Most perfume brands including luxury ones source bottles and packaging from China due to the low price and high profits. Today’s blog explores China’s perfume bottle manufacturing from the following 2 aspects:

China 4 major perfume bottle production bases & strong product types

Guangzhou -- famous perfume bottle manufacturing hub.

Guangzhou is known worldwide as a production hub for cosmetics and makeup products. Numerous perfume bottle manufacturers have also emerged here as complementary supply chains. There exists the largest beauty wholesale market — Beauty Exchange Center in Guangzhou (美博城). You can find a wide variety of perfumes and packaging bottles made of glass, plastic, metal, etc.

Close to Hong Kong, perfume bottles in Guangzhou are stylish. Nearby cities like Foshan and Dongguan in Guangdong province also host many perfume bottle factories.

Yiwu -- another major perfume bottle manufacturing hub.

Yiwu is another major cosmetics industry cluster in China. In comparison to Guangzhou, labor costs in Yiwu are lower. Here, perfume bottles are more affordably priced.

At Yiwu International Trade City, the global small commodity supermarket, you’ll be able to source numerous perfume bottle suppliers in District 3, which specializes in a wide range of makeup products, tools, and packaging.

Xuzhou -- daily-use glass perfume bottle production base.

Glass perfume bottles are small in size and factories in Xuzhou, Jiangsu, specialize in small glass bottle manufacturing, which requires the use of 6S equipment. There’s a wide range of glass bottle styles to choose from, especially common daily-use perfume types.

The most famous is “Baduan Village” Glass Bottle Industrial Park. Here every household engages in glass bottle production, leading to reduced production costs. If you visit glass bottle factories in Xuzhou on your own, they typically wouldn’t accommodate you. Usually, you need to find a person familiar with them, like us, to ensure effective communication.

Yuyao -- production base for perfume bottle packaging with spray nozzles.

Yuyao, located in the city of Ningbo, Zhejiang province, is primarily known for the production of cosmetic pumps and spray nozzles, with a strong focus on export to international markets. It is a hub for numerous plastic bottle manufacturers, offering a wide variety of plastic perfume bottles in terms of price and style.

JingSourcing smooths your private-label perfume bottles in China.

Rich perfume packaging fbottle actory resources & 10% lower quotes than Alibaba's.

As a Chinese leading sourcing company based in Yiwu, JingSourcing has developed a database of perfume bottle suppliers in the above major 4 industrial cities and packaging box factories across China. All of them have fixed cooperation with us many times.

So far, our database encompasses small-to-large factories that specialize in different materials for perfume bottles and packaging boxes. Glass and plastic perfume bottles are the most prevalent. When compared to glass bottles, plastic bottles have lower production costs, although they may have slightly lower transparency and a luxurious feel. Other perfume bottle materials include aluminum, stainless steel, and crystal (high-end).

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For perfume bottle packaging, many buyers prefer to source suppliers on Alibaba. Here I can tell you the truth — 80% of Alibaba suppliers are actually trading companies, not real factories.

If your project is customized and has high-quality demands, reach out to us. Our quotations are accurate and direct from our factory resources, at least 10% lower than Alibaba’s.

Previously, we had a client who requested customized perfume bottles and packaging with high-end positioning. Our agent, Joe, contacted dozens of glass bottle factories in Guangzhou and selected a few that were suitable for on-site inspection. Then, we collected samples and sent them to the client for visual checking and review.

Connects you to the best perfume bottle factory

Experienced in private-label perfume bottle projects.

Custom logos and patterns are easy and affordable approaches to create your own perfume brands, with high profits that can be up to 70%. We have a design team to help you design logos and patterns. And the bottle sample just takes 1 week.

In my experience, the most common printing methods include:

Decorating firing applies well. Any design pattern can be achieved. For a small logo on 300-500 pieces of perfume bottles, the cost is $0.3/item.

Silkscreen is also common. This is the cheapest when ordering 500pcs/item, as it’s charged by plate-making fees (around $60) and printing labor fees ($0.02/item). However, it may not work well on hard materials such as glass, metal, and ceramics because the ink cannot penetrate the material, susceptible to abrasion. Silkscreen printing is best for simple designs with 1-2 colors.

UV printing is also cost-effective for large quantities. This is because the UV printing equipment is costly, although there is no need for plate making. Differently, UV printing works better on complex, creative patterns.

Gold hot stamping is also available for decorative patterns. The cost is up to the order quantity. For the 1,000 perfume bottle pattern below, the hot stamping cost is approximately $0.18 per item.

Label stickers are also a very common method to add logos on perfume bottles. This is suitable for small quantities. The cost of 300-piece perfume bottle (lighter-size) stickers is around $28, including labor labeling fees.

Click the images below and enlarge them to have a better understanding.

screen printing on perfume bottles
silk screen
decorating firing on perfume bottles
decorating firing
UV printing on perfume bottles
UV printing
Gold hot stamping on perfume bottles
hot stamping
Label stickers on perfume bottles
Label stickers

Custom perfume bottle shapes and sizes that involve molding are also available. However, factories typically require a MOQ of 10,000 pieces and charge molding fees. And it’s important to note that mold-making for regular plastic and glass bottles is expensive, around $2,000. If the bottle shape is special, the mold-making costs will be higher. While for metal perfume bottles, the mold price is lower, $500 to $1,000.

Ask JingSourcing for your custom perfume bottles.

Flexible and efficient QC for your perfume bottle cargo.

We have our own warehouse and QC team who are experienced in perfume bottle checking. Most of our clients choose AQL sampling inspection due to the large number of perfume bottles. For some clients particularly concerned about appearance flaws such as color, patterns, and air bubbles, we’ll check goods one by one. In the process, we send videos of inspected perfume bottles and confirm with you whether the defect we discover is acceptable.

Compared to third-party inspection companies, our QC is more flexible and efficient. In addition, we can assist you in bundling products and arranging shipments to the port or your door as negotiated at the best shipping rate.

Source perfume bottles in a safe, easy, cost-effective way.