Shenzhen, Guangzhou market is more fit for foreign customers, most of the shops here are running their business mainly for exporting. You can easily find accessories for overseas popular brand models, especially for iPhone and Samsung.

Also, to better support buyers to purchase more styles to complete a fruitful product line, the shops in the market are offering low MOQ for ordering.

9. Guangzhou Replica Lady’s Handbags Market

Baiyun world leather trading Center (白云世界皮具精品展贸中心)

Tips: Google and all its affiliate pages and apps are blocked in China, which means that when you’re in China and use regular WiFi or data, you cannot access any data from Google, including Google Maps. The easiest way is to purchase international roaming on your existing mobile plan. It works well but is usually expensive. More solutions are here.

No matter you are a tourist or buyer, this is one of the must-go places. One primary reason is that this market offers replica lady’s handbags, whose quality is nearly the same as the origin.

But now, if you want to buy replica bags in the market, it is not as easy as before, since the monitoring is strict. You will need to discuss the details with the shopkeeper, and confirm with them you need the logo for the brand, then you will need to pay the deposit of full payment for them to prepare the cargo for you.

If the logo is easy to apply, then before 7:00 pm on the same day (the market shuts down at 7:00 pm) you can collect the bag from the market. But if the logo needs time to fix onto the bag, it may require 1-2 days to finish.

PRA*A handbags, for example, you can only see the replica bags without logo in the market. If the logo is not difficult to put on the bag, then you can get your goods the same day. However, if adding a logo requires some complicated craft, such as Mosaic, it will take 1-2 days.

SPECIAL NOTE: There are street sales that are saying they get the replica bags and want to bring you to other buildings for checking, our suggestion is that to do business with the shops inside the market only, do not follow those guys.

You may think that it could be cheaper from these street sales, but it is also risky that they offer limited quality warranty for the products. As at least, the shops inside the market are doing business with a qualification license. And if you have any problem with the bag, bring them back to the shop with the receipt, and they will find a solution for you quickly.

10. Guangzhou Second-hand Electronics Market

Shengxian Dashatou Second-Hand Trade Market (盛贤大沙头旧货交易市场)

This is a market only known by experienced overseas customers, and you will find lots of foreigners doing business here.

In this market, you can easily find second-hand Electronic items in high-quality outlook, below is a rough list of what you can buy for the used product in this market at an incredibly cheap price:

  • Phones (iPhone, Samsung, HUAWEI, etc.)
  • Gaming machine (Switch, PS4, Xbox ONE)
  • Drones
  • Laptop / iMac / MacBook
  • TV
  • Camera, especially DSLR Camera
  • Stage instruments / Speakers / relatives

Most of the above second-hand products are offered in bulk, enabling you to resell them. Well, it is quite a lovely place to spend time digging its value based on your particular market situation.

11. Other Markets also Frequently Visited by Foreign Customers

1. Guangzhou Lighting Wholesale Market

Guangzhou NanTian International Light Center(南天国际照明中心)

Guangzhou Nantian International Lighting Center is one of the largest light wholesale markets in China with a total area of 30,000 square meters.

There are 6 floors in Guangzhou Nantian International Lighting Center, of which the first to third floors are the exhibition hall, business hall, and multi-function hall, the fourth to fifth floors are large the home lighting supermarket and the agent exhibition hall, and the sixth floor is the new lighting exhibition hall.

You can find a huge variety of lights for indoor and outdoor, lights of modern and classical design, high-tech, and old fashion, made of different materials.
If you are the light wholesaler, you can’t miss Guangzhou Nantian International Lighting Center.

2. Guangzhou Tea Market

Guangzhou Fangcun south Tea Market(广州芳村南方茶叶市场)

Guangzhou Fangcun South Tea Market is the largest professional tea wholesale market and distribution center in China. It has an area of 103,052 square meters with more than 3,000 stores. The tea business of Fangcun south Tea Market covers all over the whole of China and Southeast Asia.

Guangzhou Fangcun South Tea Market is mainly engaged in tea wholesaling, as well as tea sets and other tea handicrafts. You can find more than 1,000 kinds of tea from various producing areas of China, including Longjing tea from Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Black tea from Guangdong, Tieguanyin from Fujian, Pu’er tea from Yunnan, flowering tea from Yunnan and Guangxi, Maojian tea from Xinyang Henan, frozen top oolong from Taiwan, and other famous tea.

It’s a must-visit place for tea wholesalers and people who are interested in Chinese tea culture.

3. Guangzhou Cosmetic Market

Guangzhou Beauty Exchange Center(美博城)

Guangzhou Beauty Exchange Center is so large that it has become the leader in the cosmetics wholesale market in the Asia Pacific region. It consists of three huge buildings, housing hundreds of China wholesale makeup suppliers, offering a great variety of beauty and wellness products like wigs, makeup, and electronic beauty accessories.

4. Guangzhou Car Accessories Market

Guangdong Yongfu International Auto Supplies City(永福国际汽车用品城)

Guangdong Yongfu International Auto Supplies City is the biggest market for auto accessories and spare parts in China, with a total gross floor area of 30,000 square meters. And the auto parts sold there are durable at a low price. What’s more, there is the hotel district which is very convenient for businessmen.

Find a sourcing agent to help you

Except for the wholesale markets we list above, there are still so many other wholesale markets in Guangzhou. If you are planning to find a supplier in Guangzhou industry cluster, you’d better find a sourcing agent to help you. They integrate a lot of supplier resources and are familiar with the importation and exportation procedures.

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Get started buying products with JingSourcing.

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