Commercial products need packing. For one thing, the function of packaging is to prevent products from damaging. For another, it makes products look better, enhancing their added values. So packaging plays an important role in the process of successful products sales.

Of all the ways of packing, packaging boxes are one of the most widely used ways.

This article lists several types of packaging boxes, common and typical, which helps you better choose packing according to the features of products.

Paper Boxes

Paper boxes, also cartons, are one of the most widely used packing boxes, and have many different types, from sizes to patterns. According to the materials and thickness of paper, boxes are used in different ways. The most outstanding advantage of paper boxes is their low cost, compared to other materials, so this type of box is chosen to package most products. Here lists several kinds of paper boxes.

1.Corrugated Cartons

A corrugated board (also fluting board) is used to make into corrugated boxes through several processes, including die cutting, indentation, binding and sticking the box. A corrugated board is made up of several layers of materials, not a single piece like cardboard. For example, three layers in the corrugated board are the inside liner and outside liner and the medium layer of corrugated material.

It has different thicknesses in different layers. A single wall has a triplex board; a double wall has five layers of materials, and the triple wall has seven layers. Corrugated paper is a resilient material with lightweight, so it is always used in transporting a large number of packages. Another advantage is its low cost so that it is the first choice for packaging.

Corrugated cartons belong to green products, friendly to our environment. It also benefits to beautify and advertize products in different ways. So it is always the first choice of packaging.

corrugated boxes02

2. Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes, also called boxboard cartons, are another type of packaging boxes used widely in trading with the high frequency of daily use. The cardboard is made of thick paper or thick pulp. It just has a single layer of material, but the thickness may be different according to different standards.

This kind of packaging boxes is more suitable for short-distance transportation, because it has no layer material to provide buffering, with little protection. So you may need extra wrapping material to protect products, like air bubble film and foam fillers. In this way, it can ensure the products will stay safe and keep perfectly during transportation.

Cardboard boxes can be decorated in various styles and shapes to package gifts. It costs low and the cardboard is not a rare material, which has large production and can be designed in many patterns. So it is very popular in packing gifts.

cardboard boxes01

Kraft paper is always used as a material to make cardboard boxes. Its outside is brown, including some features like environmental protection, good toughness, water repellency, and high tension. So its usages are widely, especially used in different packages.

Kraft paper boxes02
Kraft paper01

3. Portable Cartons

Portable cartons are usually used for packing something to carry conveniently. This kind of box is not suitable for long-distance transportation, because it has an uneven outside with handles on the top of boxes. This structure is easily deformed during long-time transportation.

Portable cartons are widely used to pack some heavy things more conveniently. But it is made of paper material, so it cannot carry many heavy things.

portable boxes01
portable boxes03

4. Eggs Cartons

Eggs cartons are a kind of special packing boxes. Its structure is different from ordinary boxes. Considering the frangibility of eggs, the eggs carton has holders inside the box to remain eggs stable. For the specially designed structure, the usage of this type of pacing box is single.

The sustainable recycled pulp material is usually used to make eggs cartons because it is at a low price and can absorb humidity to keep eggs dry and fresh. Plastic material is also used, but for the cost, its application is not as much as paper material.

eggs boxes02
eggs boxes01

5. Aseptic Cartons

Common products need packaging while some special products need packaging boxes as well, for example, liquid products, including milk, drinks. But the packaging of these products should be at a low cost, different from those expensive products like wines. So the aseptic carton is born for this usage.

This kind of packaging boxes uses the material of polyethylene-coated paperboard or some other liquid packing materials. To keep liquid products for longer, the sealing of the box requires a high level, and the sterilization link is a must. So this process may add the cost of the box.

Gable tops carton is a common type of aseptic carton. It is convenient for pouring the liquid inside by pushing and opening the top gable and pulling the top out. However, with the development of design later, there is a hole with a lid on the top gable of the box, and its usage is like a bottle cap. You don’t need to worry whether work it out all at once.

gable top boxes01

Plastic Boxes

Different from paper material, plastic material is used for making packaging boxes for its good hardness and a certain degree of softness. According to the thickness of plastic boxes, they are used to package different things.

