Wholesale or Customize Handbags from China?

Don’t just source from Alibaba, or you’ll miss the cheapest factories’ resources.

  • Help you find the cheapest spot handbags.
  • Many cheap material suppliers to cooperate (PU leather, hardware, zippers, etc.).
  • Handbag customization specialists with more than 10 years of experience can make samples for you until you’re satisfied.
  • Three-time strict quality inspection to ensure smooth mass production.
  • Communicate with you in very fluent English.

Feel free to tell us what you need by filling the form, we will help you until you are satisfied without upfront fees. Or you can learn the knowledge of wholesaling and customizing handbags from China through our guide below.

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Our Main Products Catalog

Our agents have abundant experience in handbags business including totes, evening bags, wallets, cosmetic bags. Many of these handbag styles that we customized are popular in Pinterest.

As a specialized sourcing agent, we play the same role as a handbag factory. We can not only provide you abundant handbag options but also achieve a large capacity of handbag production. Want to find more handbag types, we can also provide you. Just send us emails.

Tote bag

Tote Handbag

Simple structure with a square or rectangle shape, a large open top with two shoulder handles or starps.

Cross-body handbag

Crossbody Handbag

Slim and compact, with one long strap that crosses over the body, often with a flap and buckle closure.

Evening handbag

Evening Handbag

Small clutch with hard sides,with clasp or kissing lick at the top, often used for the formal occasion.


Clutch Wallet

Usually with small or medium size. No straps  and need to be held in the hand. Used for small items.

Shoulder Bag

Shoulder Handbag

Usually with long and narrow shape, and with one or two short shoulder straps.

Duffle Handbag

Duffel Handbag

Rounded with flat sides and large capacity. Top zipper closure with two top handles.

Satchel Handbag

Flat Bottom makes the bag stand upright, with a top handle or a crossbody strap and different sizes.

Wristle Purse

Wristlet Purse

Small, flat and compact. With a loop-shaped detachable strap to hang on the wrist.

Simple Customization Process

We can offer OEM & ODM services for you. It’s not complicated to make a new handbag sample. Just tell us what you need and we can help you realize it. Besides, we have very strict quality control during mass production. We’ll inspect 3 times at different stages of production.

Send us images or your handbag design draft. We can help you to create the paper pattern.

Tell us your budget and the final effect that you want the handbags to show.

Confirm the leather fabrics and many other materials like zippers, hardware, and lining fabrics, etc.

Make the sample for about 15 days, and then send the sample to you.

Make adjustments to  the sample, and then start the mass production after confirmation at last.

Strict Quality Assurance

Handbag materials inspection

Confirm the materials

Check the materials like the leather fabric, zippers, hardware, etc. before mass production. If there's something wrong, change them at this time.

Inspecting individual pieces of handbags

Inspect semi-products

After cropping the fabrics and stitching some parts of the handbags, we will check the semi-products and then continue to manufacturing the whole handbags.

Inspecting finished handbags and the package

Check final handbags and package

Test the finished handbags after stitching in the different aspects like the strength test, load test, etc. and check the package of them.

The Cheapest Spot Handbags in China

We can offer the cheapest and diverse handbags in stock. They are around  10%-35% cheaper than those on the wholesale market such as Alibaba. Our agents have abundant expeirence in handbag field. They can find a large quantity of cheap handbags in stock from the handbag suppliers.