To complete makeup, many tools and accessories are needed. There are many types of makeup tools for beginners and veterans to opt for. So this article lists basic makeup tools names, accessories and their usages to help you have a better understanding if you want to get some information about them.

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Tool Name

Function & Feature

Tool Name

Function & Feature

Powder Brushes

Distribute powdery products

Brush Cleaners

Wash brushes cleanly and conveniently

Foundation Brushes

Apply base foundations 

Palette Set with Spatula

Blend base products, find proper colors

Concealer Brushes

Tab concealer products

Regular Eyelash Curlers

Common and useful

Stippling Brushes

Apply colored makeup evenly

Portable Eyelash Curlers

Plastic material, convenient

Fan Brushes

Multiple Functions

Mini Lash Curlers

Precise for both ends of eyes

Blush Brushes

Apply colored makeup evenly

Curlers for Lower Eyelashes

Special for lower eyelashes

Contour Brushes

Apply contour to the right position

Heated Lash Curlers

Curling effectively, higher price

Eye Shadow Brushes

Draw eye shadow makeup

Cotton pads

The basic skin care, makeup removal

Eye Brow Brushes and Mascara Wand

Draw eyebrows and brush eyelashes

Swab rods

Modify tiny parts

Lip Brushes

Draw lip lines and color covering evenly


Pick out eyebrows, pick false eyelashes

Regular Powder Puffs

Traditional and used widely

Eyebrow Razors and Scissors

Trim eyebrows

Makeup Sponge Blenders

Soft and popular

Packing accessories

Packing cosmetics, skincare products

Cushion Powder Puffs

Save more cosmetics


Sharpen eyebrow pencils, lip pencils

Silicone Powder Puffs

Nonabsorbent and not cheap


Basic and important 

1. Makeup Brushes Types and Their Uses

Makeup brushes are the main tools used for makeup. There are many different types of brushes in different usages. These makeup brush tools have respective names. Here mainly list 10 types of makeup brushes used for different areas like face, eyes and lip areas, to help beginners know brushes better.

1.1 Powder Brushes

If you finish your base makeup, you need to set the whole makeup with a layer of loose powder to keep it staying intact through the day and make you in a more flawless look.

In this way, you can choose a powder brush that is very large and fluffy, which has a dome shape so that it can disperse the powder evenly all around the face.

When you use the powder brush, you can lightly apply products like loose powder, for the brush is designed to distribute the powder product evenly on your face.

If you want to use a powder brush, the usage is to dip the brush into powder product (both pressed and loose powders), then move in circles and sweeping until covering your full face. It’s better to complete in the order from the middle of your face to your cheek, jaw, and forehead to ensure adequate application.

powder brush02

1.2 Foundation Brushes

A perfect makeup order should base on an even foundation. You may find it difficult to apply liquid foundations without a practicable brush. A foundation brush is specifically used for applying makeup base.

There are different types of foundation brushes in different shapes, such as the ones that look like a paintbrush or toothbrush or having a flat top. These shapes are useful to apply a flawless foundation to your face.

A good foundation brush should have straight, flexible bristles, convenient for applying foundations. It’s essential when using this type of brush that you apply the foundation to your face to avoid obvious lines or marks.

When applying the foundation product, you should start by dotting the foundation on your entire face area, and then use the brush to make it blend over your entire face. It’s essential to wash your brushes regularly, especially foundation brushes, to keep your skin clean and healthy.

foundation brushes

1.3 Concealer Brushes

After finishing the step of foundation, you can choose concealers to cover imperfections and brighten up sunken parts on your face.

For covering these parts precisely, you can use a small concealer brush. A concealer brush is similar to a mini version of a foundation brush. Its shape looks like a paintbrush but it has denser brushing.

When you use concealer brushes, you can follow such an order. First, you can apply a little number of concealers to your wanted area and then dab it slightly onto your skin until blending with your foundation completely. You can repeat this order to cover the desired imperfections, including acne marks and under-eye circles.

concealer brush01

1.4 Stippling Brushes

The fibers of a stippling brush have two disparate lengths. Most of the brush is made of fiber and packed with longer fibers tightly than the rest part. Stippling brushes are very suitable for applying different kinds of makeup. Bronze, highlights and blushes can be applied together with this type of brush.  

