While the fashion industry brings something new every day, some products are always in demand, no matter what. One of the best examples is the men and women’s scarf. Since this product homes many hearts, many scarf wholesalers in the entire world help you provide scarves in your required quantity. So if you’re looking for some best scarf dealers online, here are a few wholesalers from UK, Australia, the US, and China.

Note: I have collected the following information related to scarf wholesalers for your ease. By no means, I guarantee their products or vouch for them. Therefore I would suggest you contact them to gain all your required details.

Scarf Wholesalers in the UK

1. Powder

Powder (Google)

So far, Powder has the most extensive scarf range on the entire list. The company is famous in the local and international market for its women’s scarves. From animal prints to floral designs, you can order anything in bulk from them.

This brand also offers checkered and sandy patterns for admirers. And if you’re looking for silk scarf wholesalers, then you should know that Powder mostly deals in high-quality silk and satin head and neck scarves.

2. Scarf Room

Scarf Room

Scarf Room is an online women’s pashminas and scarves brand from the UK. Apart from being a retailer, the company also supplies scarves in large quantities all over the world.

It includes fringed scarves, blanket scarves, silk scarves, colorful scarves, and animal print scarves. Still, Scarf Room’s “Made-in-Italy” scarves are popular from the rest of its products.

3. My Pashmina

My Pashmina

My Pashmina has different clothing accessories for both men and women, but, as the name explains, this company is famous for supplying scarves in great quantity. Its Pashmina scarves are already supplied to several boutiques in the UK and other parts of the world.

Although you can only find limited colors and designs, this company claims to provide 100% quality products to its customers.

4. Jewellery World

Jewellery World

Jewellery World is a UK-based wholesaler that deals in various wholesale products related to men’s and women’s accessories. However, when it comes to scarves, this wholesaler offers a wide range of designs and colors.

As far as it appears from this wholesaler’s website, it mostly focuses on supplying ladies’ scarves, including animal prints, loop and snood scarves, evening scarves, velvet scarves, multi-way scarves, winter scarves, and silk and chiffon scarves. In comparison, the men’s scarves are limited in stock.

5. SSP Hats & Accessories

SSP Hats & Accessories (Google)

Next in line is another wholesaler from the United Kingdom called SSP Hats & Accessories. Although the company is known for producing men and women hats, it also wholesales men, women, and even children’s scarves.

SSP Hats & Accessories seems to have more designs in women’s scarves as compared to men. But, it offers colorful prints in check style.

6. Luxe Wholesale

Luxe Wholesale

Luxe Wholesale is a prominent scarf wholesaler in Manchester with a comprehensive collection of fashionable and high-quality scarves, bags, and hats. The company imports, as well as manufactures its own designs, and has an extensive product portfolio.

It offers unique prints, such as “Artistic Oil Painting” and “Large Feather Ring.” On the other hand, Luxe Wholesale also includes checks, stripes, and patterned scarves for women.

7. Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind or POM is another UK wholesaler and designer of hand-made scarves, bags, and jewelry. The company keeps an extensive range of scarves with designs available in cotton, silk, and wool.

POM mainly targets small and medium retailers.  However, this company’s website is not accessible easily. You have to make a free retailer account if you desire to see the products.

8. Acess


Acess claims to be the leading wholesaler for ladies’ handbags, purses, fashion accessories, and scarves. This company includes good-quality scarves specially designed for the autumn and winter seasons.

Acess offers colorful and plain scarves along with oil painting prints. However, the variety is comparatively low in the scarves category. But the brand promises uncompromising behavior towards the quality.

9. Creaote


Creaote aims to empower small and medium-sized businesses by offering wholesale services in different products. According to this company, it includes more than 10,000 products along with 2,000+ brands and deals in above 100 categories.

Nevertheless, by unearthing its “women scarf category,” it is seen that they do offer scarves in diversity, including wholesale headscarves. Where its linen scarves, blanket scarves, and ringlet scarves are a few products to mention, Creaote’s “Hand Embroidered Silk Kantha Scarf” and “Amber Head Scarf” seem more in demand.

10. J5Fashion


J5Fashion is a complete online and in-store scarf wholesaler in Manchester with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. The company also wholesales different fashion accessories and claims to be the supplier of some of the world’s leading brands, such as ASOS and Boohoo.

If talking specifically about scarves, J5Fashion only offers headscarves, knitted scarves, and reversible scarves for women, which are also in limited colors and designs.

