China’s footwear exports rank first in the world, and Guangdong contributes nearly half of it. And there exist many shoe wholesale markets in Guangdong, especially in Guangzhou. Today let’s explore the main shoe wholesale markets in Guangzhou, and you can discover an extensive selection of shoes to meet your business needs.

5 main shoe wholesale markets in Guangzhou

Metropolis Shoe City(大都市鞋城)

Metropolis Shoe City
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This is the largest “one-stop” wholesale market for footwear in the Pearl River Delta region, located at the intersection of Jiefang South Road and Daxin Road in Guangzhou. It is a prime place for the distribution of shoes and shoe materials, with a history of over a hundred years.

The entire market covers an area of 20,000 square meters and consists of more than 300 street-facing shops. Products here range from low-end to high-end, including leather shoes, sports and casual shoes, high heels, etc.

The transportation here is convenient as it is adjacent to the Hai Zhu Square Station of Guangzhou Metro Line 2 and other major transportation arteries. It takes only 8 minutes to reach Guangzhou Railway Station, the trade fair, and Baiyun Airport from this market.

Xinhua Sounh Shoe Trade City (新华南鞋城)

Xinhua Sounh Shoe Trade City
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Also located in the Haizhu district, this is one of the largest wholesale shoe markets in South China, covering a total area of 150,000 square meters and housing over 1,200 merchants. It specializes in the wholesale and retail of various types of medium to high-end footwear, including athletic footwear, slippers, children’s shoes, cloth shoes, and casual shoes.

The market offers a wide variety of styles, and leads to fashion trends in Guangzhou’s footwear industry. Additionally, it provides comprehensive supporting services such as warehousing and logistics distribution.

Zhanxi shoe wholesale market (站西鞋城)

Zhanxi shoe wholesale market
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The Zhanxi Shoe Wholesale Market is located in the western section of Zhanxi Road, about 2 kilometers long. It has complete industrial chains for the shoe industry, including production, sales, and import-export. It consists of 16 specialized markets, like Jinma Shoe City, with over 4,000 merchants, which welcome daily 30,000 visitors. And this market accounts for 70% of Guangzhou’s leather shoe exports. It also offers various grades of other finished products, including men’s and women’s casual shoes, work boots, sneaker shoes, and shoe materials.

Guangzhou International Shoes Plaza (国际鞋业广场)

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The business model here is wholesale only. Currently, there are hundreds of footwear distributors and brand agents, showcasing tens of thousands of shoe styles, including various types of men’s and women’s leather shoes, casual shoes, sports shoes, etc., but there are fewer children’s shoes. The products range from medium to high-end.

Guangda Foreign Trade Shoes Plaza (广大外贸鞋业商贸城)

Guangda Shoe Trade City
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Located in Baiyun District, it covers a total area of 500,000 square meters and has over 4,000 shops. Throughout the year, it attracts nearly 100,000 domestic and international visitors for purchasing. The main products available include hiking shoes, specialized industry shoes, beach shoes, children’s shoes, etc. They feature new and fashionable designs, mostly comprising seasonal items.

3 things need attention in Guangzhou wholesale shoe market

When you come to these shoe wholesale markets, you may meet some challenges, such as language barriers or transportation issues, and the following needs to be the most concern.

Price varies

Apart from the price difference caused by the quality of the shoes, such as regular shoes priced between $4 to $7 yuan and high-end shoes are around $14, different vendors also have variations, even in the same type of shoes. You can inquire with multiple suppliers, conduct a detailed comparison, and then select a reasonable price range. Once you have chosen your preferred supplier, you can negotiate the prices with them to maximize your profit.

Pay attention to quality

Due to the large number of suppliers, the quality they provide varies. When making purchases, you should pay attention to distinguishing. Regardless of the shoe style, such as Mary Jane shoes or pointed-toe shoes, you should check whether glue overflows, whether the overall structure is symmetrical, whether the tongue of the shoe is tightly connected to the upper, and if the stitching is even.

Additionally, different countries have different size standards, such as European sizes and UK sizes, so you also need to focus on whether they are accurate.

You can ask wholesalers some professional questions about the shoes. This serves two purposes: first, to assess the professionalism of the suppliers, and second, to demonstrate that you have experience in the industry, which can make them take you more seriously.

If you are new to this business, you can start by surveying the market, engaging in conversations with suppliers, and let them provide a comprehensive introduction to their shoes. Remember the key points they mention and then use that information to ask the next supplier relevant questions. Repeat this process several times, and you will gain a better understanding of suppliers and products, increasing your chances of obtaining reliable merchandise.

Establish good relations with wholesale suppliers

A good relationship with suppliers can be highly beneficial, as it can allow you to access wholesale prices and discounts. If you don’t understand Chinese, it would be best to find a sourcing agent for assistance. They can help you communicate more effectively with suppliers regarding the specifics of your products. Moreover, the wholesale shoe markets in Guangzhou are scattered across different locations, and a sourcing agent can guide you efficiently to the correct location.

Jingsourcing helps you wholesale shoes from the Guangzhou market

As a leading sourcing company in China, we have helped 1000+ clients source and customize shoes from China, including Guangzhou. We are familiar with every shoe wholesale market, and keep a good relationship with suppliers, involving big shoe factories and small shoe workshops.

If you have demands, we can quickly match your need and communicate with suppliers on your behalf to get a competitive price, even for hundreds of pieces. After selecting, we can pack the samples together for you. So you are able to check them at the same time, and save a lot of effort and time.

In addition, we also provide other value-added services, such as production follow-up, shipping, custom packaging, etc.

Explore diverse wholesale shoe options.

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