According to Google trends, jewelry is very popular in the USA and Canada. If you are a jewelry retailer or distributor in these two countries,  you must wanna know where to buy jewelry and the best place to buy jewelry.

In my today’s post, I sort out 21 jewelry wholesalers in Canada and the USA.

Without further ado, let’s check it together.

Attention: enough research about these websites is necessary before you choose one. We couldn’t guarantee the complete legitimacy and reliability of the following recommended jewelry distributors.

15 Jewelry wholesalers across the USA

1. The Welman Group

the welman group

The Welman Group specializes in Sterling Silver Jewelry and Stainless-Steel Jewelry, including stunning rings, pendants, earrings, and products incorporating Celtic designs.

Apart from these options, Welman offers good customer services by shipping orders within 1 to 3 days. Moreover, increased purchases attract huge discount offers, such as 7% on products worth more than $2000 and 5% for more than $1000.

2. Zenziiwholesale

zenzii wholesale

As a wholesale fashion jewelry distributor based in Georgia, zenziiwholesale provides a range of fashion jewelry to customers including earrings, necklaces, etc.

They offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee on your first order. But items marked as “Final Sale” are not eligible for returns. Your orders will be shipped the same day when orders placed before 3 pm during weekdays.

3. Ruby imports


Ruby Imports has been a wholesale supplier in the US since 2004. Specialists in costume jewelry are known for the excellent quality and design uniqueness of their pieces.

Plus, they have a great discount policy too. For instance, there is a 7% discount offer on purchasing 12 or more similar items.

Moreover, Ruby Imports offers free shipping on orders above $250, and the clearance section has up to 75% off provides excellent saving opportunities.

4. Cheap Wholesale Jewelry


Cheap Wholesale Jewelry deals in handmade ornaments and accessories, which are getting popular by the day. They specialize in the use of Swarovski Crystals in jewelry making.

They offer free shipping in the US for orders above $50, and the shipping time ranges from 2 to 4 business days.

Bulk purchases attract huge discounts on this platform, and a Jewelry Club Membership can save you even more by giving 10-15% off on every product you purchase.

5. JewelryMax


If you want unique designs, good quality, and great shipping rates for bulk buying, JewelryMax is your go-to option. They are internet-based jewelry sellers from Southern California, bringing up the competition for wholesale jewelry online.

Contemporary jewelry is their specialty, and they prioritize quality customer service, which is their biggest plus for any company in e-commerce.

Moreover, the shipping cost remains an exact $8.50 for all orders under $200. Above $200, as targeting retailers and other businesses, JewelryMax provides free shipping to its clients.

6. Fashion Bella

   fashion bella

Fashion Bella is a jewelry wholesaler based in the LA fashion district. They design accessories for the fashion-savvy, and that’s why retailers keep going back to them.

Furthermore, Fashion Bella strives to provide same-day shipping for orders placed before 1 PM on a weekday and next-day shipping placed after that.

Although Fashion Bella has a 5-day return policy, they offer a 30% stocking fee for all returns (unless the return is due to a manufacturing defect).

7. The US Jewelry House

us jewelry store

US Jewellery House provides discounts, starting from 5% off for orders over $500 to 15% off for orders over $2000.

Also, they offer same-day shipping for orders before 9 AM. Last but not least, on orders above $250, excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, the US Jewelry house provides free shipping.

But you need to login in for more detailed price information.

detailed price us jewelry store

8. Leia Jewelry

leia jewelry

Located in New York, USA, Leia Jewelry is a jewelry wholesaler providing various products to its customers. Featuring stainless steel and sterling silver products as the specialized items, Leia presents chains, rings, pendants, and many more options.

Leia Jewelry is known for its good customer service. It sets a minimum price cap of $300 for online wholesale orders from retailers.

9. Alamode Fashion Jewelry

  alamode fashion jewelry

An online jewelry wholesaler from California, Alamode Fashion Jewelry Co. finds its market with retailers looking for all-occasion accessories.

Alamode Fashion Jewelry is a place for new retailers and businesses just getting off the ground. They can benefit from their low MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) policy.

Furthermore, discounts are applied automatically for orders above $200, from 5% at the lowest possible price to 25% at the higher end, meaning $5000 or more. But it is not applied to outlet items.

10. JewelryBund

   JewelryBund logo

JewelryBund, established in 2008 and based in Emeryville, CA, US, specializes in offering the latest fashion jewelry and accessories styles at extremely competitive wholesale pricing. They operate factories around the world. Their expansive catalog covers all categories, from earrings and necklaces to rings and bracelets. 

They have no M.O.Q. for wholesale orders and ship quickly to customers in the USA and Canada. At JewelryBund, customer satisfaction is considered to be the top priority.

