In typical dropshipping, products are shipped directly from the manufacturer to the customer. Sometimes, the packages contain invoices and may reveal unwanted information to your customers. So blind dropshipping is a good idea to keep your supplier anonymous. Then you should know:

What is blind dropshipping?

Blind dropshipping is a method where orders are shipped directly from the manufacturer to the customer only with the information about your address, name, or contact information. It doesn’t reveal any information about your supplier. And the inside doesn’t include any promotional material (coupons, QR codes, stickers) or invoices from your suppliers.

The purpose of blind dropshipping is to ensure that your customers do not directly contact your suppliers to place orders, thereby reducing your profits. It is also to avoid your customers realizing that the person they have been contacting and the real supplier are different. It may confuse or even anger them, leading to disputes or complaints. Additionally, this method can also keep your supplier information confidential from your competitors.

What is double-blind dropshipping?

Double-blind dropshipping is an advanced variation of the dropshipping business model. It means the customer and the supplier are unaware of each other’s identities. In this method, an intermediary, often a 3PL company, is involved in arranging shipping.

It provides more anonymity and security to the supply chain. This helps not only avoid customers from placing orders directly with suppliers, but also prevents suppliers from stealing customer information and competing with you for market share.

How to start blind dropshipping

Blind dropshipping is similar to regular dropshipping. It involves selecting a profitable product, finding a trustworthy supplier, creating an online store, accepting orders, and arranging shipping. The main difference is that instead of using the supplier’s information, you need to replace it with your own name and address.

If you choose to let the supplier handle the packaging, you should clearly communicate this when contacting them on the dropshipping platform.

For example, if you’re doing blind dropshipping on Aliexpress, you can directly ask the supplier if they can provide this service. Once confirmed, you can also add a note during the checkout process, such as “Please do not include an invoice or any marketing materials with this order and kindly blind dropship this item.” It can ensure the supplier doesn’t overlook your request.

Some people may wonder if blind dropshipping costs more than regular dropshipping. In reality, it depends on the suppliers and services you require. Some suppliers may offer this additional service for free, while others may charge a bit extra.

Another option is to use a 3rd party shipping company. You can explain your specific packaging and labeling requirements, and they would assist you in handling the goods more flexibly.

Jingsourcing achieves your blind dropshipping success

As a leading sourcing company in China, Jingsourcing has helped 4000+ clients source and customize products from China. And we also can help dropship worldwide. From the technical aspect, whether your store is set up like on Shopify or eBay, our dedicated IT team can seamlessly integrate your store with our system and provide comprehensive technical support. Meanwhile, we can assist you in the following aspects.

Competitive product price

If you find dropshipping suppliers on websites like Aliexpress, many work with wholesalers. But we specialize in finding and sourcing directly from factories. We have a rich factory database and they are experienced in different product categories. We have cooperated for many years and keep a good relationship with them. So if you ask us for dropshipping, we can help you get a good factory price directly from them.

More customization flexibility

Besides dropshipping ready-made products, we also excel in customizing and manufacturing new products. We can assist you in product development, and packaging customization. You can directly give us your design pictures or let our professional designers help. We will complete it fully according to your requirements. And we will ship the sample to you for check. If you are unsatisfied, we can keep modifying until the final is confirmed.

Product inspection and packaging

After you have ordered, we will follow up on the production and collect the products in our warehouse. We can help conduct the product inspection. Besides the normal inspection provided by the 3rd party inspection companies, we offer more flexible quality check solutions. We will focus on what you are most concerned about, and take photos or videos during the process. You can decide if the defects are acceptable or not.

In addition, if you want to repackage your products to sell, it is also OK.

Lower logistics and fulfillment costs

Unlike typical dropshipping companies, we prioritize sourcing as our main profit source and don’t have profit expectations on logistics. Dropshipping is simply a convenient logistics solution we provide to our clients. We have many long-term cooperative freight forwarders and provide flexible shipping solutions to your customers’ doors.

Scale your dropshipping business effortlessly with Jingsourcing

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