Glass bottles are popular worldwide as packaging containers for food, beverages, medicines, cosmetics, and many other products. Varying in sizes and shapes, glass bottles offer quite many advantages in terms of aesthetic appeal, sustainability, and hygiene factor. They help preserve the aroma, freshness, and flavor of drinks made for consumption. Especially in the alcoholic beverage industry, glass bottles are most favorable for packaging.

So, if you’re looking for glass bottle manufacturers in the UK, here’s a list of 15 glass bottle manufacturers that we’ve collected online for your reference.

1. Beatson Clark

Beatson Clark

Beatson Clark is known for manufacturing quality glass containers for the Pharmaceutical Industry since its inception in 1751. Located in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, the company has a workforce of over 350 employees, working towards one common goal of delivering glass packaging products to customers based on their requirements.

Beatson Clark diversified into the Food and Beverage industry during the 1970s-1980s. However, the Pharmaceutical Sector still remains their main clientele.

The company claims to have its own in-house design team that offers complete customization services to their clients who need initial concept manufacturing, decoration, and the final bespoke glass packaging for their brand.

2. Saverglass


Saverglass is a glass bottle manufacturer in the UK, with headquarters located in Wakefield. The company was founded in 1897 and claims to be known for creating beautiful glass bottles and jars, especially for the Luxury Industry.

Customers can even request personalized bottles as Saverglass allows custom specifications to meet requirements. Their catalog lists more than 200 lines of bottles, decanters, and jars that vary in shape and size, from 50ml to even 6 liters.

They specialize in decorative glass bottles in the UK that they make through their glass embossing technology and a selection of fifteen different glass colors.

3. Allied Glass


Allied Glass is an independent glass bottle manufacturer in the UK, specializing in the production of glass bottles and jars. The company serves local and international clients and claims to have significantly expanded in customization and manufacturing expertise under their current CEO, Alan Henderson.

The company was established in the 1870s in Leeds, UK, and has since then produced glass products for several industries, including liquor, cosmetics, juices, and many more.

From luxury glass containers to customized branding, Allied Glass handles all for its clients by combining luxury and innovation. They claim to serve their clients with utmost dedication; that is displayed through their products, delivery, and customer service.

4. Croxxons


Croxsons is a family-owned glass bottle manufacturer in the UK that has been working in the industry for nearly 150 years. They claim to offer the best selection of glass bottle packaging to their customers with compatible closures and elegant designs.

Their product catalog contains a variety of glass bottle containers, closures, and decorations for local and international food and beverage brands.

Located just outside of London, Croxsons manufactures glass packaging for its clientele worldwide. Croxsons aims to understand every client and offer bespoke service to suit their glass packaging requirements regardless of size, scale, or location.

5. Glassworks International


Glassworks International has been in the industry of glass bottle manufacturing and logistics for over 20 years and delivers packaging products and services to customers.

The company offers a wide range of glass bottles and jars of different sizes and shapes, plus caps and closures to meet the needs of its clients. Their website states that the company’s aim is to exceed their customer’s expectations through their products and services.

Located close to Cambridge, Glassworks International expanded since its inception in 2002 and now has depots in North Yorkshire and Bristol for a streamlined supply throughout the UK, Europe, and other countries.

6. Glass Bottles


Glass Bottles is a glass bottle manufacturer in the UK that provides glass packaging to the cosmetics, skincare, food, and beverage industries. The company has its headquarters located in Hyde, Greater Manchester, England.

The company claims to be conscious of the environment, hence their manufacturing is solely focused on sustainable packaging solutions. Their glass bottle and jars catalog includes different shapes and sizes, with and without closures.

Their out-of-stock items can also be back-ordered by clients who will be notified by the customer service of lead times and pricing. They offer both small and pallet quantities for small and large-scale businesses respectively.

7. Pattesons Glass


Pattesons Glass Ltd. manufactures glass bottles in the UK and offers a wide range of glass bottles, glass jars, and decanters for the food, beverage, cosmetics, and toiletries industry. The company claims to hold the expertise in helping its clients find the right packaging solutions for their products.

Founded in Lincolnshire in the year 2007, the company is also accredited to BRCGS Standard for Storage and Distributions which ensures safe handling of glass bottles and jars for the food industry.

