Glass bottle manufacturers in India are thus very important as many cosmetics, food, drink, and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies depend on them for glass packaging solutions.

Since India is one of the largest countries in the world, people sometimes find it difficult to navigate the industrial scene especially when looking to acquire glass packaging in their regions. This article thus offers information about glass bottle manufacturers located Mumbai, Delhi, Gujarat, and other regions of India.

Glass Bottle Manufacturers in Mumbai

1. Hindustan Glass Works

Hindustan Glass Works

Established in 1985, Hindustan Glass Works manufactures a variety of packaging solutions for companies that make perfume. The company also provides packaging solutions for food and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. It is located at Abbas Manjil and the packaging options available include plastic, aluminum, and glass.

The glass bottles manufactured by this company consist of little jars and bottles that can be used to hold food, colognes, attar, deodorants, and essential oils. The bottles come in a variety of colors and designs including flint, clear, amber, frosted, blue, gold, and green.  

2. Empire Industries - Vitrum Glass


Empire Industries – Vitrum Glass is located at Parel and the company manufactures glass bottle solutions for pharmaceutical companies, breweries, and laboratories. They also design and manufacture “designer bottles” for wine manufacturing companies. Most of the products in the company’s catalog consist of amber glass bottles, although a few of their products come in clear glass.

The catalog is organized into 9 different types of products and they include amber glass bottles, pharmaceutical bottles, dropper glass bottles, beer bottles, syrup bottles, designer glass bottles, amber glass vials, and wide mouth glass bottles. The glass containers available on the company’s catalog include bottles ranging from 10ml to 300ml in size.

3. Pragati Glass Private Limited


Established in 1982, Pragati Glass Private Limited has its production plant located in India as well as Oman. The Indian plant, which is based in Kosamba, consists of 2 furnaces of 80 and 90 tons, semi-automatic, and automatic machines, and can produce about 1 million glass containers daily.

The glass containers produced by Pragati consist majorly of glass containers used to hold perfumes, deodorants, and lotions. The bottles come in a variety of sizes from 10ml to100ml and in a variety of designs and colors ranging from clear to tinted and frosted. In addition, Pragati Glass offers glass decorating services such as pad printing and screen printing.

Glass Bottle Manufacturers in Delhi

1. Ajanta Bottle Private Limited


Located in New Delhi, Ajanta Bottle Private Limited offers a vast variety of glass packaging solutions to clients who are often food and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. The company’s catalog is organized into 2 categories based on the purpose of the glass containers, they include the Food and Beverage category and the Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical category.  

The Food Processing and Beverage category includes glass bottles and jars used to hold milk, milkshakes, oils, vinegar, and so on, and the bottles include clear bottles of various shapes, sizes, and closures.

The Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical category, on the other hand, includes clear and amber glass bottles of different shapes and sizes that can be used to hold pills, syrup, beer, essential oils, and chemicals.

2. Shakti Bottle Agency

Shakti Bottle Agency

Located in Tilak Bazar, Shakti Bottle Agency offers a variety of packaging solutions to companies that manufacture cosmetics, foods, beverages, and pharmaceuticals. These packaging solutions include plastic containers, PET containers, and glass bottles and jars, they also offer a wide variety of closures for the containers including aluminum, flip-off caps, droppers, flip-top caps, and self-sealing caps.

The company offers a limited variety of glass containers which mainly consists of clear glass bottles used to package food and cosmetics containers such as salsa jars and cleanser bottles. The containers however come in various sizes and shapes.

3. Syscom Packaging Company


Also known as Syspak, this company offers a wide variety of packaging options to clients who consist of pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturing companies. Packaging options offered by Syspak include aluminum, plastic, and glass containers, and a wide variety of closure options.

The company has its catalog for glass bottles organized into 5 categories based on the purpose of the bottles. The categories include Boston, Essential Oil, Lotion, Serum, and Tablet Container.

The Boston category consists of amber and blue glass bottles which are about 30ml – 50ml in size with dropper closures, they are used to hold syrups. The other categories however consist of glass bottles of various colors, designs, and shapes. 

