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  • 5-10 days for sampling
  • 15-25 days for mass production
  • Three-time strict quality inspection
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  • 15 years of handbag customization experience
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Cheapest Handbags in Stock

We can offer the cheapest and diverse handbags in stock. They are around  10%-35% cheaper than those on the wholesale market such as Alibaba. 

Strict Quality Assurance

We inspect 3 times at different stages of production

Handbag materials inspection

Confirm the materials

Check the materials like the leather fabric, zippers, hardware, etc. before mass production. If there's something wrong, change them at this time.

Inspecting individual pieces of handbags

Inspect semi-products

After cropping the fabrics and stitching some parts of the handbags, we will check the semi-products and then continue to manufacturing the whole handbags.

Inspecting finished handbags and the package

Check final handbags and package

Test the finished handbags after stitching in the different aspects like the strength test, load test, etc. and check the package of them.

Simple Customization Process

Send us images or your handbag design draft. We can help you to create the paper pattern.

Tell us your budget and the final effect that you want the handbags to show.

Confirm the leather fabrics and many other materials like zippers, hardware, and lining fabrics, etc.

Make the sample for about 15 days, and then send the sample to you.

Make adjustments to  the sample, and then start the mass production after confirmation at last.

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1. Cost of Making a New Handbag Sample

When you decide to customize handbags, you need to confirm the sample before the massive production. Generally, the sample cost of the customized handbags is much higher than their wholesale price.

The sample fee mainly includes the cost of making the paper pattern and the materials needed to produce a handbag. Usually, the factory will charge about $ 80 in advance for creating a new handbag sample.

Among the whole cost, the cost of paper pattern-making accounts for about $ 48 per set, which makes a considerable proportion of the sample cost. By comparison, the materials cost of building a handbag prototype is not high.

That’s because the paper pattern plays an essential role in processing the handbags and making the metal templates, which will determine the final look of the handbags.

The sample cost is affected by the consumption of time and labor to some extent. The factory still needs to spend a lot of time and energy sourcing some materials in the material market to find a very competitive price for you.

Besides, they also worry about the surplus materials if you won’t place the order. Thus, they will charge the sample fee in advance. However, many factories will refund the sample fee to you after you place the order.

2. Six Steps to Customize Handbags

When you want to order customized handbags from the handbag manufacturer, you should know the whole process to make sure your order goes smoothly. Here are mainly 6 steps:

  • Confirm the details of the handbags
  • Develop the paper pattern
  • Produce the handbag sample and confirm
  • Cut and crop the fabrics
  • Sew the individual panels and add printing
  • Package the handbags and inspect the quality

Confirm the details of the handbags

Send the images or the design draft to the supplier directly, and then you need to discuss with the supplier about the sizes, colors, materials, printing logos of the handbags, etc. according to your budget.

You can describe your needs roughly to the designer. For example, you can tell them that you want a softer leather fabric at one part of the handbag and a harder leather at another part. Then the supplier will give you some advice to reach your requirements.

Only by discussing for several times can you confirm all the details at last. After that, the supplier can give you an estimate including the MOQ and the wholesale price per unit based on your design and the quantity ordered.

Develop the paper pattern

Before starting to make the customized handbag or designer handbag, you need to pay the sample fee in advance. After that, the supplier will go to the material market to find the free color cards for you to choose from.

Next, according to the information of the handbag you customize, the supplier will source different materials that your handbag needs.

Meanwhile, they will draw every single piece of the handbag and develop the pattern on paper or cardboard, marking the measurements on it. These different pieces are joined together to make the first paper prototype of the handbag. It probably takes about one day to finish the integrated paper pattern.

Produce and confirm the handbag sample

After confirming the paper pattern, the supplier will start to make the sample according to the pattern. Then you need to check if the sample conforms to your original design in case of the deviation on the massive production.

In common, the entire time of sampling is probably 15 days. If you want to make some adjustments, you can ask the supplier to change freely several times.

Cut and crop the fabrics

After you approve the samples and place the order, mass production will begin. The first production process is to source different handbag materials according to your budget. The materials on the handbags include fabrics, sliders, zippers, and other hardware.

Having prepared these materials well, the workers will cut and crop the fabrics into identical pieces like the paper pattern by using a variety of metal templates. Meanwhile, they will fix and stitch the accessories in the different leather pieces.

Sew the individual panels and add printing

Sewing is the most time-consuming and key stage when manufacturing the handbag. This step includes stitching, punching, binding sewing, and oil edging on the handbags with the different machines.

If the handbags need customized logos or patterns, they’ll be sent to the respective department to make printing after stitching.

Once a line of bulk handbags has been sewn together, the workers will trim down the stitching to make sure every edge is clean.

Package the handbags and inspect the quality

In general, the professional inspection process will be divided into three stages. Here is the entire process:

  • First, they will check all the materials like the leather fabric, zippers, and so on before the massive production.
  • Second, after cutting out the leather fabrics and stitching the accessories on the right pieces, they will check these semi-products.
  • Third, they will test the finished handbags as well as the packages.

Once the inspection of the handbags passes, they can be sent off to the clients.

3. Materials Needed for Customizing Handbags

Since you should also calculate the cost of different raw materials when designing your handbag, you should first know something about them. The main handbag materials include:

  • Handbag fabrics
  • Interfacing
  • Hardware
  • Other accessories

Handbag fabrics

The main fabrics that many people choose to make handbags are artificial leather, which is cheap and durable. Moreover, much artificial leather looks and feels like genuine leather now. 

According to the different texture, the artificial leather can be classified into various types:

  • crocodile grained leather
  • faux sheep grained leather
  • litchi grained leather
  • faux snakeskin leather
  • flocking embossing leather

Different handbag styles need different fabrics. For example, tote bags that we made for our clients usually use softer leather such as PU leather to make them feel comfortable. While clutch bags commonly use the harder ones to stay their shape.

Tote handbags and soft pu leather

If you don’t know what kind of leather to use, just tell us your budget and the effect that you want, and then we’ll choose the best-matched leather for you. We can find the cheap leather manufacturers for you, too. 


Handbag interfacing

In general, handbags need interfacing to make them look and feel padded. The commonly used interfacing materials you can choose are cotton, polyester and nylon.

Besides, other materials like foam, fusible fleece and batting can be added to give the handbag a three-dimension effect.


The hardware plays a key role in the decoration and protection of the handbags. You can use different types of hardware according to your design. Here is various hardware you can use:

  • Magnetic clasps
  • Chains
  • Zippers
  • D rings
  • Buckles
  • Swivel hooks
  • Grommets
  • Handbag bottoms

The main hardware alloys are made of zinc alloy, copper, brass, stainless steel, plastic, and more. The cost of hardware of different materials varies, which is usually $0.1- $3 per piece.

Among all the hardware, copper is the most expensive, while zinc alloys are the most commonly used and the cheapest.

Other accessories

Other accessories that can be used to comprise a handbag include webbing, Velcro, sprays, etc.

Some handbags use Velcro for lock and webbing for the strap or handle. Plus, the sprays are used to create a protective layer on top to make the fabrics from scratches and other damages.

4. Why Choose Jingsourcing to Customize Handbags?

Although Alibaba is a good choice, you can hardly find a handbag supplier with a competitive price in a short period of time.

So it’s wise to choose Jingsourcing as your sourcing partner.

We are in the cluster of raw materials and products and can always find many cheap material manufacturers and spot products for you. We can provide many best-priced handbag vendors you can’t find from Alibaba.

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