In my last post, I’ve listed 18 backpack manufacturers in different countries. Then today let’s turn to some handbag manufacturers all around the world.

When it comes to finding various wholesale handbag suppliers, the most convenient way is to search online. I’ve listed several handbag manufacturers from the USA, China, Italy, India and Vietnam on some wholesale websites and Google for your reference. Click any section below according to your needs.

1. Six Handbag Manufacturers in the USA

LBU Inc. (Google)

LBU Inc. is a bag manufacturer in New York. The bags they mainly manufacture include different types of handbags such as tote bags, fanny bags, and duffle bags. The handbag materials they can make include canvas, vegan leather, polyester, etc.

Moreover, they can offer customization services, especially for canvas totes. Besides, the MOQ of the handbags is usually 100 units, which is good for small businesses. And the lead time is about 2-3 weeks.

GFG Bag Manufacturer (Google)

GFG Bag Manufacturer specializes in making different styles of women’s handbags. They have an office in the USA and several factories in China. They can provide design services for you or produce the bags based on your design.

Additionally, the MOQ for various products is between 100 and 1000 pcs, according to different materials of handbags. Typically, the average lead-time is 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the complexity and quantity ordered.

Clutch Made (Google)

Clutch Made with several factories in NYC provides services for businesses or individuals. They focus on making clutch bags and also lady tote handbags.

Also, they provide private label service and you can pay to consult design ideas. Besides, the MOQ varies depending on different bags so you need to contact them directly for details. But usually, they can accept orders from 10 units to 10,000 units.

The Custom Bag Company (Google)

The Custom Bag in North America specializes in manufacturing custom bags. The bag types they can make mainly include duffle bags, tote bags, pouches, backpacks, etc. There are various bag materials that you can choose such as nylon, polyester, genuine leather, and so on.

Furthermore, the MOQ of the products is as low as 100 pcs with about 4-week or 6-week production time, which is good for a small handbag business.

Portchester USA (Google)

Portchester USA is a specialized handbag manufacturer locating in New York. They mainly produce leather handbags, and they can also help you source kinds of hardware and accessories, etc. for handbags.

Besides, they support both small and large businesses. As for the MOQ and production, you need to contact them for details because it varies from different products.

Giggle Handbag (Google)

Giggle Handbag is a handbag manufacturer in Los Angeles, CA. They specialize in producing women’s handbags of both leather materials and fabrics. And they can also create leather accessories. Additionally, they can offer bag manufacturing and design services.

2. Six Handbag Manufacturers in China

Usually, the handbag suppliers in China offer a wide range of handbags from low-end fabric ones to those with premium quality. If you want to wholesale handbags from China online, here are two ways for you to choose:

The main Chinese wholesale websites you can try include:

Using Alibaba or other above-listed Chinese wholesale websites, you can easily find thousands of wholesale handbag suppliers. Some may be trading companies or middlemen, and others may be both trading companies and handbag factories. But you can still gain as low prices from them as from a handbag factory.

You can also search for a sourcing agent in China like Jingsourcing to help you. They’re not a direct handbag manufacturer, but they have many cooperative resources of handbag factories in Guangzhou. Moreover, they mainly help clients to customize handbags such as adding printed logos, etc.

If you want to find replica designer handbag manufacturers, you can search for some Chinese replica websites, where you can wholesale different types of replicas. But you can’t search the designer brand directly on the websites. Try to use some keywords like “luxury” “designer”, etc. 

In addition, you can also find Chinese wholesale handbag suppliers by searching directly on Google. Here are five Chinese handbag suppliers on Google for your reference:

Rays Jade (Google)

Rays Jade is a leather bag factory in Guangzhou, China, whose products include handbags, clutches, wallets, etc. Apart from leather bags, they make canvas and nylon bags as well. Plus, their main markets are North America, Australia and Europe.

If you want to customize handbags, they can also offer OEM & ODM services including brand, logo, style design, etc. Moreover, the MOQ of products is 100 pcs.

Luisway (Google)

Luisway is a bag manufacturer in Shanghai who specializes in handbag production and mainly exports to the USA, Europe, Japan, etc. Plus, their factory has passed IS09001 certification.

Besides, they provide OEM and ODM services such as logo printing, materials and color customization. The handbag materials they can offer include genuine leather, vegan leather, canvas and nylon.

Moreover, the MOQ for customized handbags is 500 pcs and the lead time is about 20 days, which varies depending on different orders.

Twin Oaks (Google)

Twin Oaks has an office in Shanghai and a factory in Heibei. The main type of handbags they produce is tote bags of canvas, leather, nylon and PVC materials.

In common, the lead time between order and delivery is in 40 days or less. For further information like the MOQ or other services, you need to contact them directly.

J.D.Handbag Factory (Google)

J.D. Handbag Factory specializes in manufacturing leather handbags and other leather goods. They have three factories in Shandong, Dongguan and Cambodia, all of which are certificated with the ISO9001.

