Many start-ups are confused about what kind of product are profitable to import from China. In fact, about the question, what products are profitable to import from China? The standard for choosing products varies from different businessmen. Big sellers have its own standard, while start-ups also have its standard.

While it is difficult to judge the product must be profitable or not, which all depends on how you run the business. For any product, some will make good money, but others fail.

So as a Chinese sourcing agent,  I summarize the top 17 profitable products in the post for your reference from my perspective, and you can choose the best product type for your business to import from China.

1. Makeup tools——The Best OEM Product to Import from China

Mini Led make up mirror

Mirror is a kind of necessary product for everyone, especially for girls. As girls usually pursue beauty and need to make up fix in daily life. But on some occasions, it is not so convenient to find a mirror.

At such a time, a mini led makeup mirror appears very important. It is a portable product and can provide light to let makeup smoothly. In a word, it is a kind of product with a huge market.

Besides, you can buy one piece at about $3, however, you can sell it on US-based Amazon at $10 as the below picture shows. Hence, it is a kind of profitable product worth importing from China.

led makeup mirror

Eyelash tweezers 

Nowadays, people pay more attention to personal beauty. There are many kinds of beauty products emerging in the market, accordingly, many makeup tools begin to develop and get an active reaction in the market.

Take eyelash tweezers for an example, it is a necessary tool for makeup, so you needn’t worry about the sales. In addition, the wholesale price for it in China is very low, usually $0.5, but the selling price on US-based Amazon is about $5. Evidently, there is a high profit margin if you import it from China.

eyelash tweezer

2. Home decoration

Wooden chair

Furniture is a necessary product in daily life. And it is well-known that China is one of the largest manufacturing countries of all kinds of furniture like bed, chair, sofa, etc. So it will be cheaper to import furniture from China.

For example, it will just take you about $7 to buy a wooden chair on Alibaba, but for the same chair, the selling price may be $50 on US-based Amazon.

wooden chair

Mini USB portable fan

Nowadays, people are more and more in pursuit of portability, so many portable products start to enter into the market, and such products are very popular.

For example, traditional fans appear too big and uneasy to remove. So mini USB portable fan begins to be popular. On Alibaba, the wholesale price of it is usually about $1, but at $10 on US-based Amazon. Evidently, it is a product with a huge profit margin.

Mini USB portable fan

Mini air humidifier

With people’s increasing demand for life quality, so there are more and more products aiming for improving life quality. Air humidifier is such a typical product, and mini one will be more popular because of its portability. Besides, you can DIY it according to your need, such as adding aromatherapy oils. For such products, the price on Alibaba is about $4, while about $20 on US-based Amazon.

Mini air humidifier

3. Kitchen tools

Vegetable cutter

Nowadays, people focus more on healthy food. And more and more people begin to cook by themselves. Kitchen tools are becoming more and more important. Vegetable cutter can help people to cut material better.

Most vegetable cutters are made from plastic and steel, and China is a manufacturing country of plastic and steel products. You can buy such products at a very low price.

As the below picture shows, you can buy one on Alibaba at about $3, while it sells at $20 on Amazon. So it is a profitable product to import from China.

vegetable cutter

Knife and fork

Knife and fork is the necessary cutlery for each family, and it is a kind of consumable product. So you needn’t worry about the sales. Usually, it is made from stainless steel, and China is the largest manufacturing country of stainless steel. So you can buy a set of stainless steel cutlery at a very competitive price.

For example, you can spend about $2.5 buying a set on Alibaba, and it is common to spend $20 buying a same set on US-based Amazon. You can notice that there is a high profit.

knife and fork

4. Sports products——The Best Private Label Product to Import from China

Sports water bottle

Sports water bottle is a profitable product you can try. People pay more attention to sports, so the need for sport water bottle is becoming greater. It is easy to make your own brand or label name on the product so that you can form your competitive advantage on the market. 

As the below picture shows, you can buy one at an average price of $3, but it will be sold at the price of $18 on Amazon. If you want to customize with your own label name, the retail price could be a little higher on the basis of $18.

sports water bottle

Yoga mat

People nowadays are facing much pressure every day. So they will pursue a kind of sport to relieve their stress. Yoga is such a sport and is becoming more and more popular among people. Accordingly, the need for yoga mat will be greater.

