Sunglasses Manufacturers in Italy are recognized globally for their luxury eyewear brands. Italy’s eyewear and sunglasses sector is a leading global industry that keeps up with the old traditions of manufacturing fashionable eyewear. They put their heart and soul into handcrafting the beautiful eyewear pieces to suit all types of face shapes and help global resellers build their exquisite brand.

So, without further ado, here are 20 sunglasses manufacturers in Italy that can be your business’s next sourcing partner and help you take your sunglasses brand to the next level.



IOVES is a sunglasses manufacturer in Italy that was founded as a craft business in San Nicolo di Comelico, Italy, in 1950. The founders were the Costan brothers Ennio and Gildo, who grew the company from the ground up by manufacturing sunglasses and supplying locally.

The business expanded its operation in 1994 by moving its manufacturing facilities to Lozzo di Cadro, Italy, which enabled them to offer flexibility in production processes and efficient delivery times.

Today, IOVES claims to be a leading Italian sunglasses brand that distributes private-label sunglasses in Italy and to more than 45 countries around the world.

2. De Rigo


De Rigo is another Italian sunglasses manufacturer that began its operations in 1978. The company is a family-owned business founded by brothers Ennio and Walter De Rigo as a small-scale sunglasses business in Belluno, Italy.

Soon it expanded and claims that as of now, in 2021, it has served over 50,000 customers in around 80 countries worldwide. They have a workforce of about 3,300 employees and more than 40 in-house designers that manufacture sunglasses for their clients.

Their sunglasses brand portfolio includes in-house luxury brands such as Police, Lozza, Sting, and Yalea and many more licensed brands that are recognized around the world.

3. La Giardiniera

La Giardiniera

Next up is La Giardiniera, a sunglasses manufacturer in Italy that delivers sunglasses and eyewear to local and international resellers. Founded by Gianluigi Antognazza in 1973, the company is located in Lakes Valley of Northern Italy.

The company claims that its sunglasses are made with artisan skills combined with technology to deliver precision craftsmanship. Their experience of more than 40 years in the sunglasses and eyewear sector enables them to maintain quality and provide products at affordable prices.

La Giardiniera regularly partakes in global trade fairs and showcases its eyewear and sunglasses products for international clients. Their website also claims that they are an eco-conscious company. Their production facilities are 100% powered by certified renewable energy produced in the wind farm of Buseto, Siciliy.

4. HandMade in Rome

HandMade in Rome

HandMade in Rome is a project of G&G Distribuzione S.R.L, an Italian eyewear company founded in 2003. The project focuses on delivering private label sunglasses in Italy and offers complete customization services to international clients.

The sunglasses and eyewear factory claims to be recognized for high-quality products and exceptional knowledge of their artisans who combine traditional production techniques with modern manufacturing processes to create quality eye-pieces.

The company is located in Rome’s industrial district, and the company claims that they have a highly specialized workforce with over 30 years of experience on board to meet the demands of their clients.

5. Essequadro eyewear

Essequadro eyewear

Essequadro Eyewear is a sunglasses manufacturer in Italy that combines technology with traditional crafting to manufacture sunglasses for their customers. Their product catalog features distinct designs with exclusive colors.

The company has in-stock designs and also offers full-customization services to brands looking to stock up on Italian private label sunglasses. They offer their customers full design and development support for sample creation to bulk manufacturing based on their brand requirements.

Their website claims that their products are 100% made in Italy with Italian raw materials including Mazzucchelli acetate and has over 2,000 colors available for manufacturing sunglasses. 

6. Ottica Prealpi

Ottica Prealpi

Ottica Prealpi is an Italian eyewear manufacturer that was founded in the late 1980s. Initially, the company began as a craft business but soon expanded to a medium-sized manufacturer in Italy specializing in producing sunglasses and optical frames.

The company claims to have high-quality design capability and technical engineering prowess that enables them to develop high-end products for luxury eyewear brands. Their products are 100% made in Italy, and the company also offers full-tailor-made services for leading local and international brands.

Ottica Prealpi is based in Segusino, Treviso, which is an hour’s drive from Venice. It resides right in the eyewear manufacturing district of Italy, where more than 80% of sunglasses, eyewear, and similar accessories are produced.

