When you want to wholesale or custom backpacks, the first thing you need to know is how to choose a reliable backpack manufacturer. There are various backpack manufacturers all over the world. It depends on where you want to wholesale backpacks.

You can find many backpack manufacturing hubs in some regions such as Vietnam, China, the USA, the UK, and Canada. Now I’ll give you more information about manufacturers in these countries. You can click any section you’re interested in.

1. Five Backpack Manufacturers in Vietnam

When you want to wholesale backpacks from Vietnam online, you can find suppliers through two channels in the following:

  • Chinese wholesale platforms
  • Google search

Although Alibaba or Global Sources is a Chinese wholesale website, you can still find verified Vietnamese suppliers on them. Just search backpack directly and choose the location of Vietnam. You can identify those Vietnamese backpack suppliers through their company overview.

Finding Vietnamese backpack suppliers on Alibaba

Besides, many Vietnamese factories build their websites on Google and you can also search them from Google directly. I’ll list some Vietnamese backpack suppliers from those B2B websites or Google for your reference.

The headquarters of Kowide Outdoors is in Taiwan and there is an office in New York. The factories are located in Vietnam and China. Founded in 1974, Kowide Outdoors is the leading outdoor gear manufacturing factory in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Moreover, it specializes in customizing outdoor backpacks and garments production. Both factories have passed ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

In common, the MOQ of the backpacks in Kowide Outdoors is 500 pcs/style/color, and the order might need a 90-day lead time. But the MOQ of different styles of backpack varies, which you need to inquire about it on your own.

Senda Vietnam was established in Nam Dinh Province, Vietnam by Senda International Group with 19-year experience in producing custom backpacks and bags. There is also another factory in Guangzhou, China. They have specialized in producing custom backpacks and tote handbags.

As for the minimum order and delivery, the MOQ of the goods is 5000-10000 pcs and the lead-time is 45-60 days. Also, they have their own design team who can support OEM/ODM services.

Domingo Bag is a bag factory in Ho Chi Minh City since 2014. It is specialized in manufacturing types of bags exported to many places from the domestic market to an international market.

They accept OEM & ODM orders, and they’re able to make any logo for you including screen printing, embroidery, etc. The MOQ of the products is 500 pcs. The delivery time of bags with available materials in their stock and new materials is 25-30 days and 45-60 days.

A.S.G. International Corp is a bag manufacturing company, which was started up in Korea. It established two manufacturing factories in Vietnam including Binh Duong Province and Long An Province. 

With long experience in the backpack industry, they are dedicated to producing kinds of backpacks such as daypacks, technical packs, etc.

Both the two factories are certificated with ISO 9001. Besides, the MOQ of the finished goods is 500 pcs per SKU. The sample lead time and production lead time are 7-14 days and 90 days respectively.

Founded in 2008, Sourcing in Vietnam is a sourcing agent in Ho Chi Minh City. The founder is familiar with many Vietnam factories and he specializes in manufacturing products like bags, hats, shoes, etc.

The company can help you identify the right backpack factory fast and make you contact the factory directly. Also, if you need additional services like quality control, they can help you.

2. Backpack Manufacturers in China

Undoubtedly, China is the largest backpack manufacturing hub in the world since there are many bag clusters and markets in China. And you can find many bag suppliers in these places. Besides, you can also easily find a reliable supplier via some B2B websites, such as:

You can also search backpack suppliers on Google directly, or find a professional sourcing agent to help you source and customize like Jingsourcing.

Advantages of Jingsourcing's dropshipping service

With so many choices, it is difficult to make sure which one is right for you. So let me tell you some tips.

If you are new to the backpack business, you can choose DHgate or AliExpress as a start rather than buying from Alibaba. Because the former two platforms focus on retail and small wholesale. You don’t need to spend too much time and energy bargaining with the suppliers to negotiate a low MOQ.

If you have your own steady backpack business, you can accept a high MOQ. At this time, you need a manufacturer or big trading company that can offer you a competitive wholesale price.

For instance, when there are only tactical bags in a supplier’s shop, he might specialize in this kind of bag to some extent. If there are many types of bags such as school backpacks, suitcases, and leather handbags, it might be a trading company that can’t offer you a good wholesale price.

Many people ask me to recommend the best manufacturers for them, to be frank, I can’t do that at all.

First, there are too many backpack manufacturers in China. Besides, there is a scarcely so-called “the best manufacturer”. The right manufacturer for you is the best one. In a word, the type of suppliers you need varies from the different business scales.

By the way, many clients ask me backpacks made in Vietnam vs. those made in China, which ones are better?

