There are thousands of wholesale artificial flower suppliers in China, including factories, wholesalers, and trading companies. When you consider wholesaling artificial flowers for your business or just buying several pieces in bulk for decor, it’s a good choice to source them from China.

If you want to know how to select the right one from these various suppliers, you must know what features these artificial flowers suppliers in different places have. In this article, I can provide useful information for you.

1. Four Chinese Artificial Flowers Industrial Clusters

Chinese artificial flowers manufacturers are mainly situated in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Tianjin, and Hebei. You can find kinds of artificial flowers of various quality from these 4 areas.


Guangzhou, Dongguan in Guangdong Province

There are many wholesale markets of artificial flowers and factories in Guangzhou and Dongguan. The factories there usually have integrative showrooms and workshops.

Besides, the manufacturers in Guangzhou are specialized in producing fabric and silk yarn artificial flowers with various designs while in Dongguan, they mainly produce big pieces of trees and flowers.

The artificial flowers and plants in the two cities are usually of high quality, which may have higher prices.

Yiwu in Zhejiang Province

When it comes to buying artificial flowers from Yiwu, there are mainly 2 places to visit. One is Yiwu International Trade City District 1, about 2 km far from our company. You can find hundreds of artificial flowers & accessories suppliers, which are trading companies or individual businesses.

The other is the specialized streets of artificial flowers in Huangyangmei district. There are many small-scale artificial flower factories in Huangyangmei district. Some of them are specializing in artificial flower accessories. Currently, some of them may have only showrooms and warehouses there, but their factories gathered in the cities around Yiwu.

Caozili in Tianjin Province

Caozili Town in Tianjin, bordering Beijing, is named the land of silk flowers in China. There are hundreds of factories producing artificial flowers and plants in Caozili. They are ranging from small-scale workshops to large-scaled factories.

These factories are usually specialized in making different styles of silk artificial flowers. If you want to wholesale silk flowers from China, it’s a good idea to go to Caozili. Plus, they can also produce plastic flowers, fabric flowers, etc.

Baoding, Cangzhou in Hebei Province

Some markets in Baoding and Cangzhou of Hebei Province are providing artificial flowers and plants. There are many artificial flower manufacturers and wholesalers. They are specialized in making polyester flowers. Besides, many producers are specialized in artificial plants and grass in Gougezhuang, Cangzhou.

If you want to find cheap artificial flowers or plants, you can choose to find suppliers in Hebei.

2.Three Main Chinese Artificial Flower Markets

If you want to visit local artificial flower markets in China, there are several main markets in different cities for your reference:

  • Yiwu International Trading Town
  • Guangzhou One Link Plaza
  • Guangzhou Debao Transaction Plaza

Yiwu International Trading Town

You can find various suppliers of artificial flowers and other accessories on the 1st floor in the International Trade Market District 1. These suppliers are mainly trading companies or factories, who can offer low wholesale prices.

The product category in the Yiwu market is comprehensive, including plastic artificial flowers, polyester flowers, silk flowers, fabric flowers, etc.

You can also check the information of these suppliers, their product category, and the detailed location of their booths by using Yiwugo, the official website of the market. Or contact us directly to help you find artificial flower factories.

Guangzhou One Link Plaza

Guangzhou One Link Plaza is located at Yuexiu District. It is a large market for some small items, decors, etc. You can find high-end quality artificial flowers and plants suppliers on the 6th to 8th floors. If you want to source artificial flower suppliers from their online market, you might be disappointed, because they don’t show so many suppliers on the website.

These suppliers in Wanlin plaza mainly support wholesale businesses. Some of them can also provide retailing services. If you want to buy samples before placing a big order, or you just want to buy for your personal use, you can also buy a small quantity from them, but they will not offer you wholesale prices.

Guangzhou Debao Transaction Plaza

Guangzhou Debao Transaction Plaza in No. 190 Yide Road, Yuexiu District is another artificial flower market in Guangzhou. You can find various artificial flower suppliers on the 5th floor.

You can find cheaper products in Debao Transaction Plaza than in One Link Plaza, but they have lower quality. And they don’t have a website like One Link Plaza.

3. Six Main Chinese Wholesale Websites to Find Artificial Flower Suppliers

If you just start your artificial flowers business or you don’t want to go to the local markets, you can search for Chinese artificial flowers manufacturers on Google, or you can find many specialized suppliers through main Chinese wholesale websites, here are the 6 main platforms for your reference:

There are thousands of artificial flowers suppliers on Alibaba. You can find different types of fake flowers and wreaths by filtering by flowers for weddings, Christmas, valentine’s, etc. The MOQ differs in type, which can range from 10 pieces to 500 pieces. You can choose to buy bunches of finished bouquets, lots of artificial flower heads, or bags of flower petals.

There are hundreds of artificial flower suppliers in Made in China and Global Sources, which are fewer than in Alibaba. However, there are little differences between these suppliers. The MOQ of these flowers may be higher in the former two platforms, which is usually more than 50 pcs.

Moreover, if you want to buy in low quantity, you can choose to find suppliers in DHgate and AliExpress. There is usually no MOQ of some types of artificial flowers.

If you can’t choose a reliable supplier by yourself, you can find a sourcing agent like Jingsourcing to help you. Jingsourcing is situated in Yiwu, one of the artificial flower clusters in China. They can help you find many factories to reach competitive prices. They can also provide customization services, product inspection, and more.

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