11. Zuppe


Zuppe is a wholesaler from the UK, and it supplies women’s clothing and fashion accessories. Although this wholesaler has a trendy website, there’s an insufficient collection in the scarves category.

So if you’re looking for print scarves, trim scarves, or cashmere scarves within a limited design range, then this wholesaler may interest you. Nevertheless, you are required to sign up on Zuppe’s website to see the product price.

12. Inca


Inca is a big company that offers top-notch fashion products, including scarves, to European countries.

The firm is specialized in supplying vegan silk scarves for women, primarily available in plain colors, geometrical prints, animal prints, and polka dots. Inca also wholesales children’s scarves, designed in animal characters, like sharks, dogs, and cats.

13. Wordans (UK)


Wordans (UK) is a global brand with a presence in the United Kingdom to cover the European market. The company offers individual and wholesale products at an inexpensive cost. One of the reasons why Wordans (UK) is popular is its wholesale scarves and accessories for men, women, and unisex.

For example, it has a wide range of scarves, including designs like cheche scarves, check scarves, knitted scarves, embossed mesh scarves, and twisted pattern scarves. Nevertheless, Wordans (UK) has more variety in men’s scarves.  

14. Wholesale Shopping

Wholesale Shopping

Wholesale Shopping is an online platform from Manchester, United Kingdom. It is one of the most renowned scarf wholesalers in Manchester that offers attractive and modern prints.

Wholesale Shopping’s “Tropical Leaf Print,” “Snake Print,” and “Zebra Stripes” are some of the renowned women’s scarves. Besides, you can also take a look at other printed scarves, like the “Monogram Leopard Silk Scarf,” “Border Print Scarves,” “Multi Diagonal Stripes Scarves,” and many more.

15. Biddle Sawyer Silks

Biddle Sawyer Silks

Last but not least, the Biddle Sawyer Silks is a British company based in Manchester that manufactures several silk-based products.

This company is also prominent in manufacturing customized scarves for women. You can choose a print or give them your desired design and have your order ready in bulk.

Scarf Wholesalers in Australia

1. Scarves Australia

Scarves Australia

Scarves Australia welcomes wholesale orders by small and medium corporations. Since the company plays in a single niche, you can find many scarf designs according to your needs. For instance, there’s a whole section dedicated to luxury scarves.

Similarly, you can check out the wholesale fashion scarves and animal print scarves categories. Likewise, Scarves Australia also offers silk scarves and floral scarves to fulfill your customer demand. So, if you don’t know where to buy silk scarves in Australia, you’ve got one of the answers.

2. The Scarf Company

The Scarf Company

The Scarf Company is an Australian online fashion company that targets women buyers. Even though it has many products to offer for wholesale purposes, you can browse its scarves collection, made with several textile techniques, including embellishment, weaving, and printing.

Some of its notable scarves include knit scarves, wool scarves, chunky scarves, and cashmere scarves.

3. LaVida Trading

LaVida Trading

LaVida Trading includes a wide range of wholesale clothing, including vests, kaftans, and scarves. However, when it comes to scarves, you can order different colors, fabrics, and designs. On the other hand, this company also offers different types of other products in numerous categories.

A few of LaVida’s popular scarf designs are “Pastel Floral,” “Paisley Mix,” and “Vintage Flowers.” And you are always free to look at the entire collection by visiting the official website. 

4. Wordans (Australia)

Wordans (Australia)

Wordans (Australia) is a part of Wordans (UK), but it only covers the Australian market by providing branded scarves for a wholesale reason. Although the products are similar to its UK branch, there’s still a price difference.

So if you’re willing to import scarves from Australia, then Wordans (Australia) could be an option. But this company has a limited variety of men’s and women’s scarves.

5. JAS Fashion

JAS Fashion

JAS Fashion is a wholesaler from Australia and deals in a variety of products, including scarves. But due to its selective range, this company usually focuses on importers with a demand for headscarves turbans for women. Additionally, you can also wholesale scarves in bulk order if you want fancy children scarves.

JAS Fashion has good quality wholesale head scarves in floral prints. Contrarily, you can also find evening chiffon scarves and full-head scarves (head wraps) in different colors.

6. Avene


Avenel is an Australian company that is known for manufacturing hats since 1966. But to grow further, the company decided to offer scarves for the winter season.