Plus, they produce different types of handbags including shoulder bags, cross body bags, tote bags, clutches, waist bags, etc. Moreover, they provide ODM and OEM services to meet your demand.

SLBAG (Google)

SLBAG is a bag manufacturer in Guangzhou, China. The bag types they can offer include lady purses, wallets, and handbags.

They can offer customization services to add logos or make a new design. The MOQ for custom bags is 500 pcs, while for leather handbags is 100 pcs.

3. Four Handbag Manufacturers in Italy

Bellini (Google)

Bellini is a leather handbag manufacturer in Florence, Italy. Note that, there is no minimum quantity for handbags in stock with unbranded or the Bellini brand. While for manufacturing orders, the minimum quantity is 10pcs per style per color, 50 pcs total.

Besides, the handbag price range is from Euro 25 to 75 depending on size, type of leather, the complexity of design, etc. They can also manufacture private label handbags or your designs.

Florence Leather Market (Google)

Florence Leather Market focuses on making leather bags including handbags, backpacks purses, shoulder bags, etc. They provide services for personal use, wholesale and dropshipping businesses.

The minimum price of the order is $410 for resellers. If you want to buy private label handbags, the MOQ of the order is usually $410, at least 5 pieces per color. However, it varies according to different customization services. If you want to make a new leather bag, the MOQ is 100 pieces, 10 pieces per color.

Niccoli Bags (Google)

Niccoli Bags is a bag manufacturer in Florence, Italy, that mainly produces women’s bags, wallets, travel bags and other small leather goods. Plus, they can provide OEM service.

Usually, the MOQ of the products is 100 pcs. You can also order samples and the lead time is about 3-4 weeks.

Fior di Loto (Google)

Fior di Loto is an Italian wholesale leather bags and products website. Its office is in Firenze, Italy. The main products they sell mainly include different styles of leather handbags and wallets.

The MOQ of the bags is 2 pcs per color. And the bags can be customizable to add your logo. But you need first log in to check the prices and other information.

4. Four Handbag Manufacturers in India

True Trident Leather (Google)

If you want to find handbag manufacturers in Delhi, you can search for True Trident Leather, which is a leather company. They manufacture a wide range of leather goods including bags such as shoulder bags, duffel bags, tote bags, wallets, etc.

They provide services to customize leather bags according to your design. And also, they can offer private label handbags.

Hari Om Leather (Google)

Hari Om Leather is the manufacturer of diverse leather products including handbags in Mumbai. The products they offer include lady purses, men’s wallets, and luggage bags, etc. The handbag types they offer are mainly wallets, shoulder bags, lady purses. In common, the MOQ of the bags is 200 pcs.

Nath Brothers (Google)

Nath Brothers is a manufacturer specializing in producing fabrics, garments and bags in India. And the factory has passed certifications like SEDEX, BSCI, GOTS CERTIFIED, etc.

Besides, the bags they mainly offer are leather, canvas handbags, and they also specialize in making embroidered bags. You can choose to customize the handbag fabric and color according to your requirement and budget.

Deeya Bags (Google)

Deeya Bags is a bag manufacturer in West Bengal, India. It has an office and a factory that mainly produces leather, canvas, nylon handbags as well as leather wallets. Besides, its market is based in Europe, the USA and Australia.

Moreover, they don’t mention the MOQ or the customization service so you need to ask them for further information through their website.

5. Four Handbag Manufacturers in Vietnam

Senda Vietnam (Google)

Senda Vietnam is a bag manufacturer in Nam Dinh Province, Vietnam. There is also another factory in Guangzhou, China. They have specialized in producing custom tote handbags and backpacks.

Besides, the MOQ of handbags is 5000-10000 pcs with 45-day to 60-day lead-time. Also, they can provide OEM/ODM services.

Minh Ha Limited Company (Google)

Minh Ha Limited Company is a manufacturer of cotton bags in Hanoi, Vietnam. It mainly produces cotton tote handbags and drawstring backpacks.

The MOQ of the bags is 1000 pcs per color per style. If they have spot samples, you can get them free, but you should pay the freight. Besides, they can provide design services for your products.

Ecobags (Google)

Ecobags is a bag manufacturer with two factories in Vietnam. It specializes in producing canvas handbags and backpacks. Plus, its main market is in Europe, the USA, Japan, Korea, etc.

Further, the MOQ of bags varies from different types. Usually, it is 100-500 pcs. And they can provide customization services to change the design, color, or add printing.

Mizuno Bag Co. LTD. (Google)

Mizuno Bag Co. LTD. is a bag manufacturer based in Nagoya and Ho Chi Minh City. They also have an office in Tokyo, Japan. They mainly produce and wholesale customized bags.

However, they don’t present more information about the products so you need to contact them for further details.

In Conclusion

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