Nowadays there are lots of ways you can make money through Amazon. Except selling on Amazon, providing professional services on Amazon or offering other Amazon-related services can also make money. So selling on Amazon is not your only chance, today I’m going to show you 10 ways to make money on Amazon.

1. Sell products on Amazon

The most traditional way to make money with Amazon is to sell products on Amazon, which allows individual sellers and professional sellers to create accounts on the platform and start their own online sales businesses.

If you want to make money selling on Amazon, you must have a clear understanding of the several forms of Amazon sales

Amazon FBA or FBM

FBA means fulfilled by Amazon, use this service, all you need to do is ship your inventory to Amazon’s warehouse and they take care of fulfillment for you. Amazon will charge FBA fees based on your product category and size.

You can also ship the product by yourself, that’s Amazon FBM. You can save some fulfillment fees but the shipping time will be longer and after-sales service will take you more thought and time.

Retail Arbitrage

If you don’t want to pay a lot of the cost of goods, transportation, and storage for overseas imports or wholesale products. Retail arbitrage is a good option for you. Many sellers avoid this by taking advantage of retail arbitrage.

You can buy inventory from local retailers and sell them on Amazon for a profit. Look for bargains at local Walmart, Target, etc., and list them on Amazon for sale.

You can also consider online arbitrage. Buy directly from some websites and enjoy free shipping. It saves you a lot of work. The biggest challenge is finding the product. Once you find something profitable, you have suppliers and delivery companies to take care of everything. eBay, for example, is a site for looking for retail arbitrage products.

There is certainly money to be made in retail arbitrage, but it is a highly competitive field and difficult to scale up. If you want to make more money, this may not be your best bet.

Sell wholesale goods on Amazon.

Except for selling on Amazon as a retailer, you can also become a wholesaler on Amazon. Amazon is not only a B2C platform but also a B2B platform. On Amazon, you will be able to accept requests for quotations, a unique business feature that makes it possible to sell a batch of products on Amazon.

Amazon also allows you to display different quality and diversity certifications on the page. This gives your potential customers a platform to learn about your company and its products.

Also, many customers especially large corporations and governments purchase in bulk from Amazon, which provides a good opportunity for wholesalers.

2. Sell your private label products on Amazon.


So far, if you ask me what is the most possible way to make money on Amazon, my answer would be “create a private brand “, which is one of the most profitable opportunities on Amazon. Selling private-label products is more profitable than reselling or distributing big-brand products.

A private brand refers to the manufacture of existing products or improved products, on which exclusive brand and logo are added.

As a private label seller, you can order or customize a specific item from a manufacturer, put your logo and brand on it, and list it on the Amazon marketplace.

The nice thing about private-label sales is that if your product is unique, which reduces a lot of competition for you, you can also apply for Amazon brand registration to protect yourself from counterfeits.

3. Sell professional services

In addition to selling items and goods, Amazon also allows skilled individuals to sell their services online. For example, if you play a musical instrument, you can sell your musical instrument teaching service, or if you are a carpenter or other craftsman, you can sell a processing service.

There are many other services you can sell, such as cleaning the house, helping the owner look after the pet, and so on. You can make money at Amazon based on your skills and time.

dog walking
Depending on the nature of the service and the final price of the service, the service provider will have to pay Amazon a different share of the revenue.
Amazon does not charge a monthly fee, advertising, or start-up fee for the plan, but you need to buy general liability insurance up to $1,000,000 per accident. Besides, service providers need to go through Amazon’s background checks on them to ensure the safety of their customers.

4. Sell used goods on Amazon.

Amazon’s Trade-in program does allow you to exchange unwanted items for the gift card. Then you can buy goods on Amazon using this card. So it means you can exchange the things you no longer need to get new ones.

While you can’t sell used items for a good price on Amazon, if your home is full of unwanted items, consider replacing them with new and useful ones through the Amazon Trade-in program.

You need to note that Amazon tends to prefer products with high demand and low supply. They also have the right to choose second-hand goods to trade, so the better conditions the products have the easier to sell.

To learn more about trading in your used goods, you can read Amazon’ s Trade-in program homepage.

5. Sell handmade goods

Similar to selling services, Amazon allows the sale of handmade goods and the demand for handmade goods is high. If you’re crafty and have a passion for making things at home, you can join Amazon handmade. It’s also a great way to make money from Amazon.