1. Regular Plastic Boxes

Many products are packaged in plastic boxes, especially some products with not large sizes. These plastic boxes are usually not very thick and hard with a certain degree of flexibility. Another advantage of the plastic box is that it is usually transparent so that products inside are visible directly, showing details.

Regular plastic boxes are usually used to package a single product, but not as the corrugated boxes used for transportation; its cost would be a little higher than paper boxes.

Regular Plastic Boxes04
Regular Plastic Boxes02

2. Acrylic Boxes

Acrylic is a new plastic material with crystalline transparency, relatively high surface hardness, good gloss and resistance to elevated temperatures. Packaging boxes made of acrylic material have been popular in recent times.

Most are used to pack and storage numerous single products for placing and picking up more conveniently. For instance, makeup bloggers would choose acrylic boxes to package their cosmetics, storing them in categories, better for distinguishing and tidying.

Acrylic box02

Cloth Boxes

More and more packaging boxes are used for wrapping gifts, so it may require ornament more than practicability. Cloth boxes are designed for this purpose. Here main lists two kinds of cloth boxes.

1. Regular Cloth Boxes

Regular cloth boxes are usually used to contain and package some daily necessities, like clothes.

For the reason that it is covered with cloth and not very solid, so it cannot be used for long-distance transportation. It should be placed in a dry environment so that it would not be damped and moldy.

cloth boxes01

2. Velvet Boxes

The velvet material is a kind of senior cloth fabric. Many cloth boxes are made of this kind of material covering the outside. Generally, velvet boxes are usually used to package valuable gifts, like pieces of jewelry, watches and pens. Its special texture makes it look expensive and add the value of the packaged gifts. So many people choose this type of boxes to pack their gifts.

Meanwhile, the cost of velvet boxes is accordingly higher than regular cloth boxes. Also, considering the cost and appearance of this kind of boxes, the size of them is usually not large. So you may find it difficult to buy a velvet box in a large size.

velvet boxes

Metal Boxes

Metal boxes are equipped with the features of hard and solidity, so they are used in packaging products. Most boxes would be designed and painted in various styles to pack different things. Metal boxes mainly include iron boxes, aluminum boxes and stainless steel boxes used commonly. They do not have distinguished differences in appearance but have various usages and different costs.

1. Iron Boxes

The iron material would rust easily if the environment is wet and the surface of iron has no sealing. So iron boxes are usually used to package some short-time products. For example, it is suitable for packing wedding candies, because it is at a low price and looks classy. If the surface of the box is painted, it will last longer from rusting.

iron boxes01
Iron boxes02

2. Aluminium Boxes

An aluminium box is a type of metal boxes. It was widely used as the packaging box of food in the past time. But it is said that the metal aluminum does harm to human health, and considering its cost is not economical, so this type of box is replaced by other boxes gradually.

Aluminium boxes01

3. Stainless Steel Boxes

The stainless steel box is used widely in packing food and products nowadays. This kind of box has many usages. For example, stainless steel box itself can be a product as the packaging tool of food, but not to package products. Different degrees of stainless steel are used to make different boxes; food-grade stainless steel is used to make food boxes, and other grades of steel are made into boxes to package goods.

stainless steel boxes01

Leather Boxes

Leather boxes are usually covered with leather material outside, and the inside parts may be made of cloth materials, paper materials or wood materials. Leather boxes for packaging are relatively rare, which are more used in packing some expensive gifts, like pens and pieces of jewelry. However, the price of leather boxes is relatively high, so its production maybe not as many as other boxes made of cheap materials. The market for leather boxes is limited.

leather boxes

Wooden Boxes

Wooden boxes have a long history of packing. As it is known to all, wood has been a raw material used in many aspects since ancient times, so wooden boxes may be used in human society longer than other types of packaging boxes. Wooden boxes have good hardness to protect products from destroying.

However, with the development of different new materials, wooden boxes have been neglected gradually. Wood material has some disadvantages but other materials can avoid. Boxes made of wood material are easily dampened and molded, and the cost is not low. What’s more, wood material belongs to non-renewable resources, which is not environmental-friendly.

wooden box01
wooden box03

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