Meanwhile, stippling brushes can also be used to apply powders, liquid foundations or cream blush products. When you use it, put the product on the back of your hand, and dip the brush into the product evenly, then stipple it onto your face slightly.

Stippling Brush04

1.5 Fan Brushes

This makeup tool’s name is from its shape. The shape of a fan brush is like a fan, and its functions are multiple. For instance, it can be used to brush your cream mask. Its brush is loose and dense, so proper for applying powdery products.

It can help these products with colors stippling on your face evenly, including bronzer, highlight, blush and eye shadow. This brush can be replaced by other brushes, so its use frequency is low. However, if you just want to buy one brush but functional, you can choose this one.

fan brush

1.6 Blush Brushes

Blush brushes are specifically used for applying blushes or some cosmetics for giving colors to your face. A blush brush has a similar shape to a powdered brush, while the former is generally a litter stubbier, as its coverage area is smaller than the latter.

Using blush brushes can help to get a natural look and reduce the error rate of giving colors when you want to use blushes. If you don’t use the right brush when applying blush products, you may easily get makeup looking quite cakey and unnatural.


1.7 Contour Brushes

A contour brush is about a similar size to a blush brush, but its brushing is very dense and its shape is angled. This angled shape will help you apply the contour precisely. This brush can be used to apply not only powdery contour products but also cream contour products.

To use the contour brush, you can apply the contour to the sunken parts of your cheeks, and then stipple the product slightly into the skin, being careful to apply the product to the right or appropriate position on your face, or it would look very strange. The technique of this step can be used on any part of your face if you want your face to have natural and beautiful contour lines.

contour brush02

1.8 Eye Shadow Brushes

Eye shadow brushes include angled eye shadow brush, eye shadow crease brush and eyeliner brush and so on. These brushes have different sizes and shapes, usually in a kit to work together with your eye shadow. If you want to draw good eye shadow makeup, it’s necessary to use these brushes together, because of their clear divisions of work.

eyeshadow brushes

1.9 Eye Brow Brushes and Mascara Wand

These two brushes are not as important as other types of brushes, because some products would be equipped with them. Makeup specialists usually need these tools more; they are not necessary for beginners.

Eye Brow Brush and Mascara Wand

1.10 Lip Brushes

Lip brushes help you apply your lipstick easier and have a better effect. There are two kinds of lip brushes-one is to draw the line of your lip, called lip liner brush; the other one is to precisely apply lipstick, gloss and other lip products, called lipstick brush.

Lip liner brushes, flat with a tapered top, help you finish your lip look better. It can draw the line of your lips precisely, make the lip colors smooth and even, and reshape your mouth in a good shape. Then using a lip brush to draw your lipstick will help the color covering your lip more uniformly and beautifully.

lip brushes01

Above all, when you choose brushes, you should consider real situations and purposes. Moreover, what should be distinguished is that materials of brush bristles are various for user experience.

At present, bristle materials on the market are mainly divided into animal wool and artificial fibers. The former does well in user experience with high prices and maintenance costs, suitable for makeup professionals or people with enough budgets; the latter is more suitable for beginners because its price is fair, easy to get a start and maintain.

In recent years, brush bristles made of artificial fibers have better quality with improving cost performance, which is chosen by more and more people.

2. Brush Cleaners

Brush Cleaners mainly include cleaning agents and cleaning sponges. Cleaning agents are usually liquid or solid, similar to cleanser essences and soaps to wash brushes with plastic cleaners.

When using this type of cleaning agent to wash brushes, you need to rinse them with plenty of water and then let them dry. After this process, you will get new brushes. This cleaning agent can be used for washing backstage blenders and powder puffs as well.

The cleaning sponge is more similar to “dry cleaning”, and is only used for washing brushes. Its function is to make brushes change colors immediately, especially eye shadow brushes, which is very convenient. However, it cannot clean brushes thoroughly, just make brushes temporary clean.


3. Powder Puffs Types and Uses

Powder puffs are important for foundation make-up, collocated with most kinds of foundations. Some people are used to applying foundations like lotions with their hands, which makes their makeup faces plain and dirty. With the development of cosmetics and new products emerging in an endless stream, choosing the right product for yourself has become a trend. So traditional powder puffs have been derived and developed to match with different products.

