If you want to start a product business or you are in business, you should know something about the white label, which is a popular business model chosen by many people. It is relevant to your product and supplier choices, and information about this aspect makes you clear about which kind of business model is suitable for you.

This article will explain white label products, white label business model, and list some examples of products for your reference.

What is a White Label Product?

White label products refer to the products manufactured or supplied by manufacturers and then sold to retailers, different from private label products. Retailers buy these products and sell them as their own products.

Sellers who sell white label products cannot set other choices of products according to their required product parameters. What they can change are only marketing, packaging and brand labels.

If the seller has his popular brand already, he can stick his brand label on these products produced by manufacturers and sell them as his new products. On account of certain customer groups and the popularity degree the brand has, the seller can save a certain number of marketing expenses.

Generally, for those sellers, it is hard to find white label products because manufacturers of these products are anonymous.  Meanwhile, white label is not only limited to entity products but also used in software like service industries.

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What is the White Label Business Model?

White label in business means that sellers buy finished products directly from suppliers and manufacturers and then stick their own brand labels on these products, which is in the way of directly selling products developed and served by the third party.

For example, you are a retailer of stainless steel water bottles, but you cannot produce this type of product. In this circumstance, you need to find bottle manufactures who can supply the product and cooperate with them. Then you make your own brand and stick your label on these products, and sell to your customers. In this example, stainless steel water bottles are white label products.

Sellers can rebrand these products and sell them as their own products, while they cannot reinstall the sizes or other parameters of products according to their needs.

If sellers have their own popular brands, they can also brand the products bought from suppliers as their own, and then sell them as new products in the name of the brand with marketing and promotion. Meanwhile, sellers don’t need to develop new markets or spend a lot of time on plans of launching a new product line, so sales of white label products will help get lower costs and higher profits.

The white label business model is popular in the market, especially for many small companies and new starters. This kind of model saves them a lot of energy, time and money on developing a new product and helps them enter the market more quickly.

Why Choose White Label Products?

The reason why white label products are so popular in small businesses and new starters is that their advantages help sellers develop their business better. You can find advantages in the following aspects.

How to Choose White Label Products?

For new beginners, there are several factors considered for choosing white label products.

First, you should consider the cost of products. In other words, it decides the value of products and profits you can make.

Second, you should consider the product heat, which means the sales volume and market shares of the product. The more popular it is, the better the sale is and the more profit you can get.

Third, you should consider the ability of manufacturers as well, who decide the quality of products. Good suppliers will provide good products for you, while unscrupulous manufacturers will cause you a lot.

Is White Label Pofitable?

Undoubtedly, the white label model is profitable. You can find answers in the following aspects.

Find Jingsourcing to Help Start Your White Label Business

Find Jingsourcing to Help Start Your White Label Business

List of 10 White Label Products Types to Sell and Wholesale.

If you are a retailer and want to choose white label products as your main business model, you should be clear about what kind of product is suitable for you. To be honest, there is no absolute standard to define a product that can be the best white label product or not.

However, it can only say that if you choose the suitable type of white label products, this product will bring more benefits for you. Choosing different products means that you have to take different levels of risks and the relevant benefits it brings to you are different.

This article will list several kinds of white label products for your reference.

1. Water Bottles

Water bottles are necessary for daily life, suitable for all ages with a wide range of usage. For different purposes of use, water bottles have different types. For example, water bottles for fitness should be in large capacity; while daily use for carrying conveniently, the bottle should be small and light. Except for usage purposes, materials of water bottles are different as well, including plastics, stainless steel, glass, resin material and so on.

Choosing water bottles as white label products helps sellers save energy and money on producing new products. As it is known to all, this type of product requires a large quantity to produce, and it would put great pressure on small sellers to develop and manufacture products on their own.


2. Backpacks/ Handbags

Products of backpacks and handbags have a series of complicated processes from design, sample making to production, which has a high demand for manufacturing. If new and small companies want to make a bag product by themselves from zero to all, it would take them a lot of time and energy as well as money, and the choices of styles would be very limited as well, which goes against their purpose of entering the bag market quickly.

Therefore, choosing a white label product business model of bags can benefit sellers to focus on developing and marketing their own brand labels.

backpack& handbags

3. Baking Tools

Baking tools have many various types according to usages and materials with different names. This type of product has a great variety in production classification. Precisely, each type of baking tool has a single function, so its design would not change a lot and the production lot would be large. It has a high requirement for sellers’ sales ability. What’s more, baking tools are not products in high consumption, so most sellers are more suitable to choose a white label business model.

white label product baking tools

4. Bras

Chosen as white label products, bras are also suitable for small companies or new beginners. Bras have different kinds in various styles, materials and functions. A significant factor to produce bras is the model of each bra, which shows the design and craft degrees of the bra. Generally, small businesses do not have much experience in manufacturing bras, so the white label business model helps them get more styles of products in a short time.


5. LED Lights

The production of LED lights is more complex than ordinary products with various production requirements and materials. It needs more professional technologies and production levels. So before being independent and strong companies, most sellers who want to sell LED lights would opt for the white label model. To a great extent, it can solve the supply problem and make it stable.


6. Cosmetics and Makeup Tools

Cosmetics and makeup tools have various classifications, which have different productions requirements. Cosmetics products have more complicated requirements to research and produce because their materials include chemical components and are used for the human body relevant to health. What’s more, makeup tools like makeup brushes have many types with different production processes and requirements. The white label model of the products can bring more profits for sellers.


7. Glasses

Glasses are one of the top products in the white label model. Glasses have many types like sunglasses, 3D glasses and presbyopic glasses in different styles, materials, and functions. Usually, the production quantity of glasses is large, so many small businesses would choose the white label model. Meanwhile, the single cost of glasses is low, compared to other products. So this kind of white label product can be profitable for new beginners.


8. Toys

Toys have various classifications in styles, types and materials, and are suitable for children of different ages. A feature of toy products is that their renovation rate is high, which means updating fast. Therefore, it enhances the difficulty in researching and developing new tops for most sellers. Buying products from suppliers would help them make a profit better.


9. Stationery

Stationery has different types with various usages. In the stationery market, only some famous brands own the ability to develop new products on their own. The product quantity of stationery is quite large, and they are also in high consumption. So for most sellers, the white label model of selling stationery is better than producing by themselves.


10. Electronic Products and Accessories

Electronic products and accessories are suitable for choosing as white label products, especially those accessories of cell phones. For one thing, these products are in large production quantities with complicated designing and producing processes. Their types are various with different costs. For another, these products are in high consumption and relevant to our daily life, like USB cables, earphones.

electronic products and accessories

In addition to the products listed above, there are also many other types of products that can be chosen as white label products. If you want to find white label products or you are not sure about some manufactures, you can choose us Jingsourcing to help you start your business, because we can provide services of white label products for you.

Find Jingsourcing to Help You Source White Label Products

Find Jingsourcing to Help You Source White Label Products


1. Where can I sell my white label products?

White label products are widespread on the Internet, especially on E-commerce platforms like Amazon. Many sellers on Amazon choose white label products to sell. Meanwhile, some new sellers of offline stores would choose white label products as well.

2. Where and how can I find white label products?

Usually, most manufacturers of white label products are anonymous. So for learning some information about this aspect, you can try to contact some suppliers on relevant platforms or websites like Alibaba, Jingsourcing.

3. Is there any risk to white labeling?

There is no business without any risk. It cannot say that the white label business is no risk or full of crisis. But compared to the private label business model or other business models, sellers would suffer less stress from the white label model. 

The End

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