For small jewelry businesses, customized packaging protects products and enhances brand uniqueness, helping them stand out in a competitive market.

Today’s post will help you understand relevant information about purchasing jewelry packaging from China. Let’s take a look.

When should you do jewelry packaging in China?

On social platforms like Quora and Reddit, one often comes across questions like: Where can I find packaging suppliers for my jewelry? In reality, if your quantity is small, for example, a few or a dozen, you’d better seek jewelry packaging suppliers in your country. Local suppliers usually don’t have MOQ restrictions, making them more suitable for small-scale jewelry businesses.

If you want 300 to 500 simple jewelry packaging with your logos or brands, sourcing from China is more cost-effective. Some high-end styles may include additional packaging elements, with a MOQ ranging from 100 to 200.


Moreover, if you intend to custom plastic jewelry boxes that require mold opening, keep cautious when dealing with limited quantities and budgets. Opening a new mold typically involves a minimum cost of at least $1,400.


What can JingSourcing do for your jewelry packaging business?

We support various excellent printing techniques for your packaging.

Based on your needs and packaging materials, JingSourcing will choose the most suitable printing method to present your logo, branding, and patterns.

Different printing techniques and coating methods present different effects. For example, debossing and embossing can create textured concave and convex effects on packaging respectively, giving your brand logo a more vivid and three-dimensional appearance. With the UV spot technique, we can locally apply a special UV coating on the packaging to make your logo or pattern shine.



Packaging printing-2

UV spot

Packaging printing-5

silver stamping

gold stamping

Select the ideal way for logo presentation

We provide different materials & styles for your jewelry packaging.

JingSourcing is situated in Yiwu, China, right across from the Yiwu International Trade City. There are many suppliers of jewelry around us, and we also provide creative and unique jewelry packaging in various materials and styles.

If your jewelry is fashionable and casual, we can provide you with a variety of affordable options, including paper boxes, plastic boxes, etc. These packaging options not only showcase your products but also highlight your brand style.


For high-end jewelry, we offer exquisite gift boxes crafted from premium materials like velvet, leather, and exquisite wooden packaging. Additionally, we provide customized designs to ensure that your jewelry exudes a luxurious texture.

Pick your packaging material and style.

We also prioritize customizing your unique insert cards.

We use sustainable materials, such as recycled paper, to create your insert card. In addition, we assist clients to incorporate plant fiber materials. For example, we can add seed particles to the insert card, and these seeds can grow by simply watering them in the soil. This is a very innovative way.


In our experience, insert cards can be designed to serve multiple purposes.

First of all, we can customize a reusable insert card for you, so that it not only has the function of fixing jewelry but also acts as a decoration or collectible, adding a unique charm and practicality to your product.


In addition to the brand and logo, we can print information about your jewelry product on the insert card, such as the product’s production process, design inspiration source, etc. Such a design can add emotional value to your jewelry brand and attract more consumers’ resonance.

If you are concerned about social responsibility, we can also design related patterns or text on it, such as supporting charitable organizations, advocating public welfare undertakings, etc. It can convey positive social values to consumers, thus enhancing their sense of identification with your brand.

Customize your insert card with JingSourcing