We have helped many foreign customers import T-shirts from China for many years.

Some of them customize a small number of T-shirts for personal use or for promotion. Many of them are eCommerce sellers or established enterprises who design their own graphics on high-quality T-shirts. What’s more, many POD companies also buy blank T-shirts from us. They have their own ideas about the fabric, GSM, pattern design, etc. We can help them to make it happen.

If you just want to customize one or two T-shirts, it is better to choose your local POD company because they don’t have the MOQ limit. Once the quantity you buy is more than 50 pieces, then it is more cost-effective to customize or wholesale from China.

Read today’s post to learn the advantages of importing from China, and you can also learn the ways to find reliable Chinese T-shirt manufacturers to support your business better.

Why wholesale T-shirts from Chinese manufacturers?

There are thousands of garment manufacturers in China. China has abundant labor resources and low labor costs. In addition, as one of the most important raw materials for T-shirts, cotton is also mass-produced in China. All these factors have reduced the cost of T-shirts, so many people are sourcing or customizing best T-shirts from China to increase their profit.

It’s also easy to transport them to your door. If you buy dozens or hundreds of pieces with express delivery, you can receive them within a week. So sourcing from Chinese manufacturers is not as difficult as you think.

Where to find T-shirt manufacturers from China?

There are lots of T-shirt manufacturers on Chinese wholesale websites. You can easily find them on Alibaba, made-in-china, Aliexpress, DHgate, etc. Although over 70% of the suppliers are trading companies, they can all help you. If you just buy dozens, you can go to Aliexpress and DHgate. These two sites focus on retail and small wholesale. MOQ is not high.

Why choose JingSourcing to handle your T-shirt project?

JingSourcing can also help you connect with China T-shirt manufacturers. With rich T-shirt sourcing experience and T-shirt manufacturer databases, we can help you find a reliable manufacturer faster and get a more competitive price than you find on your own.

Whether you are looking for wholesale or custom-made-in-China T-shirts, we can provide a one-stop service. In addition to general T-shirt customization, we can also provide good solutions for complex customization projects.

For example, a customer wanted to embroider oil painting patterns on his T-shirt. Many suppliers on Alibaba refused his request because it’s hard to reproduce the complicated colors and details of the pattern by embroidery to make it like a real oil painting.

But our agent worked out a solution based on his years of experience. He found a factory specializing in embroidery patterns to embroider the basic pattern shape first, and then used digital printing to finish the rest areas featured in many complicated colors and details. The customer was very satisfied with the result.

Not all sourcing companies can do this. Many inexperienced or conservative sourcing companies will give up when they hear that the factory cannot do it. In such a situation, we will persuade the factory to try a new “combined solution” to realize the client’s ideas.

oil painting-1

The oil painting is not from our client, just for reference.

T-shirt customization process by Jingsourcing

Step1. Send your inquiry

The first step is to tell us your ideas or send us your design drawings. If you have no ideas about your T-shirt customization, you can skim through our product catalog to choose the types of T-shirts you are interested in.

Step2. Confirm custom details

After you submit your inquiry, our sourcing agent will contact you with all details of your T-shirts, such as fabric, GSM, style, size, color and logo, etc. You can print your pattern by DTG, screen printing, embroidery, etc.

It doesn’t matter if you never customize a T-shirt and know nothing about it, our sourcing agents will help you step by step.

Step3. Select suppliers to sample

When confirming all the details, we will help you find a reliable manufacturer, give you a quote and let the factory start sampling. You check the logo printing quality and sizing to make sure it is suitable. We will adjust the samples until you are satisfied.

Step4. Mass production

Once samples are confirmed, contracts are signed, and a deposit is paid (usually 30%), we will arrange for mass production.

Our sourcing agents will follow the whole process to ensure the time and quality of production.

Step5. QC and shipping

After mass production, we control the quality to ensure that they are within your required defective rate. For defective products, we can negotiate with the manufacturer to modify them, or compensate for the defective rate exceeding requirements. Then we will arrange the shipping according to your shipping incoterms.

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