Glass bottles manufacturers still hold a significant share in various industries such as wine, food, and beverages, thanks to their versatile benefits. Even though glass bottles are heavier and more fragile than plastic bottles and containers, glass bottles are still a better, safer, and environmentally-friendly option for companies that need packaging solutions for their products.

Glass bottles are manufactured in almost every country of the world. Still, it is essential to find a reliable glass bottle manufacturer that supplies affordable glass bottles for packaging purposes and efficiently co-operates with your business’s values and objectives.

Therefore, here are ten glass bottle manufacturers in Pakistan that can be your company’s next packaging solutions provider:

1. Sunshades Eyewear


First up is Sunshades Eyewear, which is an Australian-based sunglasses manufacturer and supplier that has been in business for over 45 years. The company has local and international clients in over 30 countries and has expanded from a small-scale supplier to a global licensor and distributor of sunglasses and eyewear.

Having a workforce of over 110 employees, the sunglasses manufacturer has its head office in Sydney, Australia, and claims to focus on hard work and determination to build reputable brands, launch unique eyewear designs and deliver optimum customer service.

2. Matrix Eyewear


Matrix Eyewear is another sunglasses manufacturer in Australia that delivers designer sunglasses and optical eyewear to local clients. The company was incorporated in 2000 with its headquarters located in Sydney and has representatives throughout Australia that work around the clock to meet the demands of their customers in the Australian market.

Their sunglasses product range contains different styles and shapes with trendy colors that are refreshed multiple times a year to stay current in the eyewear industry. Customers can reach out to the company for ordering sunglasses for their business through their email and phone number listed on their website.  

3. Optex Australia

Optex Australia

Optex Australia manufactures sunglasses and eyewear with a special focus on their passion for craftsmanship and innovation, according to their website. The company produces sunglasses for Australian and New Zealand customers.

Founded in 1963, the company has its headquarters in Melbourne and manufactures sunglasses with ethical standards to ensure their products are environmentally friendly. Their experience of over 60 years makes them a reputable Australian sunglasses manufacturer and distributor.

4. Aaron's Eyewear


Aaron’s Eyewear was incorporated recently in August 2017 by Aaron McColl and his wife, Heidi. The company specializes in manufacturing and distributing designer sunglasses and eyewear to meet the demands of fashion brands that cater to fashion-conscious buyers.

The company is located in Australia, and with Aaron’s and Heidi’s extensive corporate management experience, it has grown considerably to become a known distributor of sunglasses and fashionable eyewear. Their brand portfolio includes famous names such as Cocoa Mint, Louis Marcel, Jensen, Land Rover, Rock Star, Magic, and many more.

5. Nedlands Optic

Nedlands Optic

With their 20 plus years of experience, Nedlands Optics manufactures sunglasses in Australia with accurate and precise fittings paired with contemporary designs. The company first opened its store in Western Australia and launched premium brands, including Alain Mikli and Lindberg.

Their brand portfolio includes stylish and contemporary eye frames and sunglasses. The company claims to offer the best design, aesthetic, comfort, quality, durability, functionality, and style through its superior craftsmanship and sophisticated manufacturing process.

6. Pared Eyewear International

Pared Eyewear International

Pared Eyewear International is an eyewear and sunglasses manufacturer in Australia that collaborates with Australian eyewear designers to produce premium product collections all year round. According to their website, the company releases two collections annually that are focused on their simple and clean design with signature touches.

The Australian Eyewear and sunglass manufacturer is located in Windsor and ships products worldwide. Their product range has multiple collections with sunglasses and eyewear in different colors, designs, styles, shapes, and outlooks.

7. Sunnies


Sunnies is an Australian sunglasses manufacturer that offers wholesale sunglasses at affordable rates. The company claims to focus on being simple, reliable, and quick in its service to deliver the right products to its customers.

The Australian-owned and operated wholesale sunglasses business holds a product collection of non-branded low-cost non-designer sunglasses brands. Their products are for cost-conscious buyers and retailers looking to build their brand selling affordable sunglasses.

8. AM Eyewear

AM Eyewear

AM Eyewear was incorporated in 2003 as a sunglasses manufacturer that offers wholesale sunglasses in Australia and fashionable eyewear to businesses worldwide. The company claims to hand-craft eye frames with premium materials and the right fittings.

AM Eyewear product range includes hand-crafted Australian sunglasses as the company’s manufacturing consists of an artisan approach to producing sunglasses. The global Australian sunglasses wholesaler also claims to manufacture high-quality products using durable materials and expert hand-crafting skills.

9. Aviva & Mann Optical Group

Aviva & Mann Optical Group

Next up is Aviva & Mann Optical Group, which the company claims is Australia’s leading sunglasses and optical wholesalers. The business has been in operation in the industry since 1983 and has its headquarters located in Glassford Road, Kewdale, Western Australia.