7. Luxottica


Another eyewear manufacturer in Italy is Luxottica who claims to be a leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of luxury, fashion, and sports eyewear. Their distribution network serves clients in more than 150 countries worldwide.

The company’s proprietary portfolio holds popular brands such as Ray-Ban, Vogue Eyewear, Persol, Arnette, Oakley, and many more. Moreover, their licensed brands include Burberry, Chanel, Coach, Dolce & Gabbana, Ferrari, Prada, etc.

Luxottica began operations in 1961 as a supplier, but in 1971 its founder Leonardo Del Vecchio launched his first in-house produced collection of eyewear that shifted the company’s focus from being a distributor to a manufacturer of Italian sunglasses and eyewear. 

8. Arlecchino


Arlecchino is another Italian sunglasses manufacturer that was established in 1986 and offers both sunglasses and optical frames. Their made-in Italy sunglasses are handcrafted and the company claims to have highly skilled personnel producing genuine eyewear pieces for their clients.

The company’s headquarters is based in Quero Vas, Belluno, in the Dolomites area, which is known as the heart of the eyewear district in Italy and has other sunglasses manufacturers serving both local and global clients.

Since its inception, the company claims it manufactures sunglasses through traditional means while expanding by following the Italian eyewear industry’s development. It has a diversified product range developed through extensive R&D and also offers customization services to its clientele.

9. Impressed Eyewear

Impressed Eyewear

Impressed Eyewear is a sunglasses manufacturer in Italy that was founded by Simonazzi Markus who wanted to revolutionize the eyewear industry.

The company offers sunglasses and 3D printing technology that can help opticians and sunglasses brands customize each piece and produce them in-store for their customers.

The company currently has a warehouse that they claim has the innovative technology to design, and develop personalized eyewear and sunglasses on the spot.

10. Frank Lo

Frank Lo

Frank Lo is an eyewear manufacturer in Italy that is based in Via del Leone and offers its sunglasses and eyewear collection to customers all over the world.

The company claims that its products are made from buffalo horn, silver, carbon, gold, mother of pearl, cotton, wood, stone, and marble which has attracted local and international clients from the United States, Canada, France, Japan, Germany, and England.

Their product collection features sunglasses and optical frames made for men, and women, a material eyewear collection featuring different types of eyewear frames, and various shape eyewear.

11. Blackfin


Blackfin is an Italian sunglasses manufacturer that was incorporated in 1971 in Agordo, Italy. After nine years of working in Italy’s eyewear industry, Maria Pramoar launched the company Black Fin to manufacture eyewear frames.

Today, the company produces sunglasses, eyewear, and accessories by combining style, technology, and engineering. Italy’s centuries-old artistic history inspires the eyewear designs.

The company claims they were the first to produce sunglass frames with Titanium, which is comfortable, stylish, and sleek. They claim that their titanium sunglasses and eyewear made the company known worldwide.

12. L.G.R


Next up is L.G.R sunglasses and optical frame manufacturer in Italy that claims to make their products using entirely artisanal skills and traditional methods of production to deliver a noble and original final product to their clients.

The company has three stores in Italy, one in Rome, one in Firenze, and one in Milano. Their product collection features sunglasses and optical frames made for men and women and other eyewear accessories.

Founded by Luca Gnecchi Ruscone, the sunglasses manufacture specializes in Italian-made eyewear and African-inspired sunglass designs.

13. Mad in Italy


Mad in Italy in a sunglasses manufacturer in Italy which was founded in 2010 and was established in Belluno, Northeast Italy, also known as the Silicon Valley of Italy’s eyewear industry.

The company was founded by Vista Eyewear, an optical frame manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience in the eyewear sector. Mad in Italy was launched to obtain a higher level of distribution and serving international clients.

Their product collection features sunglass designs that the company claims are inspired by the natural beauty of Italy and its cultural heritage.

14. 1995


1995 is a private label sunglasses manufacturer in Italy based in Basilicata and was founded in the year 1995. The company claims that it does not believe in standardized mass production of eyewear, but focuses on individualization and enhancing uniqueness through its products.

The company claims that their collection features 100% made-in Italy sunglasses and eyewear handcrafted using Italian certified materials. Their website states that their products are made by following a 70 step handcrafting production process using only quality, Italian sourced raw materials.

