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Micro paving Fashion Jewelry

This type of jewelry is made through micro paving and I will use a formula to illuminate its materials and craft: Copper / Silver + Gold / platinum coating (the thickness is up to you) +AAA Zircon (Inlay) = Final Product. 

Our factories had been deeply rooted in the jewelry industry for more than 15 years, and have helped hundreds of clients customize popular jewelries. We can guarantee the most competitive price and offer the richest style models for you to choose, which can also customize your own design.​

14K & 18K Fashion Jewelry

Usually, jewelry requires K gold for hardness, so 14K (Gold content 58.3%) and 18K gold are more used in many jewelries.

We can directly quote you the price of the existing style. But if you want to customize, we need to calculate the cost before making the sample, including the material you use (silver/copper, etc.), the thickness of coating, the material of the coating (real gold, imitation gold), the quality of zircon, etc.

Promotional Fashion Jewelry

This cheap fashion jewelry are of various styles and each piece cost only a few cents. The styles I list below are popular in the market this year and are mainly made from cheap materials– acrylic & resin and straw rattan.

If you are running business for this cheap jewelry, it is vital to get a pretty low cost, which always ask for high MOQ. If you only take them as a promotional items, you can choose more styles with low MOQ.

Why Choose Us Instead of Alibaba and Aliexpress

Small Business Friendly

For Alloy + Zircon & K Gold jewelry, the MOQ of the existing style is about 100PCS for a single style.

While the MOQ is between 100PCS and 200PCS for customization.

If you are hesitating for the high price of dropshipping and no profit margin as well as the price and large MOQ of Alibaba, then why not try us? 

Most Competitive Price

Not only can we get you a small MOQ, we will also ensure that the prices you purchase from us are competitive.

For many styles of jewelry, our price is at least a 25% cheaper than Alibaba’s.

After all, only when your business grows, can we have the next cooperation.

More Factory Options

We have 29+ jewelry factories with fixed cooperation, they all have strong research and development capabilities.

Many of them are not on Alibaba or Aliexpress, and you can’t easily find them.

If you are in a rush to restock, we will coordinate with our factory to give priority to the production of your goods.

One-Stop Service

We followed up the whole process from sourcing/ customizing to the final shipping arrangement.

We actively cooperate with the third party to carry out environmental protection inspection.

If you are reordering, we can give you a discount according to your quantity or refund the model fees.

Purchase of the existing style is simple:

1. Offer pictures or specification of your jewelry — 

2. Get quote — 

3. Send samples —

4. bulk purchase —

5. Arrange shipment.

Now, let us focus on the 9-step customization process.

  • Customization include your jewelry design, material selection, and the LOGO carving.
  • If you have your own design manuscript, you can give it to us. If not, please directly provide the pictures of the products. Our factory will help you to make a hand-drawn drawing and confirm with you the specific parameters of the product (length, width, diameter, etc.).
  • Liquid metal is poured into the molds to create castings.
  • Once cooled, the castings are inspected for quality and then moved on to welding/polishing. If you want to inlay zircons, it will be inlaid before polishing.
  • Micro paving is the most common inlay technique, which can set the zircons firmly on the castings. Most importantly, it requires less claws to hold the zircon and allows more light to come in from all directions thus makes the zircon look brighter and more delicate. 
  • AAA grade zircon is commonly used in the market for its better  shine and quality. Of course, higher grade zircon will be more expensive.

To burnish the surface and maximize luster and shine, we will apply two methods to polish the jewelry–mechanically polishing and hand polishing.

Plating means plating a layer of metal on top of the base material (copper/alloy etc.). The surface metal can be either real gold or imitation gold. And the coating thickness is determined by you. 

The most commonly used thickness is 0.025~0.03mil. Thicker the material is, higher the price will be, and the quality of the final product will be better. The “mil ”here is the thickness unit of the plating of the ornament, 1mil=1/1000inch=0.00254cm=0.0254mm.

Different from other products, we have to carry out the first mid-term inspection before the assembly of jewelry, mainly to check whether there are defects in accessories, whether there are sand holes, burrs, uneven coating or other problems. Only after confirming that there is no problem, can we assemble them.

Assemble semi-finished products (such as single loop, lobster clasp) into finished products and hang logo tags.

This is the second inspection to check the appearance, structure, surface, and functionality of the finished product.

Sample making time: 7-10 days

Bulk production time: 15-25days

This time period is only for reference, and the specific time depends on the factory, as a factory has many other orders to be finished. If it is in the peak season,it could take longer time. If you are in urgent, we will try to coordinate the factory to arrange your order in advance.

As to the shipping time, it depends on the shipping method you chose. You can choose sea shipping for its lower freight if you are not in a  hurry, but it will take 30-45 days. But you need the goods urgently, you should better choose air or express which can accomplish the shipping in 5-7 days.

The Brands Our Factory Cooperated With

In addition to supporting online small business, we also have worked with many large retailers.Therefore, we are experienced in both the traditional trade mode and the new 2B mode. Our good service has won the trust of both large and small customers.


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