Warehouses in Yiwu, China’s production hub of small commodities, are always busy with goods picked up. They serve as a strategic location for efficient storage and logistics solutions. And in this post, you will know

Services of Yiwu warehouse

Yiwu is located in Zhejiang province, 284 kilometers from Shanghai and 939 kilometers from Guangzhou. And it holds the largest wholesale market in the world, Yiwu International Trade City, with an almost unimaginable scale of products available.

So Yiwu attracts a multitude of buyers seeking to import goods, resulting in a continuous expansion of its warehouses. The majority of Yiwu warehouse services are provided by sourcing companies or trading companies. If you choose their sourcing services, you can generally enjoy free storage for at least 7 days.

The warehouse services are divided into two parts:

Regular warehouse storage. This ensures that you have a constant supply of goods to customers. Whether it’s short-term or long-term storage, warehouses can provide flexible storage solutions according to your needs.

Additionally, the warehouses are equipped with inventory management systems, allowing you to stay updated on the storage status and inventory changes of your goods. This ensures timely replenishment and inventory management.

Serve as a fulfillment center and guarantees fast processing. So you are able to ship your products in bulk into your warehouse or conduct the efficient distribution of products to end customers.

Considerations to find the perfect Yiwu warehouse

Depending on the type of goods you are dealing with, it is important to choose a warehouse that is suitable for your specific needs.

For general goods, a standard warehouse would suffice. You only need to consider the storage capacity of the warehouse. By evaluating available shelf units, and pallet storage, you can check if the warehouse has enough space to effectively store your goods and prevent overcrowding.

If you are storing perishable goods, such as fresh produce, it is crucial to select a warehouse equipped with facilities such as refrigeration systems and temperature control. They can help maintain the freshness of the items and prevent spoilage.

When searching for a warehouse online, you can only view the warehouse pictures uploaded by the seller. If you are concerned that the actual condition may differ from the pictures, you can ask for the assistance of a local agent. They can conduct on-site inspections and assess the warehouse conditions on your behalf. They would help you inspect the facility and check if it is equipped with security measures such as surveillance cameras and security personnel.

Jingsourcing helps to empower your goods storage needs

As a leading sourcing company in China, we have helped 4000+ clients source and customize products from China. Most of them are Amazon sellers and use our warehousing service. We can provide the above-mentioned warehousing services, and also offer

Free Storage in China for 1-2 months


We offer Pro Plan and Basic Plan services. Whichever you use, free warehousing is available for 1-2 months. It could help a lot during peak season. Because sellers have limited storage capacity in Amazon warehouses.

Meanwhile, Amazon storage is always expensive. To reduce Amazon storage fees, we can store some of your products in our warehouse. And we can also send them to the Amazon FBA warehouse in batches at different times when you need replenishment.

Low-cost Amazon FBA Labeling


Compared to $0.55 per unit of Amazon FBA label service and $0.2 to $0.3 per unit of 3rd party service, Jingsourcing offers a more cost-effective option at only $5 per hour. Our comprehensive label service includes the following

  • FNSKU label
  • Shipping label
  • Warning sticker
  • Other labels required by Amazon

Repackaging and product inspection


We can also repackage the goods according to your requirements, ensuring they comply with Amazon’s packaging guidelines. Or we can add additional protective materials for fragile goods.

Meanwhile, we check your products based on AQL2.5, just as other inspection companies do. If you want to reduce the defect rate to 0%, you can use our full inspection service.

And whichever you choose, our product check will focus on what you are most concerned about. For example, you customize T-shirts with complex patterns and want the patterns to be accurate and clear. Then we will take photos or videos during the inspection process, and you can decide if the defects can be acceptable. 

Expand your global reach with our warehousing service

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