New Asia Int'l Electronic & Digital City (新亚洲国际电子科技城)

Located at No. 55, Xidi’er Rd (西堤二马路), Guangzhou, New Asia Market boasts a sprawling complex housing thousands of shops offering a diverse array of electronic products and accessories:

  • Novelty electronic items
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Earpods
  • Phone cover
  • Phone Glass Film Protection
  • Memory Cards / USB drive

This market attracts a significant number of foreign buyers, primarily from Southeast Asia, South America, and the Middle East. Notably, shop owners can speak English, making it a truly international hub for mobile accessories. Typically, larger stores do not engage in retail sales.

New Asia Int'l Electronic & Digital City
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Nanfang Building Int'l Electronic & Digital City (南方大厦·国际电子数码城)

Nanfang Building, situated at No. 28-32, Xidi’er Rd, was once the bustling heart of commerce in Guangzhou, flanked by the Guangzhou Customs to the west. Following a comprehensive upgrade, it has transformed into Nanfang Building International Electronic & Digital City, facing New Asia Market across the road.

From the 1st floor to the 6th, it houses wholesale markets centered around electronic, digital, and mobile products, serving as a hub for domestic and international electronics procurement. Additionally, it serves as a focal point for the repair of mechanical watches and accessories. If you want to find such items as Phone ScreenS, Electronic microscopes, and testing machines, here is paradise.

Nanfang Building Int'l Electronic & Digital City
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New Asia and Nanfang Building markets are the largest wholesale markets for mobile phones and accessories, as well as electronic digital products, in Guangzhou. Additionally, Xidi’er Rd is home to dozens of other wholesale markets specializing in mobile phones and digital electronics, such as:

  • CITY INTERNATIONAL (西堤国际数码城) located at 44 Xidi’er Rd.
  • Xinwenyuan International Digital Plaza (新文园国际数码城) located at 37 Xidi’er Rd.
  • Nanda Wenyuan Electrical Appliance Transaction Market (南大文园电器交易市场) loccated at 28 Xidi’er Rd.
  • Zhongbai Electronic City (中百电子城) located at 16 Xidi’er Rd.
electronic exporting markets at Xidi'er Rd, Guangzhou
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Guangzhou Lingnan International Digital Plaza (广州岭南国际电子数码广场)

Guangzhou Lingnan International Digital Plaza is situated at No. 25 Xinji Road, Liwan District, adjacent to the bustling Xidi’er Malu. This specialized market primarily deals in communication products, offering a comprehensive range available for both wholesale and retail purchases.

Guangzhou Lingnan International Digital Plaza
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Jing Hong Electronic Market (精鸿电子城)

Established in 2014, Jing Hong Electronic Market (精鸿电子城) is located at the Basement, 1st Floor, and 2nd Floor, No. 32 Dashatou San Malu, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou. This digital plaza primarily serves clients engaged in international trade.

Jing Hong Electronic Market
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Quick view of Guangzhou electronics wholesale market features

Electronic products in Guangzhou markets, overall, tend to be cheaper than those in Shenzhen HUA QIANG BEI.

Moreover, Guangzhou’s electronics wholesale markets are more suitable for foreign buyers, particularly those from developing countries like the Middle East. Most electronics shops in Guangzhou markets are running their business mainly for exporting. You can easily find accessories for overseas popular brand models, especially for iPhone and Samsung.

In contrast, fewer Chinese domestic brand products can be found here. If you are looking for accessories for HUAWEI, or XIAOMI, there are big chances that you can only get a quote without seeing a real product in the market.

foreigners in Guangzhou Electronics Markets
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Tips for interacting with wholesale market shopkeepers

As there are many types of phone models, the suppliers in the wholesale market are not asking for large MOQ for one phone model. 

Take Glass Film as an example, the MOQ is usually one box of loose packing for one phone model, which is 20-25 pcs/box only.

Note: loose packing here means that the Glass Film is without retail color box packing, only one Glass film inside one transparent bag. In this market, you will see lots of products are supplied without retail packing, as it is easier for the customer to repack into their own brand package. If you do not mind selling the products with the shop keeper’s retail packing, you can ask them to quote with retail packing. But usually, the price does not include packaging costs. 

And for protection back cover, the MOQ is 50 pcs, even if you cannot see the phone model right for your demand (like if I want to buy iPhone 4 case which is old and not shown in the shop), you can still ask for placing a particular order for it. But the MOQ may be increased to 100 pcs and you can get the products on the next day.

The low MOQ makes it very easy to collect more styles and enrich your product line.

However, if you want to take just 1-2 pcs as the sample, some shops may reply that they do not accept retail order, or they will charge 3-5 times of the wholesale price for buying the sample.

How to efficiently gather info and persuade shopkeepers in 10 min?

To make it easier for you to understand how to purchase in the New Asia market, let’s take buying item Glass Film for HUAWEI mate20pro as an example, to guide you through a complete sourcing trip inside the market.

Step1. We buy a sample from one local retail shop, which we think quality is acceptable, and make it a standard sample for checking the market. (With a reference sample is much easier for you to get what you need, even if you cannot get 100% the same.)

Step2. We pick those shops displaying ONLY glass film and ask them if they have the model for mate20pro (you do not need to show your sample at the beginning)

Step3. Most of the shops we pick will bring out their sample, and start to ask some questions. 

Please take note of the questions asked by the shop, they are the keys affecting the price of the product you select.

For example, the first shop asked us the below questions:

  • Edge Glue or Total Glue
  • Mini size or Origin Size
  • 0.3 thickness or 0.2 thickness
  • Loose pack or Ready color box pack

You can ask the shopkeepers what are the differences and gain good learning about the product.

Step4. When you discuss with the latter shops, you can directly tell your specific product requirements from the above lessons, and ask them to quote the bottom-line price. The shopkeeper will consider you as an experienced player in the market and will be more likely to quote a better price.

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