When it comes to wholesaling pet accessories for your business or just buying in bulk for your pets, you surely need to look for a supplier that can reach your requirements. Many people choose to import pet supplies from China, the UK, the USA, and South Africa. In this article, you will get information about some wholesale pet supplies suppliers from these countries, including pet product manufacturers, distributors, trading companies.

1. Four Pet Supplies Manufacturers in China

China is the largest manufacturer of pet supplies in the world. You can find many manufacturers of various pet products from China. When it comes to finding Chinese pet supply manufacturers online, you can search for them via Chinese wholesale websites or Google.

Here are the 5 common wholesale Chinese websites:

There are thousands of wholesale pet supply suppliers on these Chinese wholesale websites. They can be factories or trading companies. If you want to ask which website is the best, I can’t give you the exact answer.

In fact, there are hardly huge differences in the product style, MOQ, or other aspects among these websites. Most importantly, you should focus on the supplier you want. If you want to know which supplier is reliable, you can place a small order at first. Then, you can identify if the supplier is right for you during your cooperation.

Besides, you can also search for Chinese pet supplies manufacturers via Google. Here are 4 wholesale pet supplies suppliers in China for your reference:

  • Qingdao Green Pet Care
  • Jingsourcing
  • Hangzhou Tianyuan Pet Products

Qingdao Green Pet Care

Qingdao Green Pet Care specializes in the manufacture and export of pet products and daily supplies for cats, dogs, birds, and fish. The business provides ODM and OEM services for various goods such as pet litters, feeding bowls, and night tracker collars.

Additionally, products can be customized according to specific requirements. They export products mainly to Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia. They have no minimum order quantity and don’t offer samples for any purchase. They offer shipment tracking services for over 120 countries.


Jingsourcing is a leading and professional sourcing company in Yiwu, which is one of the largest pet supplies clusters in China. Jingsourcing gained lots of pet supply factory resources in China and can find different manufacturers to reach your requirements. They also have abundant experience in helping people sourcing pet supplies at very competitive prices.

The multiple pet supplies they sourced for their clients include pet costumes, collars, seat covers, leash, and cleaning products. If you want to wholesale other products or customize your own ones, you can also contact them to discuss the details. Plus, they can also provide kinds of private label solutions for you.

Hangzhou Tianyuan Pet Products

Hangzhou Tianyuan Pet Products is a pet manufacturing and export company. They specialized in Leashes, clothing, and toys for cats and dogs are among the 8 categories of ODM and OEM pet products available. They have over 8,000 SKUs in stock with 100 pet suppliers. They offer customization of products to suit your desired design.

Aside from designing and manufacturing standard pet supplies, the business also produces electronic items for pets, such as smart feeders, mechanical mice, electronic laser toys, and more. They have 3 main production sites for pet beds, cat furniture, and electronics with no minimum order quantity. The company has ISO 9001, BSCI, and SEDEX certifications.


Lcy Pet Products CO., LTD is a wholesale and manufacturing company. It specializes in the production and supply of Pet clothes, Pet Harness, Pet Leashes, Pet Toys, Pet Clothes, Pet Beds, Pet Collars, Pet Bandanas, Pet Harness, Pet Leashes, and Pet Toys. They offer customization of OEM and ODM products to suit your needs with a lead time of 30 – 60 days

They have over 50 trade routes and have ISO 9001, BSCI, and SEDEX certifications. They have a minimum order quantity of 500 – 1000 Pcs and a 3 – 15 days lead time for all pet products. They have over 1000 products and supplies. They offer stock samples with a lead time of 7 -14 days to make the samples.

2.Three Pet Supplies Manufacturers in the UK

Discussed below are pet supplies wholesalers and distributors in the UK for your reference:

  • Pedigree Wholesale
  • Happypet
  • PetDreamHouse

Pedigree Wholesale

Pedigree Wholesalers is a wholesaler and distributor of pet and aquatic supplies in the UK. It has a headquarters in Nottingham and 5 distribution centers across the country. Their main supply chain is all pet trading routes, including private, domestic, and virtual shops in the UK.

