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Bras We Help You Customize in China

Seamless bra

Seamless bra need thermocompression technique to make the whole bra smooth and seamless. We will find the factory that can provide this kind of crafts.It is also can be  printed with  various pattern.

triangle bra

Triangle bra

Triangle bra can be made of cotton, lace,silk and other fabrics. This is one of the most popular bra style in the market. If you require silk bra but have limited budget,we can use the rayon to imitate the silk texture.

balconate bra

Balconate bra

Bras can be designed into different cup shapes. We can make different bra cups like balconate cup, half cup, full cup and quarter cup to match different style. We can find the factory to make pads for bras.  

longline bra


This kind of bra applies glue bones and solid fabrics to shape the body. The crafts are relatively complex. we can also make different cups for this style.

sport bra

Sport bra

Sports bras are usually seamless one-piece style without underwire. Most are made of Nylon and Terylen fabric. Front zipper or a back pocket for phone can be added to the basic style. 

adhesive bra

Adhesive bra

Silicon material is used inside for it has better viscosity. The crafts it simple but the market demand is still relatively large. You can also design it into different colors and patterns.

Why Choose Jingsourcing to Customize Bra

Jingsourcing, established in 2015, is a leading sourcing company in China. With more than 4-year experiences in sourcing a variety of underwears for importers from all over the world, we have grasped rich resource of underwear factories.

Free Service Till Satisfied

We will help you find a suitable bra manufactory, estimate the total cost and make the sample for you to check the craft of the factory.

Most Competitive Price

We can do the bargain job to get the cheapest price  no matter what style and quality you require, as we have rich factory resources with long term cooperation.

Strict Quality Control

Although the price we offer you can be cheap, we can still guarantee the quality of the goods, as the goods are carefully inspected before delivery.

Small Business Friendly

Most factories demand $5000-1000 MOQ for customizing, we can help realize your brand building dream by finding the $1000 MOQ factory. 

Different Bra Manufacturers We Help Contact

There are different scales of factories suitable for different kinds of business model, find the right factory can reduce the production cost and time consuming. We will find the right factory for your business model and help you complete the  process from production to shipment. 

small scale lingerie factory

Small scaled underwear manufacturers

Small scaled factories are suitable for small business and start up business, as the prices they offer are competetive and the MOQ is relatively low(around $1000). Usually they mainly depends on handwork of  less than 50 workers. If you want to try the market by ordering small quantity of limgeries, small factory is good for you.

Medium scaled underwear manufacturers

Medium scaled factories have a wide range of customers like medium and large retailers, wholesalers and the newly established underwear  retail brand. Usually they require $5000 MOQ and are good choices for brand building business and larger quantity orders, usually owning 100-200 workers.

large scale lingerie factory

Large scaled underwear manufacturers

The main customers are large retailers from China and overseas like Victoria’s Secret and L’Agent. They have to meet different quality compliances like ISO, thus have better quality control.If you are sourcing for a large company, the large scaled factories are the best for you as they have over 200 workers and require large MOQ.

The Whole Process to Make Bras via Us

1. Submit Your Requirement

You can click the button saying “Submit” on any page of jingsourcing website, and submit the inquiry with the bra style, colors , design drawings and quantity etc.included.

2. Get Manufacturers’ Quotation

Based  on your requirements for bra,  a professional agent of jingsourcing will contact you to help you find factories  and bargain as cheap as possible with the factories to provide you the most competitive price.

3. Customize Samples

To check the crafts level of the factory, we will arrange the factory to send the sample made according to your design drawing or some previous samples of similar styles to you.

4. Confirm Size & Quantity. Place Order

If you are satisfied with the quality and price, it’s time to place an order. Before that,  your agent will confirm the quantities of each color, the size of each style, and all the details of every accessory.

5. Pre-production sample, Start Production

Your agent will arrange the deposit to the factory and let them make a pro-production sample, which will be exactly same with the final products. The mass production will start once you approved.

6. Quality Inspection, Arrange Shipping

We will check your goods delivered by the factory to our warehouse in China, and arrange the shipment to your country after ensuring no errors on the quality.