3.1 Regular Puffs

Regular powder puffs are made from sponge, foam or cotton materials. Their single shape in the past was round with a certain thickness.

Puffs made of cotton material usually have a fluffy texture, soft and comfortable, which are applied for dry and powdery cosmetics.

Sponge material puffs have unsmooth surfaces with many tiny pores, which can absorb water in wet use. It is more suitable for applying wet cosmetics, like foundations, concealers.

With the development later, it has derived different sizes and shapes. For example, makeup wedges puffs are very popular. They have multiple dimensional sides in the triangle shape for you to use; they are not as big as traditional puffs, portable and convenient. Another benefit of it is cheaper than traditional ones, so you can choose to use it on a one-time basis without washing.

wedges puffs01

3.2 Makeup Sponge Blenders

Makeup sponge blenders are popular mainstream products of powder puffs in recent years. Many people consider blenders are different from puffs, but actually, blenders are derivatives.

The common shape of the blender is similar to an egg with a pointed top. It is suitable for all kinds of cosmetics, like powder, foundations and so on. It is made from non-latex material with soft feeling, well elasticity and distinguishable colors. It gives you a perfect makeup application, avoiding waste of cosmetics, and you can opt for dry or wet dual-use. It turns bigger when fully wet, then you can tab it evenly to form gorgeous makeup.

To use in multiple angles, blenders have developed into many various shapes and sizes.

These blenders in different shapes and sizes can care for different areas and parts of your face. For example, small blenders can touch the corner on both sides of your nose. Gourd-shaped blenders can fit the curvature of your cheek; blenders with beveled shapes can tab foundations in a large area more evenly with average power.

beauty blenders01

3.3 Cushion Powder Puffs

Cushion puffs, also called air puffs, are thinner than regular puffs. It is usually made with sponge and polyurethane, or rubber materials, so the surface is quite smooth almost no pores. It can help you save more cosmetics than sponge powder puffs.

Cushion puffs are always with a strip on one side to hold them more conveniently. This puff comes up with cushion foundation products and starts a craze in the makeup area.

cushion powder puff01

3.4 Silicone Powder Puffs

Silicone powder puffs usually have flat, oval or teardrop shapes. They are not thick without water absorption; when you use them for applying foundations, the product won’t be absorbed. This is an advantage of this type of puff. However, its density and structure made of the silicone material decide it not as soft as other puffs, so the touching to your face is not very comfortable.

It was once quite popular when it first appeared in the makeup market. But the disadvantage of it is that its price is higher than other similar products. People can find other products with higher cost performance to replace them. So it has been disappeared from the market.

silicone puffs

4. Palette Set with Spatula and Their Usages

Palette and spatula are usually in a set, which is made from alloy metal material. Some palettes are made of plastic material, so they may be transparent.

The function of a palette set with a spatula is to blend different colors of liquid foundations or concealers to find the best color for your skin tone, which is like the palette in painting.

Generally, makeup veterans and makeup specialists prefer this tool because they have higher requirements for the makeup effect. However, it is more time-consuming to use this tool, so it is not suitable for beginners or commuters.


5. Eyelash Curlers Types and Uses

The function of eyelash curlers is to curl drooping eyelashes and make mascara easier and more convenient so that the effect of enlarging your eyes is better. There are several kinds of curlers of different features and effects.

5.1 Regular Eyelash Curlers

This type is the most common one, made from stainless steel or alloy metal materials and plastics. Its structure includes scissor-like handles, a clamp and a rubber strip. The rubber strip is inset in the middle part of the clamp. The clamp is usually curved which is close to your eyelid curve. To make it effective, you need to regularly change the rubber or plastic tips, which can get worn out.  

Eyelash curlers of metal materials would be more effective with little power used, which are also very durable and can last for years. Some curlers have combs to brush your eyelashes covered with mascara.

eyelash curlers01

5.2 Portable Eyelash Curlers

Portable eyelash curlers bear little difference in function from regular ones, but their advantage is light and portable. The main structure is similar to regular curlers, but the handles are not like scissors, replaced by a slice that can be flipped.

eyelash curlers03

This type is usually made of plastic materials, which is best for people who have sensitive eyes or have an adverse reaction to metals. But its effect maybe not as good as regular ones; it is more suitable for people with soft eyelashes or preferring natural curves. It is cheaper than metal curlers but worn out easier either.