Backpacks made in China

China is called the world’s manufacturing center, and there are many backpack clusters in southern China. Also, there is a strong supply chain in these clusters. They have huge production capability and they can produce backpacks at a very competitive price.

Backpack made in Vietnam

Now China is upgrading its manufacturing sector, and the labor costs have gotten higher recently in China. Some China manufacturers have established their factories in Vietnam. Hence, with lower labor costs and high workforce availability, Vietnam is also a great place to manufacture backpacks.

The same as China, Vietnam is also available to large factories which can meet large-scale orders. Moreover, some high-end backpack brands such as Nike, Fjallraven, and the North Face are all made in Vietnam.

If you want to know more about the comparison of importing from China and Vietnam, you can check an interview about importing from Vietnam that we had before.

All in all, backpack manufacturers both in China and in Vietnam are all good options to wholesale backpacks. You should consider your own need to choose the best one.

3. Three Backpack Manufacturers in the USA

Backpacks USA is a small wholesale backpack supplier with over 30 years of experience in Texas. They specialize in wholesaling various backpacks made for kids of all ages at schools.

You can get the definite wholesale price on the product page and the MOQ per SKU is at least 24 pieces commonly. Also, they offer free shipping on all orders within the continental US.

There are 3 to 5 business days for delivery from the date of the shipment. The orders of in-stock products placed on Monday to Friday will be shipped on the same day.

Unionwear is a domestic manufacturer of bags, hats, etc., in Newark city in America since 1992. They can offer custom backpacks with embroidery anywhere.

Unionwear embroidery service

The custom bags are ordered in quantities of 50 or more typically. Thus, it is suitable for small batch customization. But the MOQ varies according to the different products and styles. You need to contact them for more information.

OASIS Bags is a custom bags manufacturer in the USA since 2004. It is headquartered in California with corporate offices in Australia, UK, Canada, and others countries as well.

It specializes in private label bag manufacturing, and it has passed ISO 9001 certifications. Moreover, the lead time for custom bulk backpacks is about 8-12 weeks, and you can also choose air freight which takes 5 business days at an extra charge.

4. Three Backpack Manufacturers in the UK

Rocket Bags is the leading promotional bag manufacturer in London for over 30 years. It is a quality-certified ISO 9001 company. They can offer bag customization options including branding, materials, and so on.

They typically require a minimum order of 200-500 units for custom bags. But it varies from your own requirement so you need to contact them for further details. And it takes approximately 6 months to design and manufacture your tailor-made bag.

Bag Workshop is a custom bag manufacturer in the UK with factories in India and the Far East.

They have a range of stock bags and they can also offer options for making custom bags. You can take a look at the bespoke tailor-made bags designed for their clients before on the website.

Custom backpacks on The Bag Workshop

You can get your order within 2 weeks if you have selected a stock bag. If you choose a custom-made bag, the lead-time is usually 4-6 weeks or 10-12, but it will virtually depend on the decoration.

The minimum order quantities of custom backpacks and stock backpacks are 250 pieces and 200 pieces respectively.

Fire Label, started in 2009, is a British online wholesale supplier of backpacks, garments, and much more. Its headquarters is in Worcestershire, United Kingdom.

There is no minimum quantity of the backpack on the website, which is good for small businesses. Furthermore, they can deliver worldwide and the orders over 50 pounds are offered with free delivery, but only to UK addresses.

5. Two Backpack Manufacturers in Canada

Bags in Bulk is a wholesale bag website. It focuses on massive wholesale backpacks, drawstring bags, tote bags, etc. Besides, you can also choose your country in the USA and the UK.

You can find the MOQ directly from the product description, which is usually 24 pieces per case. The cost of wholesale backpacks ranges from 3 to 15 dollars per unit. The shipping fee is free on all orders within Canada and the estimated shipping days are 2-7 days.

Simi Accessories is also a wholesale website established in 2008. It accepts orders to Canada and the USA. Their office and showroom are located in Toronto.

The minimum order is $ 250 before taxes and shipping. And each item has its own minimum quantity too, but the minimums are usually very low per SKU.

If you’d like to view wholesale pricing and place orders, you need to log in or register for an account. The orders are normally shipped within 1-3 business days.


No matter where you want to wholesale backpacks or what scale your business is, you can find a reliable backpack supplier in different ways for your need. I have listed those backpack manufacturers in Vietnam, China, the USA, the UK, and Canada for your reference. Hope it can help you to some extent.

As a leading sourcing agency, Jingsourcing has experience in helping our clients customize and wholesale backpacks from China. If you still have problems, or if you want to find more backpack manufacturers in China, welcome to CONTACT US.