Towels, an indispensable daily item in our lives, are commonly stocked in every household and replaced frequently. The demand for towels is substantial. If you’re in the towel business, it’s crucial to understand:

A quick overview of the towel manufacturing process and costs.

Step 1: Warping -- initial processing of raw yarns

This involves processing raw yarns for factors such as humidity, strength, and tension. Workers thread the yarn through each small hole, connecting it to the large warping machine, forming a warp sheet, which requires great patience and carefulness. After a certain period, all warp threads will automatically wind around a large beam at regular intervals, ready for weaving.

Step 2: Weaving

Utilize weaving machines to interweave the warp threads into an entire piece of towel cloth according to predetermined sequences. Unlike machines used for general fabric production, this weaving machine has a special weft-insertion mechanism to create a specific pattern and density of loops, ensuring the towels are softer and more absorbent.

Step 3: Dyeing and drying

Put towels in a dyeing vat or a dyeing machine similar to a washing machine. After adjusting to the desired colors, such as red, yellow, blue, and various others, the dyeing process begins. The dyed towels undergo a boiling wash to enhance color stability and remove any excess dye. Following this, the towels are subjected to dehydration and drying.

Step 4: Cutting

Cut the entire piece of towel cloth to specified dimensions using a cutting machine. Then, use the specialized machine for finishing, edge-locking, and hemming.

Step 5: Machine embroidery

Embroidery machines stitch brand logos and patterns onto the towels based on pre-programmed designs. Machine embroidery is fast, with speeds hundreds of times greater than manual embroidery.

Step 6: Packaging

Workers neatly fold each towel and place them into packaging boxes.

Here is a 52-second video showing how towels are made in a factory.

Understanding the entire towel production process, you’ll discover that fully automated machinery for manufacturing towels significantly enhances production efficiency.

For example, using manual sewing equipment, a person can sew 1,000 towels per day, while fully automatic sewing machines can sew 12,000 towels per day per unit. One worker can manage 2-3 machines. Additionally, automated sewing equipment addresses a range of traditional sewing issues, such as low efficiency and unsatisfactory sewing results.

Simultaneously, the automation of towel production reduces labor costs. This is why the retail price of towels is generally affordable, with prices ranging from $5 to $8 per towel. Produced in Chinese factories, the cost is even lower, at just 40 cents, to manufacture a quality towel.

Gaoyang County in Hebei is China's biggest towel manufacturing hub.

China has the world’s largest scale of towel production. Besides rich raw materials such as cotton, wool, cashmere, silk, synthetic fibers, etc., China’s towel industrial chains are complete and mature.

Gaoyang County in Hebei Province is the largest towel production base in China, producing 5 billion towels annually, accounting for 1/3 of China’s total.

The textile market is a dominant sector in Gaoyang with a development history spanning several hundred years. Since the 1980s, Gaoyang’s towel industry has witnessed continuous growth, gaining renown for high-quality, affordable, and diverse styles and materials of towels, including pure cotton towels, linen towels, bamboo fiber towels, modal towels, etc. Furthermore, Gaoyang Textile Trading Center is the largest wholesale market for towels in China.

Additionally, there are towel manufacturers in Zibo City and Gaomi City in Shandong Province, as well as Lanxi City in Zhejiang industrial cluster. Their towel sales are primarily concentrated in Yiwu International Trade City and Gaoyang Textile Trading Center.

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As a leading sourcing company, JingSourcing provides a wide range of towel types available in the market, including bath towels, washing towels, beach towels, commercial hotel towels, etc. Tell us your desired type of towels, we’ll directly go to Yiwu International Trade City District 4, which hosts numerous towel suppliers and is conveniently located opposite our head office.

Besides the abundant types of towels available, we also help you get:

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Most suppliers on Alibaba are trading companies rather than actual factories. However, we have our own resources in towel factories within industrial clusters. If you prioritize prices, we can connect you with family-owned towel factories whose costs are lower.

For all of our towel factory resources, we have conducted factory audits and on-site checks for the raw fabrics and product compliance certificates. Many of them cannot be found on Alibaba.

In addition, the individuals you typically communicate with on Alibaba are customer service representatives who may lack in-depth product knowledge. However, our professional agents have years of experience in towel sourcing, adept at discerning weight differences by touch and staying informed about current trends in the towel market.

For instance, towels using natural plant dyes, instead of common chemical dyes, are more environmentally friendly, safer, and gentle on the skin, especially suitable for infants, pregnant women, and individuals with sensitive skin.

Also, modern consumers are showing interest in towels with new functionalities, such as graphene towels with antibacterial properties and circulation promotion, and cooling towels made of a three-layer cool fiber weave for quick sweat absorption, rapid drying, and an instant cool and refreshing feel. Such cooling towels can also serve as fashionable sports headbands, windproof face masks, wristbands, and sweat wipes.

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Towel quality inspection and bundling services to boost your product sales.

Selling towels on an e-commerce platform requires stringent quality control, as customer satisfaction is paramount. Without proper quality control, negative reviews can deter customers from returning.

We have a dedicated QC service team to inspect towels according to your requirements, addressing concerns about size, absorbency, color, appearance, pilling rate, and more. Worthy noting is that we provide a 1 by 1 quality inspection. As for defective towels, we will help you replace them for free if you choose our Pro Plan and use our selected suppliers.

Besides, a majority of our clients often request bundling towels as required sets, such as 4-piece bath towel sets or 6-piece towel sets like 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels, and 2 washcloths. So far, we’ve helped many clients bundle and repackage products at our own warehouse.

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