Handmade goods

To ensure that customers benefit, Amazon has a craftsman specific application and audit process to ensure that products are truly handmade.

At the same time, Amazon only charges a 15% referral fee for each transaction, and there are no hidden fees, making your sales very easy.

6. Publish your digital books on Kindle Direct Publishing.

If you love writing and don’t want to be a businessman to sell on Amazon, Amazon Kindle Direct Publish (KDP) is a great platform for you. It allows you to create and publish your own books on Amazon.

In addition to the digital format, you can also print actual copies of your books, and Amazon’s CreateSpace prints on-demand, which means you can sell and print copies without unnecessary waste.

The more you write, the more you make but what really determines whether or not you’re going to make money out of this project is the quality of your writing. Only when you can write a widely popular book, you will reap a handsome income.

7. Deliver goods for Amazon Flex.

As we all know, Amazon has its own delivery service, which makes the logistics of Amazon very advantageous. Therefore, Amazon needs a lot of drivers to carry out the delivery service, which provides an opportunity for you to find part-time jobs to make money from Amazon.

With Amazon’s Flex program, you can join Amazon’s delivery fleet and become an Amazon delivery driver. All you have to do is answer a quick questionnaire, download their app, and if you get hired, you’ll start making money.

Most drivers make between $18 and $25 an hour, and every five hours will have a shift. You can make approximately $100 per day. All of your income can be tracked through the Amazon Flex mobile app.

And the work is flexible, you can create your own schedule and opportunities are available 7 days a week.

8. Amazon affiliate

In order to attract more customers to purchase, Amazon launched the Amazon Associates program. If you run a blog, a website, or even a community, and you already have a certain audience. By recommending interesting and high-quality products to your audience on Amazon, you can earn a referral fee.

Just sign up and you’ll get a special link that only you can share, once you share the link, and someone clicks on your link to buy the product, you’ll earn a percentage of that sale. Although the commission is not very high, typically 4-10% of the product, the conversion rate, and the number of clicks from sharing these links make up for it.

For example, if you write a comment on a book, you can include referral links in your review, when your blog or website can produce traffic, someone buy this book through your link, then you can earn the percentage of the sales price. So affiliate marketing is a good way to earn passive income.

The downside is that you need to be a network influencer. If you don’t have a lot of social media followers, it’s going to be hard to make a lot of money from sales commissions. Because the more page views there are, the more likely a link is to be clicked. The more clicks and purchases you get from the site, the more money you’ll make.

9. Merch by Amazon

If you have great ideas for product design but don’t have the resources to make hundreds or thousands of them yourself, Amazon’s Merch can turn your idea into a reality and allow you to profit from it. You can make a lot of money selling T-shirts, cups, or other things like that through Amazon’s Merch.

All you need to do is to create an account through the Merch by Amazon page, then upload your design and set the price, select a product type and color and write a description.


Amazon then creates a product page for you and is responsible for packaging, shipping, printing, and providing guest support.

You will get a royalty on every product you design. Merch by Amazon has no upfront costs. You can hardly expect to make a lot of money from it, but it’s nice to be able to put your creative ideas into a product, isn’t it? So this is a project worth trying!

10. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk, also named MTurk, is a little program with a funny name which implies artificial intelligence, a complement to the computer’s work.

You can earn small amounts of money by doing simple, mindless tasks, and as long as you have a few minutes of free time and Internet access, you can use it to do odd jobs that are easy to do, although the money isn’t huge, ranging from a few dollars to a few cents. You can work part-time on your own schedule, which can be some extra income in your life.

MTurk typically has a variety of tasks that enterprises and individuals can outsource to the virtual workforce, including data validation, content review, image recognition, data input, classification, and research. You can choose according to your abilities, time, and resources.

Final thought

Today I share only ten relevant ways to make money on Amazon, there are many other ways to make money from Amazon. I have to say, there is no doubt that the most direct and most profitable one is to set up a shop on Amazon, whether import products to sell or create your own personal brands, to become an Amazon merchant is very profitable.

In addition, if you want to make a little money off Of Amazon, selling second-hand products on Amazon, working for Amazon, or even selling ideas to Amazon is a very viable way to make money.

Thank you for reading and you can share it with your friends who need it. Remember to stay tuned on our website, I will bring you more knowledge about Amazon business.

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