11. Sarraf


Sarraf is a wholesaler with up to 50 years of experience in the industry. This group provides potential customers with over 20,000 pieces of jewelry and related products to choose from.

This guarantee extends on a lifetime basis for all buyers, with an assurance of fixing any damages to the product.

In addition, they offer a 30-day return policy for any product in original condition and thus give great focus to customer service. Engraving and shipping Charges are nonrefundable.

12. Goldfather’s jewelry

gold father jewelry

Goldfather’s Jewelry is a Nevada-based wholesale jewelers corporation.

With a varied catalog provided to all potential clients, Godfather’s Jewelry presents bulk and singular products including chains, necklaces, rings, and pendants, etc.

If your business intends to buy good quality products, Godfather’s Jewelry is the company for you. But you need to register on the website fr further information.

13. Mary’s Wholesale Jewelry

   mary's wholesale

As a leading wholesale distributor of jewelry and accessories, Mary’s Wholesale Jewelry provides its customers with several products ranging from finished jewelry to overlays. They deal in 14KT gold, sterling silver, and rhodium. They also specialize in products made with Swarovski Austrian Crystal.

Furthermore, Mary’s wholesale has a flat shipping rate of $9.00 for orders under $250, with free shipping for over $250 within the USA. The local orders are shipped within 1 – 2 days, running a speedy, dedicated service.

14. Wholesale Jewelry Supply

wholesale jewelry

Wholesale Jewelry Supply presents its clients with quality pieces in multiple metals, silver, gold, copper, steel, and many more.

They offer a minimum of 2-day shipping, but you can also request same-day shipping.

Furthermore, if you are unsatisfied with your purchases, they offer a 30-day return option with a possible restocking fee. But you need to get authorization before you return your purchases.  

15. We Silver Jewels

we silver jewels

We Silver Jewels provides 925 silver jewelry wholesale including rings, pendants, necklaces, and more. They also provide special collections for special occasions.

For US orders, their shipping cost is a flat $12.55, but on orders above $499, the company is quick to provide free shipping for customers. The MOQ for countries outside the US is $499. They provide different discounts for a volume order. Such as 50% off on some clearance items.

Besides, when you browse the products, you can know the real-time stock quantity. 

stock display

16. Wine Onion

wine onion

Wine Onion is a one-stop wholesaler with a wide selection of jewelry for all potential customers.

While their shipping costs generally depend on the value and destination of the purchase, they do offer free shipping in the continental US, not including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico.

Furthermore, with a 30-day return policy for unhappy customers.

6 Jewelry Wholesalers across Canada

1. House of Jewelry

house of jewelry

With three decades of excellence to their credit, House of Jewelry boasts a diverse clientele, ranging from retailers to DIY designers.

Although they specialize in Sterling Silver and Semi-precious Stone pieces, their collections cater to a wide variety of jewelry interests.

Also, they have a 7-day return policy for all potential buyers. Orders placed online, however, must meet the CA$150 minimum price cap.

2. Bamiyan Silver

bamiyan silver

Bamiyan Silver is Canada’s go-to wholesale jewelry house for anyone interested in jewelry made in North America or elsewhere. Bamiyan’s specialization is Sterling Silver, but they have a gold collection too.

Shipping time for orders is generally 1 – 3 working days which is one of their plus points. But delivery charges depend on package size.

3. Supreme Silver

 supreme silver

Supreme Silver supplies a wide range of silver accessories to many retailers across the country.

Plus, they have a whole range of rhodium plated and gemstone jewelry collections. 20-30% discount offers are always rolling on these!

Supreme Silver offers 1 – 5 days to ship all its orders, regular or priority ones. The minimum priority order price is $36, while the minimum regular order price is just $15.

4. Tecimer Jewelry

   tecimer jewelry

For four decades, Tecimer Jewelry provides 18K, 14K, and 10K gold products, Tecimer now also manufactures Silver, Platinum, and Diamond jewelry to cater to its ever-increasing clientele.

Moreover, Tecimer Jewelry offers same-day shipping across Canada and North America, which is quite a wholesaler rate. 

But you need to register on the website to get more detailed jewelry information.

5. Kimberfire


Kimberfire is a wholesale jewelry supplier that specializes in wholesale diamonds, rings, and necklaces.

Moreover, they are one of the few jewelry wholesalers who also supply loose diamonds. That caters well to the designers who need bulks of these precious stones.

Kimberfire strives to keep its prices as low as possible, and clients can choose from their catalogs for the best picks.

6. Faire


Faire not only sells jewelry, but also some other products like food. But there are still various of fashion jewelry you can find including bracelets, necklaces, etc.  

They offer free returns on the first order, which is very friendly to a new starter.


As a new jewelry businessmen, selecting a reliable supplier is very significant for your steady business.

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