Wedding dresses have always been a beloved and essential choice for European and American consumers. Moreover, the age range of customers is wide, and there is a big pricing space. This niche market is highly profitable.

For example, a wedding dress sold for $2,000 in the US can be wholesaled from China for as low as $200. An increasing number of people source wedding dresses from China, as the nation manufactures and supplies 90% of the world’s wedding dresses. In today’s blog, we will take you on a tour to explore China wedding gowns.

Huqiu Bridal City -- China's Largest Trade Center for Wedding Dresses.

Huqiu Bridal City accounts for 70% of China’s total wedding dress production and trading. Its exports reach 30+ countries and regions.

Starting as a “Street of Wedding Dresses” and with 40+ years of development, Huqiu Bridal City has now become the largest wedding dress production and marketing base in China. This growth is attributed to convenient transportation and Suzhou’s advantageous textile industry, with sound industrial chains from fiber, spinning, weaving, printing, and dyeing, to clothing manufacturing. 

Its scale is equivalent to 42 football fields, featuring 4 functional zones. Zones A and B are Wedding Shopping Centers that encompass the entire wedding industry chain and serve as distribution centers for industrial bulk procurement. You can find any style of wedding dress here. Keep in mind to compare quality and prices by visiting multiple stores. Generally, prices decrease as you go to higher floors. And bargain with them to get a 60% or even 50% discount.

Dingji in Anhui -- China's largest wedding dress manufacturing hub.

Approximately 70% of wedding dress businessmen and workers in Suzhou come from Dingji town, Lu’an City, Anhui Province. More than half of wedding dresses sold by Suzhou traders are manufactured in Dingji. Dingji is home to thousands of wedding dress factories and shops. Here are 15,000 people engaging in wedding industry chains, including fabric, accessories, embroidery, sewing, and sales.

Dingji is the primary producer of wedding dresses in China. Wedding gowns made in Dingji are often sent to Huqiu Bridal City in Suzhou and Guangzhou for export. Every day, about 25,000 parcels are delivered here.

Guangzhou, Chaozhou -- China's High-end Wedding Dress Export Bases.

Besides Huqiu Bridal City in Suzhou, Guangzhou Bridal Street is another major wedding dress trading hub. Both wholesale and retail options are available. Compared to Suzhou, Guangzhou wedding dresses generally exhibit slightly better quality, featuring superior fabrics, silk threads, beads, and more, albeit at relatively higher prices.

Chaozhou City in Guangdong is renowned as the “City of Chinese Wedding and Evening Dresses.” More than 90% of the produced wedding dresses are for export, mainly to Europe and America. Virtually all major global brands source their wedding dresses from Chaozhou. Even on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival, Chaozhou dresses have made appearances.

Compared to Southeast Asian wedding dress industries, Chaozhou features a high-end route. Moreover, the practitioners in Chaozhou possess extensive experience and mature technical skills. Many intricate patterns on wedding dresses require meticulous embroidery work. And, factories hire skilled artisans with decades of experience to make exquisitely embroidered and well-structured ready-to-wear garments.

If you prioritize quality, both Guangzhou and Chaozhou are excellent choices.

Chaozhou Exquisite Evening Dresses

Jingsourcing smooths your wedding dress wholesale & customization.

As a Chinese leading sourcing company, JingSourcing has helped 4000+ importers wholesale and customize different kinds of products, including a wide variety of bridal wedding gowns and evening dresses. Our expertise lies in connecting you with trustworthy wedding dress factories, ensuring competitive pricing and quality assurance. Additionally, we can arrange shipments to your place at the best shipping rates, saving you costs.

Our wedding dress quote is at least 10% cheaper than Alibaba suppliers'.

We have integrated different-sized wedding gown factories in major production cities and other good wedding dress manufacturers throughout China. Based on wide and quality networks, we can offer factory-direct quotes.

In comparison, most Alibaba suppliers are trading companies that wholesale from wedding dress manufacturers. You can search for suppliers on Alibaba to compare prices, and you will eventually discover that for the same wedding dress with identical materials and detailed specifications, our prices are undoubtedly more competitive than those on Alibaba.

Generally, for regular wedding dresses, the cheapest ones can be wholesaled at tens of US dollars, and the more expensive ones are around one hundred US dollars or slightly more. It depends on the specific material and design details. Middle-to-high-end wedding dresses are priced higher, typically several hundred US dollars.

We can work well with your wedding dress custom project.

Tell us your desired wedding dress type, whether it’s a trailing, floor-length, mermaid, satin, chiffon, satin-chiffon combination, strapless, spaghetti straps, long-sleeved, or plus-size dress, etc. The product picture link or a rough sketch is OK.

With years of experience, our professional sourcing agents understand consumers’ preferences and demands in different markets. Take European and American consumers, for example; they prefer simple and sexy styles. Oftentimes, fuller frames make it challenging to get suitable dresses. Wedding gowns made from elastic fabric can address this issue, along with design features like wrinkles around the abdomen or raised waistlines to create a slimming effect.

Also, we stay updated on industry trends. Currently, there is a movement to add more elements to basic wedding dresses for more applications including everyday wear, making a balance between simplicity, elegance, and practicality. Additionally, designs with traditional Chinese elements, such as mandarin collars and embroidery, have also become increasingly popular.

Compared to Alibaba suppliers, we excel at getting your real points and making satisfying wedding dresses earlier at the sampling stage. Moreover, our factories have established stable collaborations with us, ensuring consistent quality and high flexibility in cooperation, even for special requests.

We inspect your wedding dresses to help you control product quality.

For e-commerce clothing sellers, the consistently high return rate is always a challenge, especially for special occasion attire like wedding dresses, where customers tend to have more discerning requirements. Therefore, it’s a must to strictly control the quality.

Our QC services are flexible and efficient. We inspect wedding dresses after getting your points. In my experience, the main focus is on checking fabric, pattern, stitching, and other details to avoid discrepancies that may lead to negative reviews or returns.

Throughout the entire inspection process, we provide immediate communication with you and confirm whether found defective items are acceptable through video. Regarding defective products, we act on your behalf and negotiate solutions with your supplier. If you opt for our Pro Plan and use our selected suppliers, we will we will replace defective products for free.

Contact JingSourcing to source quality wedding dresses in China.