The clasps for different kinds of jewelry vary greatly. In my today’s post, I summary 32 types of jewelry clasps in total including commonly used types and popular ones.

Besides, as the necklace clasp types and bracelet clasp types are the same, I won’t introduce respectively.

1.Two jewelry clasps types for 24 K Gold necklace/bracelet

M hook clasp

“M” hook clasp, also named “M” hook clasp, is the most commonly used clasp in 24K golden necklace and bracelets.

Generally, one side of the M hook clasp is irremovable, and you can open and close the clasp by adjusting the other side. But there is another type, both sides of the clasp are open.

Because of good ductility, it won’t break through repeated bending. It has many different sizes, which depend on the weight of the necklace or bracelet.

Pro: good ductility & load-bearing capacity

Con: inconvenient to adjust the length of necklace or bracelet

Material: 24k gold

M clasp

S hook clasp

“S” hook clasp
“S” hook clasp, shaped like a letter“S”, is a kind of clasp commonly used in 24k gold bracelets, which is very similar to W hook clasp. The same as the “M” hook clasp, there are two kinds of types: one side of the “S” hook clasp is also irremovable, and you can open and close the clasp by adjusting the other side; both sides of the clasp are open.

Pro: good ductility

Con: inconvenient to adjust the length of necklace or bracelet

Material: 24k gold

s clasp

The above two types of jewelry clasps are often used in 24k gold necklaces or bracelets. For 18k gold jewelry, because the gold ingredient is just 75%, M or S hook clasps are easy to be broke through repeated bending. So M or S hook clasps are not suitable for 18K gold jewelry. 18K gold jewelry usually will use spring ring clasp and lobster clasps mentioned in the following text.

2.Six general jewelry clasps types

Spring ring clasp

Spring ring clasps are a kind of vintage necklace clasp type we can often notice in our daily life. And it is also a clasp type often used in tiny and delicate silver or gold necklaces. The clasp is equipped with a spring to control its opening and closing. It is very easy and convenient to wear a necklace equipped with such clasps.

But it even will be broken just because of a gentle pull. In addition, you can customize the clasps’ material according to your actual needs.


Lobster clasp

This is another kind of antique necklace clasp type. The appearance of such clasps is very alike lobster, which is the origin of its name. Usually, it is applied in bracelets, and it is easy to adjust the bracelet size and wear. But as it doesn’t have a beautiful appearance, we won’t use it in high-end jewelry. The material also can be up to you.

lobster clasp

Magnetic clasps

Magnetic clasps are very convenient to use for jewelry, which is composed of two pieces that contain magnets. The magnets can weaken over time, and the performance and price will be different according to different magnet strength classes including strong magnetic jewelry clasps. You need to consult your supplier in advance.

magnetic clasp

Adjustable slider clasp

This is a kind of common clasp in jewelry. Many people will often encounter such a situation: the size of necklace or bracelets is unfit. This kind of clasp will solve the problem well. You can adjust it easily according to your actual needs.

adjustable clasp

Toggle clasp

Toggle clasps consist of a stylized ring and a connecting bar. You just need to turn the bar and attach the bar to the ring, which is very easy to operate. In addition, this kind of clasp is more suitable for heavier jewelry as the weight can help keep the bar from slipping back out.

toggle clasp

Slide lock clasp

Slide lock clasp is a kind of popular multi-strand bracelet or necklace clasp in daily life. If the necklace contains multi pieces, this kind of clasp is the best. You can customize the strand quantity according to the actual need.


3. Four different clasp types for pearl necklace/bracelet

Pearl necklaces or bracelets are very popular among people, and the clasp material usually is silver or gold plated. Many of you may be confused about which type is the best clasp for pearl necklaces, in fact, it is very difficult to define. But I will list four common clasp types for pearl necklace as below.

Box clasp

It will always be used in bride pearl necklaces, wedding jewelry, or party pearl necklace. As it can tie multi strings together, which is very similar to the slide lock clasp.

Besides, there are also many types of box clasps, you can design them according to your preference.

box clasp

Fish hook clasp

Fishhook clasps are generally used for pearl necklaces. As long as the small hook is hung on the fish-shaped buckle, which is easy to operate.


Push clasp

Push clasp, which is a kind of clasp often used in pearl jewelry. You just need to insert one end of the stick or the slice into the other side, which is very easy to operate. The material of such clasps is usually silver.