The company’s experience of more than 35 years enables it to offer innovative, functional, and cost-effective solutions to its numerous clients, as the company claims. The company has several optical outlets and sunglasses stores throughout Australia and globally to serve customers.

10. Aussie Optical


Aussie Optical offers wholesale sunglasses in Australia and has been in operation for more than 15 years. The company claims to strive to keep overhead costs low so their products can be affordable for their customers.

Their extensive product range includes designer sunglasses and frames, polarizes sunglasses, and other accessories. Their head office is located in Western Australia, where their sales and operational team delivers products to local and international business buyers.

11. Blueye Eyewear Sunglasses & Goggles

Blueye Eyewear Sunglasses & Goggles

Blueye Eyewear Sunglasses & Goggles was founded in 1995 by Dean Bennell, who realized that the sunglasses and goggles the horse racing jockeys wore were old-fashioned and hadn’t changed since the 1950s. So, he started designing sunglasses and began his business in partnership with his brother Marc and launched Blueeye Eyewear.

The company’s extensive range of sunglasses and goggles are made for the horse racing industry and other sports, including motorsports, fishing, surfing, kite surfing, jet skiing, water skiing, wakeboarding, sailing, wingsuit flying, skydiving, hang gliding, paragliding, snowboarding and skiing, and also Polo.

12. Marchon Eyewear

Marchon Eyewear

Marchon Eyewear specializes in manufacturing designer sunglasses and eyewear for fashion, lifestyle, and performance brands. The company claims that its mission is to help people see clearly using quality eyewear, optical frames, and sunglasses made for harsh weather outdoors.

Established in 1983, the VSP global company currently has a worldwide presence in more than 20 countries. Its Australian office is located in Banksmeadow, Australia, with three regional headquarters in New York, Amsterdam, and Hong Kong.

13. Pacifico Optical


Pacifico Optical is an Australian eyewear and sunglasses manufacturer with its head office located in Darlinghurst, NSW. The company was launched in 2015 and specializes in handcrafting eyewear and sunglass frames using Japanese and Italian acetates.

Their product collection includes sunglasses that feature elegant shapes, earthy textures, natural tones, and subtle slopes. The company ships products internationally and claims that its sunglasses are timeless pieces that are unique and affordable.

14. OTIS Eyewear

OTIS Eyewear

OTIS Eyewear is another Australian sunglasses manufacturer that was established more than 20 years ago. The company claims to develop sunglasses and eyewear that are not only stylish but also convey durability, sustainability, and technical expertise.

Located in Western Australia, the company’s product collection features environmentally-friendly eye-frames and sustainable lenses that are non-toxic and 100% recyclable. Their designs are globally inspired and portray a modern, contemporary and eclectic lifestyle.

15. Marcolin Eyewear

Marcolin Eyewear

Marcolin Eyewear is a sunglasses manufacturer in Australia that has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing sunglasses and optical eyewear to its customers for more than 60 years. The company is located in Sydney, Australia, with offices in several countries worldwide. 

Their product range includes contemporary and modern eyewear and sunglasses frames in different shades and styles. The company claims their sunglasses is the symbol that represents an expression of individual style, taste, and aesthetics.

16. VMD Eyewear

VMD Eyewear

VMD Eyewear was founded in 1984 as an eyewear and sunglasses manufacturer in Australia. The company uses innovative manufacturing techniques and sources quality materials to manufacture sunglasses and unique eyewear for the sunglasses industry.

Their sunglasses product range includes Bill Bass sunglasses, Dirty Dog sunglasses, North Beach Polarised sunglasses, ME New York sunglasses, I Design sunglasses, Pacific Polarised sunglasses, Rocket children’s sunglasses, and Cover Glasses. They distribute products to local and global clients through their sales teams and operational facilities across Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

17. Spotters Sunglasses


Spotters Sunglasses is an Australian sunglasses manufacturer that focuses on developing eyewear that can survive harsh weather conditions. The company claims its products protect eyes from the harshest UV exposure and combats extreme glare caused by sun rays.

Their product range includes a vast collection of stylish and comfortable glasses made to withstand strong sunlight. The company claims to value quality, visual performance, and comfort above all to provide a satisfactory experience to their clients

18. Ozeano Vision


Ozeano Vision is a sunglasses manufacturer in Australia, with its headquarters located on the East Coast of Sydney. The company claims to focus on eco-friendly eyewear and sunglasses production since its formation is based on the owner’s love of nature and passion for preserving the environment.

The company produces eye frames and fashionable sunglasses using ethical standards and 100% biodegradable plant-based bio-acetate that is environmentally friendly. Ozeano also claims on their website to fund the removal of 12kg marine waste and litter with every sale they make.

We hope this list of 18 sunglasses manufacturers in Australia helps you find your next supplier for your sunglasses brand. The list is to help you know about these manufacturers; now, it is up to you to test these suppliers, audit their products, and launch your business to generate sales.

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