When sourcing sunglasses and eyewear for your brand, one needs a reliable sourcing partner that manufactures quality eyewear. This is where sunglasses manufacturers in the USA can help you out.

US-based sunglasses manufacturers can supply your business with quality eyewear and accessories for years to come. You just have to find the right one for your brand and sell it to the right customers.

Therefore, here’s a list of 21 sunglasses manufacturers in the USA that you can partner with and stock up on quality sunglasses for your business.


1. Eyeking Eyewear

Eyeking Eyewear

First up on the list is Eyeking, a sunglasses manufacturer in the US that claims to design, manufacture, and distribute functional, fashionable, and innovative eyewear to clients.

The company’s foundation lies in a small garage in Brooklyn, New York, in 1955, when Zolkind and Sons manufactured sunglasses for luxury brands including Jordache and Jaguar. The official company was incorporated in 2003 and today claims to be home for inventive, original, and visionary designed sunglasses and optical frames.

The company partners with local and global partners to develop a wide range of eyewear for different markets. Eyeking has its global headquarters in Melville, NY, where they serve clients worldwide.

2. American Optical

American Optical

American Optical began its operation in 1833 and is one of the oldest eyewear manufacturing companies in the US. Its experience of almost two centuries has enabled the company to manufacture sunglasses worn by pilots, Presidents, and also the NASA space crews.

The company claims that its success is because of its team’s commitment to craftsmanship that leads to originally designed eyewear, iconic sunglass styles and exceptional customer service.

Today, American Optical’s frames are crafted in their Illinois factory, where the company claims their workforce blends technology and hard work to develop original quality frames that offer lasting style and comfort.

3. Shwood


Shwood Eyewear started out as an experiment in 2009 when its founders began with the goal of creating a product that represents individual uniqueness that can only be found in nature.

The company is based in Portland, Oregon, where the company claims that Eric Singer developed the first prototype using madrone tree, a pair of rusty cabinet hinges, and salvaged lenses sourced from a mere thrift store.

Today, the company has grown and evolved its craftsmanship and engineering process to fulfill the demands of its local and international clients. Their product range features sunglasses that represent nature, and they are made of wood, stone, acetate, titanium, and brass.

4. Lowercase

Lowercase logo

Lowercase is another sunglasses manufacturer in the USA that claims to put craftsmanship above everything else to ensure their customers get original products.

The company is based in Brooklyn, New York, where their sunglasses are handmade, and the frames are produced using a small-batch process combining traditional and modern manufacturing techniques.

Lowercase claims it does not mass produce its products, which is why it can maintain creative flexibility, transparency with its customers, and rely on sustainable production processes. Their sunglasses collection includes various designs that are sold to customers through independent retailers and their websites.

5. AmSun


Next up is AmSun, a sunglasses manufacturer in the USA that claims to have over 30 years of experience as the one-stop-shop for all-optical and sunglasses needs. The company distributes made in USA eyewear to local and global clients.

AmSun’s product categories include sunglasses and prescription optical frames that are made in America using modern technology.

The company claims that their products and services are offered at reasonable prices to clients to create long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships.

6. Allure Eyewear

Allure Eyewear

Allure Eyewear is an American eyewear manufacturer that claims to specialize in developing sunglasses and optical frames using cutting-edge technology. The company declares itself as a socially responsible company that aims to grow using sustainable methods and resources.

Allure also offers customized marketing solutions to businesses and helps them apply innovative ways to attract customers. The company claims its values are based on the three A’s of Allure that stands for authenticity, adaptability, and advancement.

They also claim to invest in research and development to create original and unique designs for delivering the highest quality products and unmatched customer experiences.

7. Randolph


Randolph is a sunglasses manufacturer in the US that specializes in handcrafting American eyewear. The company was founded by Jan Waszkiewicz and Stan Zaleski in 1973.

Their website claims that their products are trusted by the US military for over 40 years, and their Authentic Aviator sunglasses collection is made to protect the eyesight of pilots and military personnel.

The company serves local and international clients through its headquarters based in Randolph, Massachusetts. They also offer customization services to clients that need unique eyewear designs for their brand.

