China is surely the leading country when it comes to manufacturing and supplying top-notch commodities of all types. However, if you’re willing to import from China to Canada, having a handful of knowledge can ease the process. So here’s the guide to help you understand and learn all about importing goods into Canada for resale.

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List of Documents for Canadian Importers

You should have the following documents to import goods from China to Canada successfully:

Import Duties in Canada

Import duty in Canada is a specific amount you must pay to the Canadian government to get easy and legal customs clearance. This clearance helps you receive your goods from China.

Each product has its own duty mentioned in percentages or cents in the tariff list, and there’s no way you can escape import duties 

Import Taxes in Canada

You also need to pay taxes on importing the products from China to Canada. Now, this is something important to understand. Each Canadian state has set its own GST. So if you’re importing goods in Alberta, the tax amount will be different compared to the GST when importing the same product to British Columbia.  

Here’s the chart of General Sales Tax (GST) for each state that is applied to the total value of your import:

Canadian State/Province GST
Alberta 5%
Nunavut 5%
Northwest Territories 5%
Yukon Territories 5%
Saskatchewan 11%
British Columbia 12%
Ontario 13%
Manitoba 13%
Quebec 14.975%
New Brunswick 15%
Nova Scotia 15%
Prince Edward Island 15%
Newfoundland and Labrador 15%

Import Regulations and Restrictions in Canada

On the one hand, the Canadian government appears fair with the taxes. On the other hand, the authorities have strict policies on importing products into Canada.

So, here are a few names of restricted and prohibited goods to import in Canada. Contrarily, you can also check out the complete list on the website of CBSA.

Special Permits on Restricted Items to Import in Canada

It would help if you had a special permit for importing the following products from China to Canada:

List of Products with their Customs Duties

Here’s the list of 20 products along with their customs duties and tariff numbers.

Here’s the list of 20 products along with their customs duties.

Products Customs Duty Tariff Number
Video game consoles Free 95.04
Exercise equipment Free 9506.91.00
Ice skates Free 9506.70.11
Shawls/Scarves/Mufflers Free 62.14
Candles – Birthday/Christmas 5.5% 3406.00.10
Perfumes 6.5% 3303.00.00
Ballpoint pens 7% 9608.10.00
Makeup/Artist brushes 7% 9603.30.10
Artificial Jewelry 8% 71.17
Wheeled toys for children 8% 9503.00.10
Leather wallets and pouches 8% 4202.32.10
Handkerchief 9% 6213.20.00
Leather handbags 10% 4202.21.00
Jackets and Overcoats 10% 4303.10.90
Leather garments with furs 14% 4303.10.20
Cleaning Mops 15.5% 9603.90.20
Gloves 15.5% 4303.10.10
Ties/Cravats/Bow Ties (cotton) 18% 6215.90.00
Women dresses 18% 61.04
Men suits 18% 61.03
Products Customs Duty
Video game consoles Free
Exercise equipment Free
Ice skates Free
Shawls/Scarves/Mufflers Free
Candles  5.5%
Perfumes 6.5%
Ballpoint pens 7%
Makeup/Artist brushes 7%
Artificial Jewelry 8%
Wheeled toys 8%
Leather wallets  8%
Handkerchief 9%
Leather handbags 10%
Jackets and Overcoats 10%
Leather garments 14%
Cleaning Mops 15.5%
Gloves 15.5%
Ties/Cravats/Bow Ties 18%
Women dresses 18%
Men suits 18%

How to Calculate Customs Duty When Importing from China

You can calculate Canadian customs duty by yourself. All you need is the customs duty on the product you’re importing and the GST applicable in your province. Let’s understand the calculations with an example.

Suppose you are importing birthday candles worth 1,000 CAD from China to Alberta, Canada. Here’s how you calculate the duty using this simple formula:

In our case, we can get the following values:

  • Value of Goods = 1,000 CAD
  • Duty on the Product = 1,000 x 5.5% = 55 CAD
  • GST = (Value of Goods + Duty on the Product) x 5% = 1,055 × 5% = 52.75 CAD