The company supplies locally, throughout Europe, and to international clients through distribution partnerships in the US.

8. Ampulla


Ampulla specializes in the manufacturing of packaging solutions whether it is glass bottles and jars, or plastic and aluminum containers. They mainly supply to nutritional supplement producers, beauty product companies, breweries, caterers, food businesses, and craft lovers.

Their extensive product catalog features glass bottles, and jars, tups, decanters, jerry cans, buckets, and other packaging products.

The family-owned and operated business is based in Hyde, Greater Machester, and claims to offer stylish and practical packaging solutions at economical prices.

9. Rawlings


Rawlings is a glass bottle distributor in the UK that is located in Bristol. It was founded in 1850 by William Rawlings who recycled empty glass bottles and sold them to local wine merchants.

The company grew over the years and expanded its supply and distribution by importing glass bottles and jars from around the world to supply local brands in need of sustainable packaging solutions.

Their products include decorative glass bottles for beer and cider companies, vintage glass bottles for the spirits industry, and other glass bottles in different shapes and sizes for food, beverage, candle making, health, and beauty industries.

10. Colorlites

Colorlites Ltd

Colorlites Ltd. is another family-owned and operated business that is based in Kent, England. It was founded 35 years ago by co-owners who had over 60 years of packaging industry knowledge.

Their product catalog features glass bottles and jars made for Aromatherapy, cosmetics, food, beverage, and home fragrance industries.

The company claims of being able to supply to both small and large-scale producers looking for competitively priced packaging solutions.

11. Bruni Erben

Bruni Erben

Bruni Erben is a glass bottle packaging solutions provider based in England, UK. They mainly supply to pharmaceutical industries, home fragrance markets, and food and beverage companies.

Their product catalog features glass bottles, jars, and other containers in different shapes with suitable closures and machinery for packaging.

The company was acquired by Berlin Packaging Company in 2018 that manufactures glass, plastic, and also metal packaging solutions for their local and international clients.

12. Continental Bottle


Continental Bottles was incorporated in 1991, and the company claims that it quickly secured the position of being the one-stop solution for the fragrance, cosmetic, aromatherapy, and home fragrance industries that require glass bottles, jars, and other containers for packaging purposes.

Their product catalog features glass bottles in over a hundred different shapes, sizes, and styles. They also manufacture and supply closures in various designs and colors.

The company has both local and international clients and their website claims that they strive to be their client’s primary packaging partner.

13. The Bottle

 The Bottle Co

The Bottle Co. is a glass bottle manufacturer in the UK that has been selling glass bottles and jars in the UK for over a decade. The company supplies glass bottles and jars mainly to the food and drinks industry.

The family-run business is based in Bristol and has an extensive range of glass bottles and jars made for jam, honey, pickings, spices, juice, wine, beer, and spirits. Their customers include household brands made by artisan producers, hobbyists, and other small businesses that require glass packaging.

The company claims to use state-of-the-art systems and trusted logistic partners that help deliver the right products quickly and safely. They deal in both small and bulk orders and claim to offer their packaging solutions at competitive prices across the UK.

14. The Bottle Jar Store

 The Bottle Jar Store

Next is the Bottle Jar Store which is a UK-based glass manufacturing company holding an extensive range of glass bottles, jars, and containers. The company has been in operation since 2011 and has served both local and foreign clients.

Their clients include startups, distilleries, country shows, and agencies that need glass packaging, bottles, and jars for their products. The company claims that their products featured on the BBC show Peaky Blinders.

Differently shaped glass bottles in different sizes can be ordered from the Bottle Jar Store. Their product catalog also includes nocturne bottles, miniature bottles, swing tops, oil drizzlers, and glass dropper bottles.

15. Wains of Tunbridge Wells

 Wains of Tunbridge Wells

Wains of Tunbridge Wells is a family-owned and operated business that was incorporated in 1963. The company manufactures glass and plastic containers for packaging food products, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products.

Their extensive range of glass packaging solutions includes glass bottles made for drinks, wine, beer, spirits, and medicines, while their glass jar range is made for storing cosmetics, jams, food items, and also medicines.

The company claims to have over 50 years of experience in the packaging industry enabling them to provide small order quantities and even bulk company requirements.

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