8. Maui Jim

Maui Jim

Maui Jim started out in 1980 as a small business that sold sunglasses on a beach in Lahaina, Hawaii. The company’s founder saw a need for protective gear for intense sun glaze and harmful UV rays, so he engineered PolarizedPlus2 lenses with the classic collection that included seven sunglasses designs.

Now, their product catalog includes over 125 unique sunglasses styles that their website claims to protect from 100% of UVA and UVB rays.

The company claims to be recognized as a global entity today that supplies its products worldwide. They further declare that their customers are treated like family and that they strive to provide superior customer service.



Arc-Iris is an eyewear manufacturer in America that calls itself a small business that specializes in handcrafting eyewear and accessories. The company claims that its product line comprises premium styles, designs, and functionality.

Their sunglasses are made in the US by their in-house manufacturing and design team. Currently, the business produces eyewear at a small scale but claims that its aim is to expand and create opportunities for people.

The company was founded under a century-wide experience of combined engineering design and woodworking knowledge that resulted in a pure wood frame that was sturdy and fashionable.

10. Charlie V.

Charlie V.

Next is Charlie V, a sunglasses manufacturer that offers wrap-around sports sunglasses and classic wood eyewear. Their product collection includes eighteen different styles, with their patented twist and pivot hinge design that helps fold sunglasses in a more compact position.

Their website claims that their classic wood sunglasses are soft, weightless, and available for different wood combinations, including Cherry, Mahogany, Maple, and Walnut.

11. State Optical

State Optical Co.

Another sunglasses manufacturer in the US is the State Optical Co., which claims to be the first-of-a-kind luxury eyewear brand. The company was built from the ground up in Chicago, US. 

Their product collection features handcrafted sunglasses and eye frames made exclusively in America, with each frame going through a more than 75-step process. The company claims that its workforce includes an elite group of artisans who spend hundreds of hours handcrafting luxury sunglasses.

The creative director of State Optical Co., Nico Roseillier, determines the aesthetic of each collection, and the company claims that two groups are launched annually; one for the spring and summer,  while the other one is for the fall and winter season. 

12. Fatheadz Eyewear

Fatheadz Eyewear

Fatheadz Eyewear was incorporated in 2004 by Rico Elmore to manufacture sunglasses in the US. It is located in Indianapolis, and its products can be found in several stores throughout America.

The company specializes in making sunglasses for men with big heads that could not find suitable sunglasses. Their first product line featured only four oversized sunglass designs in varying colors.

Today the company has five oversized sunglasses and eyewear collections made for both men and women, specifically catering to people with larger heads than the standard, hence the name Fatheadz.

13. Gatorz Eyewear

Gatorz Eyewear

Gatorz originated in San Diego, California, in 1989 as a sunglasses manufacturer that focused on the extreme sports industry.

The company initially manufactured aluminum eyewear that could withstand high wind forces experienced during motorcycle riding and skydiving. The brand expanded over the years and now also manufactures sunglasses for recreational free-fall parachutists and other extreme sports that are popular in Southern California.

The company claims that its products are also worn by Navy SEALS and Naval Special warfare personnel apart from extreme athletes.

14. Liquid Eyewear

Liquid Eyewear

Liquid Eyewear is a company that manufactures sunglasses in the USA. It was founded in a small garage in San Diego. The company has now grown and has manufacturing and distribution centers in Yuma and Arizona.

The company claims its workforce is energetic and puts their heart and soul into handcrafting each pair of sunglasses and delivering excellent customer service.

Their product catalog includes form-to-fit hingeless sunglasses, goggles for sports activities, eyewear accessories. The company also offers lens replacement services to its clients. Liquid Eyewear claims to have over 300 different style combinations for customers that have an active lifestyle. 

15. Parkman Sunglasses

Parkman Sunglasses

Parkman Sunglasses was founded by two brothers, Christopher and Andrew, who initially manufactured wooden sunglasses. The company claims that they source premier wooden pieces from select mills and lumberyards to manufacture quality wooden sunglasses.

All their production takes place in their factory shop located in Mountainside, New Jersey. The company claims its production process from start to finish is based on a precision process that is blended with craftsmanship skills. 

Their sunglasses and eyewear have polarized lenses that protect the eyes from the sun’s harmful rays while maintaining perfect vision.