5.3 Mini Lash Curlers

Mini lash curlers, also called precision or point curlers, are smaller than regular curlers which have a narrow flat clamp top. Instead of through the whole flat clamp, you can curl your eyelashes section by section more precisely and effectively, especially on both ends of your eyes.

This type of curler is perfect for deep-set eyes that need a little more mobility, or for those people with smaller eyes that bigger and traditional curlers have never fitted right. This is the right choice for people who apply false eyelashes because there’s less risk of destroying the completed false eyelashes. It is very portable and convenient for going out on a trip as well.

tiny eyelash curlers

5.4 Curlers for Lower Eyelashes

This type is different from regular curlers. The clamp part is simplified without much hindrance, which is smaller than that part of a regular eyelash curler. It is suitable for long lower eyelashes but curled-up. Using it can make your lower eyelashes more visible.

Lower Eyelashes curlers02

5.5 Heated Lash Curlers

Heated lash curlers have been more and more popular in recent years. In the past years, a thin wooden stick ran over an open lighter flame a few times to curl eyelash as a heated lash curler, though there still are some people choosing this way now.

With technological development, heated lash curlers are opted for by the public. The feature of it is that heat helps eyelashes curl more easily, as well as keep them curled for longer like a curling iron does for your hair. It is very convenient and suitable for lazy people. However, it may be more expensive than regular eyelash curlers. It may be dangerous if not used properly.

heated eyelash curlers02

6. Cotton Pads and Usages

As a kind of makeup tool, cotton pads are used in the application and removal of makeup. Before makeup, you can use cotton pads applying products like toners, to make basic skincare. After makeup, they can remove impurities with makeup removers and keep your face moist. The feature of cotton pads is useful and cheap.

Cotton pads01

7. Swab Rods and Uses

Swab rods have various functions in daily life and medical care. In addition, it offers many conveniences in makeup, especially in details. For example, when you draw eye shadow or eyeliner by mistake, you can erase these tiny parts with swab rods, and then continue makeup without removing large areas of makeup and repainting.

8. Tweezers and Uses

Tweezers have two main functions in makeup. First, some women would use tweezers to pick out unwanted eyebrows. It may be very painful but looks good. Second, pointy tweezers are used as a kind of auxiliary means to stick false eyelashes because it has a sharp top convenient to pick the end of a false eyelash to stick to your true eyelash. It can help you look clearer to find the correct position.


9. Eyebrow Razors and Scissors

Eyebrow razors are used for trimming your eyebrows. You can use this tool to shave unwanted eyebrows and get a suitable eyebrow shape for yourself, which makes your appearance cleaner and better.

The scissors are different from commonly used scissors. The scissors in makeup are more delicate and exquisite. It can trim overlong eyebrows, which is inconvenient for eyebrow razors to complete. Usually, both of them can be used together to make your eyebrow look better. In addition, the scissors are also used to cut false eyelashes so that they can match your eyes.

Eyebrow Razors and Scissors03

10. Packing Accessories and Uses

Packing accessories refer to those tools used for packing formal products, including empty makeup containers, bottles containers palettes. The purposes of packing are as follows. Firstly, formal sizes of most skin-care products are usually large, inconvenient for carrying out. So packing accessories solve this problem well, which helps reduce space occupancy.

As for cosmetics packing like eye shadows, powders, it has more benefits. For the reason that most cosmetics are in low consumption, it may be wasteful to buy many types you want. So packing cosmetics rises in response to the proper time and conditions.

If you hesitate in buying makeup for not sure if it is suitable for you or its high price for a formal size, you can choose to buy packing one. Spending less money to get the same thing and effect can improve cost performance. Also, it is convenient for carrying out.

packing accessories01
packing accessories02
packing accessories03

11. Sharpeners and Uses

 This sharpener is not used to sharpen your pens for writing homework! It is used for sharpening eyebrow pencils and lip pencils, which have the same structure as writing pencils. The usage is as same as sharpening a pencil.


12. Mirrors

The mirror is the most important tool above all. Without mirrors to look at, you won’t know what your face looks like. If you want to start makeup, don’t forget to find a clear mirror!


The End

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