Their product collection features in-house brands, including Occhialeria Artigiana and accessories. Another product line called Primus is made for children so they can express their unique individual styles.

15. Viveur


Viveur is another sunglasses manufacturer in Italy that is based in Milan. The company claims that they create sunglasses for every style, age, and origin by combining vintage elegance and modern street style.

Their product categories include seasonal collections that help reflect their customer’s individual styles, with the help of sunglasses and eyewear made in Italy.

They ship products worldwide, and they are 100% made in Italy, whether its their sunglasses, optics, or accessories, as the company claims all of their raw materials are sourced from Italy.

16. Pagani


Pagani is another eyewear manufacturer based in Italy specializing in handcrafting and artisanal skills to make their sunglasses and optical frames. The company launched its first collection in 2006, which was named Pagani.

Their Italian factory is where all sunglass and eyewear manufacturing takes place using materials made in Italy.

The company claims that they collaborate with Mazzucchelli, which is a leading company in Italy since 1849 in the production of cellulose acetate used in the production of eyeglass frames.

17. Safilo


Next up is Safilo, which is a sunglasses manufacturer in Italy with years of traditional crafting experience. The company claims that they professionally design and craft sunglasses that are not only aesthetic but practical.

Their product collection features Italian-inspired designs, and their website claims to display finesse, elegance, and simplicity in their products. The company began its manufacturing processes in 1934 in Cadore, Italy.

Today, the company serves local and worldwide brands and has licensed renowned brands such as Fendi, Dior, and Givenchy. They claim their products are inspired by nature and made with passion to express unique styles.

18. I Visionari


I Visionari is a sunglasses manufacturer in Italy founded by a brother and sister in San Frediano, Florence, Italy. As the name suggests, the company aims to symbolize the dreams and individual visions of its customers.

Their product categories include aviators, cat-eye frames, masked glasses, oversized frames, rectangular eye frames, rimless glasses, round eyewear, square frames, and wayfarer eyeglasses.

The company claims that they have in-house designers that understand how creative designs made with passion can make customers feel good.

19. Mirage


Mirage offers 100% made in Italy eyewear as it is a sunglasses manufacturer in Italy that began operations in 1960. The company started out as a small family-owned business, but the founder’s Maria Negri and her husband Carmine Milone, expanded manufacturing processes over the years.

Today, the company serves both local and international clients and claims to have worked with renowned global brands. Mirage manufactures its eye frames using Italian craftsmanship and modern engineering techniques.

The company offers customization services and private label sunglasses in Italy so clients can launch their brand from the ground up. Their website also claims that their manufacturing processes ensure sustainable use of resources and constantly invests in environmentally-friendly technology to reduce their carbon footprint.

20. Rebuli SRL


Rebuli SRL is an Italian sunglasses manufacturing company specializing in the design, development, and distribution of sunglasses, acetate frames, and optical eyewear.

Founded in 1995 by Romano Vedova, the company now has a factory that extends over 2,500 sq. m. The company claims that they employ specialized employees who manufacture unique eyewear with the help of advanced technology and machinery.

Their factory is located in Valdobbiadene, Treviso, Italy, and supplies sunglasses to local merchants and global brands. The company claims to have worked with international fashion brands including Fendi, Valentino, Vivienne, Westwood, Tod’s Louis Vuitton, and Ferre.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What sunglasses are popular in Italy?

The most popular sunglasses in Italy include Gucci, Trussardi, Ray-Bans, Arnette, Salice, Emporio Armani, Police, Oakley, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Ferrari, Prada, Burberry, Chanel, Persol, and many others.

2. Are Arnette sunglasses made in Italy?

Yes, Arnette Sunglasses are made in Italy. Luxottica, an Italian eyewear manufacturer, owns the brand and has been manufacturing Arnette sunglasses in their Italian production plant for over ten years.

3. Are Ray-Bans made in Italy?

Yes, Ray-Bans are made in Italy by the sunglasses manufacturer Luxottica. The company does have production factories in China and Italy, yet most Ray-Ban sunglasses are still manufactured in Italy.

Final Words

Italian sunglasses brands and Italian eyewear are no doubt known for their luxurious designs and quality worldwide. Now it is up to you to find the best sourcing partner based on the information provided and source made in Italy eyewear and Italian private label sunglasses for your brand.

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