Barrel screw clasp

When closed, the shape is very similar to a barrel, which is the origin of the clasp’s name. Two small cylindrical pieces are fastened together with a screw. As you need to screw the clasp, it is more commonly used in necklaces than bracelets. But just like the lobster clasp, it doesn’t have a beautiful appearance. And we usually won’t find them in high-end jewelry.

We usually use stainless steel to make such clasps because of its high degree of precision and hard characteristic. Brass is not an ideal material for barrel clasp as it is soft, which is not a good option for long-term use.

barrel screw clasp

4. Six clasps types for leather bracelet/necklace

After learning the clasp types of pearl necklaces, you must be wanna know leather bracelet clasp types, the following six types are commonly seen in our daily life.

Braid toggle clasp

When closed, it looks like a braid, so we call it a braid toggle clasp. It often is used in leather bracelets, which can bring a vintage sense.

braid toggle clasp

Hook clasp

It is just like a hook and is easy to use. We often can see it in leather bracelets.


Button clasp

The production process is very easy, just need a button like a leather belt.button clasp

Wooden magnetic clasp

If you purchase for beauty and convenience, it is a good option to choose a wooden magnetic clasp. Unlike the traditional magnetic clasp, it has different wood grain. The appearance is more attractive than the traditional one.wooden magnetic clasp

Bayonet clasp

This kind of clasp is just like a bayonet in appearance. The size can be varied from different sizes of leather necklaces or bracelets.


Watch personalized clasp

The design inspiration is from watches. This kind of clasp is very suitable for customers who pursue individualization.

personalized watch clasp

5. Ten popular jewelry clasps types

There are many other popular jewelry clasps in recent years including decorative clasps, unique jewelry clasps, etc. In fact, these types are adjusted based on the above general clasps to satisfy personalization demands.

Diamond lobster clasp

This kind of lobster clasp can be designed in any shape you like. And the surface of them is inlaid with diamond, which adds the beauty to the jewelry.

diamond lobster clasp

Screw lock clasp

It is upgraded according to the screw clasp. The material of the common screw clasp is stainless steel. But for the screw lock clasp, you can choose gold-plated or diamond-paved to improve its beauty. And you can also design the shape according to your preference.

screw lock clasp

Fold over Clasp

Fold-over clasps operate on a hinge, similar to the closures on some wristwatches. You can use it to extend your necklace or bracelet.

fold over clasp

Chain necklace shortener clasp

If the necklace is too long for you, such kind of clasp could help you out. You can adjust the necklace length according to your needs.

chain necklace shortner

Eye hook clasp

The appearance of the clasp looks like an eye, which is the origin of its name. Such clasps are more suitable for some vintage-style jewelry.

eye hook clasp

Double lobster clasp

Unlike the traditional lobster clasp, this kind of clasp consists of two lobster clasp, and its shape is like “8”. Besides, you can design the appearance of the clasp, for example, you can carve a flower or other patterns on the clasp surface.


925 sterling silver clasp

According to data, 925 sterling silver is a popular material among end customers because of its simple appearance and low cost. For your jewelry business, you can try clasps made from 925 sterling silver clasp.


Amber screw clasp

This is a kind of screw clasp often used in amber necklaces or bracelets. You can design the appearance of the clasp so that it can match the jewelry well.

amber screw clasp

Barrel clasp

It is very easy for users to open the clasp. And it is often used in some famous jewelry brands like Pandora.

barrel clasp

Buckle clasp

When closing the clasp, the surface of the jewelry appears smoothly. It is also often used in some famous jewelry brands.

buckle clasp

6. Four pendant clasps types

Pendants are needed for most necklaces to let them more beautiful, there are many kinds of necklace pendant clasps, and I will list the most common 4 types here.

Pinch pendant clasp

This is the most commonly used removable pendant clasp type. It is very convenient to open and close it.

pinch pendant clasp

Cover pendant clasp

When closed, it looks like a ball. Similar to the pinch clasp, it is very easy to use.

cover pendant clasp

Swivel lobster pendant clasp

It is upgraded based on the normal lobster clasp, and it is equipped with a swivel. Then you can rotate the pendant freely.

swivel lobster clasp

Decorative pendant clasp

This kind of pendant clasp is the same as the general clasps in essence. But you can design the appearance of it according to your preference to let the jewelry more attractive.


To the end

The above are just some common types of jewelry clasps. In fact, there is not a fixed matching method and material, which all depends on your budget. We couldn’t judge which type is fine or bad jewelry clasps directly. The performance for different clasps is related to the material.

When you intend to wholesale jewelry from suppliers, you need to confirm with them about the clasps types and material.

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