So if you explore Avenel’s women’s winter collection, you can see a dedicated category for scarves, which are popular in most western countries. Its “Cable Knit Acrylic Scarves” and “Layla Pull Through Scarves” are much appreciated.

7. Bits of Australia


Bits of Australia is engaged in the wholesale business for multiple fashion products to businesses and individuals. The company also keeps a broad product line of scarves in different styles, designs, colors, and prints.

In the same way, you can also find plain scarves to wear every day. For instance, there’s a “Botanicals Square Scarf” that goes with casual women’s clothing. However, the majority of its other popular women’s scarves are made with cotton, such as the “Thylacine Organic Cotton Scarf,” “Magpie Organic Cotton Scarf,” and “Summer Garden Organic Cotton Scarf.”

8. Kraftkolour


While Kraftkolour supplies fabric printers, weavers, knitters, and other textile manufacturing products from Australia to the rest of the world, it also wholesales a vast range of scarves, mostly made in India. But this company doesn’t have colorful stock.

So if you’re searching for different designs and prints, then Kraftkolour may not satisfy your demands. But if you want white linen, wool, and cotton scarves for women, you can consider this firm as a wholesaler.

9. Lumbi


Lumbi manufactures several products, like pencil cases, bags, t-shirts, and many more. But its silk scarves have been in the limelight.

This company uses 100% original silk and offers double-side printed scarves. However, all its scarves are ideal for casual wear, as the prints are pretty artistic. For example, many of its scarves have a Sydney map printed over them.

10. Creswick


Creswick comes with different wholesaling products for the buyers. If talking particularly about scarves, this company works on four different fabrics – wool, silk, linen, and cashmere.

Wool scarves are limited in designs and available in ribbed patterns and plain colors, whereas Creswick’s silk scarves are colorful and come in floral and geometrical prints. Its linen scarves are embroidered, and cashmere scarves are simple in looks.

Scarf Wholesalers in the USA

1. Wholesale Scarves USA

Wholesale Scarves USA

Wholesale Scarves USA appears to hold one of the largest collections of scarves in the US region. This company claims to supply 1,000+ styles of finest quality cashmere feel checkered scarves, print scarves, wool scarves, and woven scarves to various distributors and retailers.

And depending on your quantity, Wholesale Scarves USA also offers discounts and free delivery if you’re ordering the products in the US.

2. NY Wholesale Scarve

NY Wholesale Scarves

NY Wholesale Scarves supplies men and women scarves. This company has six different scarf categories with distinct prints and fabrics.

Above all, NY Wholesale scarves are best known for delivering infinity scarves, burnout scarves, square scarves, and embroidery silk scarves. You can place your order, but it has to be at least $100 in worth.

3. Scafo

Scafos (Google)

Scafos is a renowned manufacturer and wholesaler of scarves in the US. While this supplier includes modern and trendy designs, it also gives you the option to have tailor-made scarves in bulk quantity. The company targets B2B customers and offers them products at a special discounted price.

So if you have any specific demand in terms of color, design, or fabric, you can have Scafos manufacture and supply customized scarves to you.

4. US Wholesale Scarves

US Wholesale Scarves (Google)

US Wholesale Scarves supplies soft and smooth scarves and pashminas. This company offers scarves in a variety of colors. However, there’s no proper range of designs like other scarf wholesalers in the USA.

Also, the information is insufficient, and you may require to contact this company even to get the complete product range.

5. BensWholesale

BensWholesale (Google)

BensWholesale is another wholesaler from the USA that has a good range of women’s scarves. The cool thing about this company is that each scarf category is quite clear, which ultimately saves your time.

So, for example, if you’re looking for infinity scarves, square scarves, neck scarves, oblong or silky oblong scarves, you can check out BensWholesale’s “Spring & Summer” collection. In the same way, if you want to purchase lightweight scarves, fur scarves, or square blanket scarves, you can survey its “Fall & Winter” collection.

6. Dynamic Asia

Dynamic Asia

Dynamic Asia also includes a winter and summer collection of scarves. The company supplies silk and cashmere scarves along with plaid scarves. Some of its scarves are made designed for casual wear, while the rest can serve all purposes.

So if you think your target market demands multi-purpose scarves, then Dynamic Asia could be your scarf wholesaler.