In addition, when you search the product on Alibaba, you will find the price of yoga mat is about $4, but on US-based Amazon, the price is about $26.

You can notice there is a huge profit margin. Hence, yoga mats are a good product to import.yog mat


Skateboard sports is always a kind of activity many people are fond of, no matter for kids or adults. According to size, it can be categorized into 4 types: normal skateboard; long skateboard; mini-skateboard; fancy skateboard.

As the below picture shows, the price of the skateboard on Alibaba is about $10, but the average price for the same style on US-based Amazon is about $50. Evidently, it is an industry worth trying.


5. Phone accessories

Plastic phone shell

China is a large manufacturing country of electronic products and phone accessories. The main industrial cluster is in Shenzhen. The wholesale price for such products is very low.

Take plastic phone shell for an example, you can buy one piece at a wholesale price of $1 on Alibaba, while it can sell to $9 on US-based Amazon. You can notice that it has a high profit shell

3 in 1 magnetic charging cable

Mobile phone charging cable is an indispensable product, there are three kinds of USB interface: android, ISO, type c. The three-in-one charging cable can be applied to charge three kinds of mobile phones and it is convenient to carry. Therefore, it will be very popular among people. You needn’t worry about the sales at all.

Another reason why I regard it as a profitable product to import from is the price. You can search the product on US-based Amazon, and you will find the average price is at least $10, while $1 or even cheaper for the same product on Alibaba.  

3 in 1 magnetic charging cable

6. Fashion accessories


People are fond of using various fashion accessories to decorate themselves nowadays. Hair belt is such a kind of product, which is very popular among girls especially young girls.

Besides, it is a product to import from China with a high profit. As the below picture shows, you can buy one at about $1 on Alibaba, but it sells at $10 on US-based Amazon.  



Belt is not only a necessity but also a fashion accessory for people, especially for officers. It is well-known that China is not only the world’s largest leather production country but also the world’s largest belt exporter. The main production base is in Wenzhou, Yiwu, Zhejiang province.

Hence, the wholesale price in China is low, and you can buy a PU belt at an average price of $3 on AliExpress, but on US-based Amazon, you need to spend about $15.belt


Handbag is popular and necessary for people, especially for women. Undoubtedly, China is the largest handbag manufacturing hub in the world. The main production base is in Guangdong, Hebei, Zhejiang province, especially for leather handbags.

Let’s take a kind of leather hobo handbag as an example. The wholesale price of it is about $7-9 on Alibaba while around  $35-45 on Amazon. Thus, you could try to wholesale handbags from China at very competitive prices, and also find cheap handbags materials. 


If you want to find the best handbags from China, you can ask us Jingsourcing. We are experienced in helping our clients import the best products with profitable prices from China, also providing full product services. You can believe us to help you and make your business better.

7. Toys——The Best ODM Product to Import from China

The toy field is an industry worth trying, as it is a necessity for people at any age. According to different functions, it can be divided into entertainment toys, educational toys, etc. It can be the best product type of ODM. 

China is the main toy manufacturing country, and there are many OEM, ODM, OBM factories here, mainly located in coastal regions like Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang. Therefore, you can buy them from China at a very competitive price.

Erasable drawing board

Nowadays, parents pay more attention to children’s education. There are many various educational toys appearing into market, and they are very popular. So there is a huge demand for such products.

Let’s take erasable drawing board as an example, you can notice that the wholesale price in China is about $3. while $ 20 on US-based Amazon. Hence, it is a profitable product.

Erasable drawing board

Toy truck

Toy truck is a kind of product that almost all children like. It is usually made from plastic, and China is a manufacturing country of plastic products. So you can buy one at a very competitive price from China, as the below picture shows, the wholesale price is about $1 on Alibaba, while $10 on Amazon.

Toy truck


I hope you can benefit a lot from my today’s post. If you think the post is helpful, welcome to share with others. In addition, if any questions about sourcing products from China, leave a comment. We are always here to help you.

We, Jingsourcing, a leading sourcing company in China, are dedicated to helping our clients to source good products from China with the most competitive prices. If you want to import or dropship from China, please feel free to contact us.

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