They can offer a great variety of pet supplies such as bedding, toys, veterinary products, etc. Plus, there are over 12,500 items in its inventory. Moreover, there is no wholesale price shown on the products page but only a recommended retail price. If you want to buy or know more details, you need to log in or contact them directly. The minimum order requirement is about $350 – $1400, determined by your price banding and location.


Happypet is a manufacturing and distributor company with more than 2000 high-quality pet toys, collars and leashes, beds and housing, food and treats, grooming equipment, apparel, and travel items. 

They consistently supply goods to over 10,000 pet shops, online merchants, supermarkets, DIY stores, and retail outlets across the globe. They manufacture pet products such as Komodo, YAP, Pet Gear, Healthy Paws, Loofa Dog, Nature First, Pork Shop, Little Rascals, Go Walk, Tough Toys, and Critters Choice.


PetDreamHouse is a wholesaling company focused on products such as food & treats for dogs, cat, small animal, aquatics, and bird supplies with over 5000 products available. They also offer collars, harnesses, and bag holders for clients worldwide with free delivery for UK locals.

They offer 18,000 pet products from over 70 brands and suppliers. They have no minimum order quantity and have a lead time of 10 -12 days.

3. Three Pet Supplies Manufacturers in the USA

Similar to the UK, the wholesale pet product suppliers in the USA are mainly distributors. Here are three pet supply manufacturers and distributors in the USA for your reference:

  • Pet Stores USA
  • Advance Pet Product
  • Richell

Pet Stores USA

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, Pet Stores USA is a pet supplies distributor that provides wholesale and dropshipping services to clients. There are over 2500 products on their website, and they can offer a great variety of products, including pet toys, feeders, houses, etc. There is no MOQ, which is good for small businesses.

There are detailed specifications and pictures of the products on their website. If you want to check the prices or other details, you need to sign up or contact them directly.

Advance Pet Product

Advance Pet Product is a pet supply manufacturers in the USA. They have warehouse facilities in Canada and the USA. And they produce their products in India.
They can provide a wide range of products including healthy treats, pet toys, bowls, and different types of feeders. You can check the product brochure to know more about the product specifications.


PetDreamHouse is a wholesaling company focused on B2B products such as food & treats for dogs, cat, small animal, aquatics, and bird supplies with over 5000 products available. They also offer collars, harnesses, and bag holders for clients worldwide with free delivery for UK locals.

They offer 18,000 pet products from over 70 brands and suppliers. They have no minimum order quantity and have a lead time of 10 -12 days.

4. Two Pet Product Manufacturers in South Africa

You may find little detailed information when you search for the websites of pet product manufacturers in South Africa. You can check their product catalog and contact them for more details. Here are 2 wholesale pet product suppliers in South Africa for your reference,

  • AVI Products
  • Akwa Pet Products

AVI Products

Avi Products is a manufacturing and trading company specialized in producing nutritional products for dogs, fish, and other exotic species. They have a range of 107 products and 1058 retail joints. They are located at 2 Drakensberg Street, Craiglea, Cato Ridge.

Akwa Pet Products

Akwa Pet Products is a manufacturing company specializing in textile production, plastic molding, and chemically prepared goods for the sanitary and medicinal well-being of small animals, fish, birds, and other domestic pets. They have customized brands from supplements imported from Europe and China. They are located at 21 Golden Drive Morehill Ext 8 Benoni.

Final Thoughts

I provide some information about these pet accessory suppliers for your reference. If you want to know if they’re right for you, you should contact them to learn about the practical situation.

We’re Jingsourcing, a leading sourcing company in Yiwu, China. We can help you to find different pet supply factories in China at very competitive prices. If you want to wholesale or customize types of pet supplies from China, please feel free to CONTACT US.