7. Royal Apparel

Royal Apparel

Royal Apparel is a US-based scarf manufacturer and wholesaler that offers wide-ranging inventory to retailers. Currently, this company has included five attractive “Infinity Scarf” styles available in different color options.

Moreover, Royal Apparel uses eco-friendly fabrics, such as 100% organic cotton, hemp, tri-blend (cotton, polyester, and rayon), and bamboo blend to make men, women, and unisex scarves.

8. The Magic Scarf Company


Magic Scarf comes with various options when it comes to scarf styles and fabrics. But its infinity scarves are much popular than the rest of the designs.

The company also offers printed scarves, as well as metallic scarves with jewelry. Likewise, The Magic Scarf Company’s “Glitter Double Infinity Scarves” are also famous and goes with all kinds of clothes.

9. The Silk Tie Factory

The Silk Tie Factory

The Silk Tie Factory manufactures and supplies scarves made with pure silk and wool. Although they mostly offer printed women and unisex scarves, the designs are different – showcasing modern and traditional styles.

One of its famous scarves is the “Flag Scarf” that has a US flag printed over it, but there’s even more in the store, such as “Picasso Scarf,” “Irish Scarf,” “NBA Scarf,” and many more.

10. Hana


Many retailers prefer Hana to get a variety of scarves. This company supplies high-quality scarves in different styles, but it only targets women customers. So if you have a similar target audience, you can order scarves in bulk.

Hana offers infinity scarves, infinity tassel scarves, shawl scarves, multi-plaid oblong scarves, woven scarves, and many more. And all of these scarf styles are available in different colors, designs, and prints.

Scarf Wholesalers in China

1. Suzhou Jiechen Embroidery Handicraft Factory

Suzhou Jiechen Embroidery Handicraft Factory

With more than 15 years, the Suzhou Jiechen Embroidery Handicraft Factory delivers customized printed scarves to all its customers.

It produces and wholesale cashmere scarves, wool scarves, linen scarves, cotton scarves, and polyester scarves. Besides, all the scarf styles are available in different colors and prints, and you can even request them to create your own exclusive scarf designs.

2. Suzhou Guoyun Silk Factory

Suzhou Guoyun Silk Factory

Suzhou Guoyun Silk Factory is a manufacturer and scarf wholesaler in China that includes attractive scarf designs, styles, and prints made with 100% silk. The company also provides satin scarves with double-side prints, and you can also buy orders in fewer quantities.

Contrarily, suppose you’re looking for customized scarves in other fabrics, like cotton, wool, cashmere, or polyester. In that case, you can contact the Suzhou Guoyun Silk Factory and place your order without much hassle.

3. Jiaxing Zhichen Trading Co.

Jiaxing Zhichen Trading Co.

Jiaxing Zhichen Trading Co. is specialized in women’s headscarves. The company also facilitates you with ODM and OEM services to have your own style and prints. Besides the western scarf styles, this company even makes and supplies hijab scarves, which can help your business to capture the eastern market.

Jiaxing Zhichen Trading Co. also includes turban and African-style scarves available in different colors and designs.

4. Hangzhou Yucanhang Textile

Hangzhou Yucanhang Textile

The Hangzhou Yucanhang Textile has a large variety of fashion accessories, including men and women scarves, ready for supply.

The company manufactures good quality and unique scarves available in wool and cotton fabrics. Some of its prime designs are printed fringe scarves, acrylic scarves, and flower printed scarves. 

5. Nanjing Fortree Group Co., Ltd

Nanjing Fortree Group Co., Ltd

Nanjing Fortree is a Chinese manufacturer and wholesaler of scarves and other men and women accessories. This company focuses on producing and supplying solid color scarves made with cotton.

The firm is also known for wholesaling printed hijab scarves, also commonly called “Muslim Scarves,” and neck scarves and shawl scarves.

6. Jingsourcing

Logo of Jingsourcing

Based in Yiwu China, the world’s greatest small commodities wholesale market, Jingsourcing has made its way to become the leading sourcing company in China.  And scarves are among the most welcomed types of products sourced by them.

With Jingsourcing’s help, you can easily customize and wholesale scarves from China at competitive bulk purchase prices.

Final Thoughts

When importing any products from China or finding scarf wholesalers, we are always happy to assist and help you get your orders with ease.

Furthermore, we also offer our quality assurance services and factory auditing, and supplier contracting services. Jingsourcing always has your back, and we are just a click away from simplifying your product sourcing problems.