Glass Bottle Manufacturers in Gujarat

1. Piramal Glass Private Limited

Piramal Glass Private Limited

Also known as PGP Limited, this company manufactures and decorates a wide variety of glass bottles for food and beverage, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. Apart from India, the company has other manufacturing facilities in the USA and Sri Lanka and supplies glass packaging solutions to over 50 countries across the globe.

The company’s products catalog is categorized into 4 parts which include Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and Perfumery, Specialty Food & Beverages, and Hand Sanitizers. The Pharmaceuticals category consists of clear and amber bottles that can be used to package syrups, tablets, chemicals, serums, and balms. The sizes range from 3ml tiny dropper bottles to 1.2L syrup bottles.

2. Sabar Scientific


Established in 1972, Sabar Scientific manufactures a variety of glass containers primarily for laboratories. All of the products manufactured by the company are made of borosilicate glass and they include glass containers used to hold and measure chemicals in laboratories and hospitals. The company’s catalog contains an extensive list of glass products divided into 11 categories using code numbers.

The containers in the catalog include beakers, reagents, aspirators, and bottles with different kinds of closures such as stoppers, droppers, and screw caps depending on the purpose of the container. They typically come in clear and amber colors and a variety of sizes from tiny 5ml containers to large 2L containers.

Glass Bottle Manufacturers in Other Regions of India

1. Mahalaxmi


Located in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, Mahalaxmi is a manufacturer and supplier of a variety of packaging solutions such as plastic containers, PET containers, aluminum containers, and glass jars and bottles. The company supplies these products to cosmetics, food, drink, and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies.

Mahalaxmi has a vast collection of glass containers on its catalog. Some of the bottles include glass jars, vials, glass droppers, milk and juice glass bottles, drunken monkey glass bottles, food essence glass bottles, honey glass jars and bottles, wine glass bottles, and so on. They all come in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes.

2. Satya Prabha Glass Agency

Satya Prabha Glass Agency

Located in Kolkata, Satya Prabha Glass Agency provides a wide range of glass packaging solutions to pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, drink, and chemical manufacturing companies. The company’s products catalog is organized into 6 categories, they include Chemical Bottles, Cosmetic Bottles, Liquor Bottles, Medicine Bottles, Food Glass Jars, and Perfume Bottles.

The “Chemical Bottles” category consists of clear and amber glass bottles of sizes ranging from 10ml to 500ml. The “Cosmetic Bottles” category, on the other hand, consists of only clear glass bottles of sizes ranging from 50ml to 200ml. The “Liquor Bottles” category consists of large brandy, beer, rum, and vodka bottles.

3. GM Overseas


Located in Uttar Pradesh, GM Overseas provides glass bottles and containers for manufacturers of foods, beverages, cosmetics, liquors, cosmetics, perfumes. The company’s catalog is organized into 6 categories, they include Food & Beverages Glass Bottles, Food & Beverage Glass Jars, Candle Glass Votive & Jars, Empty Liquor Bottles, Cosmetic Glass Bottles & Jars, and Promotional Barware Glasses & Other Items.

The categories all consist of clear and colored glass bottles, jars, and cups of different sizes, shapes, and closures. The company also offers coating services for clients who wish to customize their purchased products. The minimum order quantity for the products varies from 100,000 units to 500,000 units depending on the type of items purchased.

4. AGI Glaspac

AGI Glaspac

Located in Hyderabad, AGI Glaspac manufactures glass packaging solutions primarily for companies that manufacture pharmaceuticals, foods, and beverages. The company’s catalog has a vast collection of wine, beer, chemical, and liquor bottles.

The beer bottles available on the company’s catalog include clear, amber, and green bottles with sizes ranging from 300ml to 650ml. The chemical bottles available on the catalog include much larger amber bottles with sizes ranging from 1L to 4L.

Agi Glaspac also produces antibacterial food jars and water bottles that are advertised to be manufactured using special germ guard technology. The company also offers other services including coating, coloring, and designing to help clients customize their purchased bottles.

Final Words

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