The toy business has been global for decades due to continuous demand. There have been numerous national and international toy brands involved in manufacturing and delivering toys across the borders.

However, not all of them can be trusted when it comes to reliability. And while a happy customer is your business’s main accomplishment, it becomes quite challenging to find high-quality toy brands if you’re unaware of them.

Therefore, instead of compromising and handing over your firm’s reputation to ordinary names, it is wise to choose popular toy brands to assure customer satisfaction.

Here are some best toy brands from the United States, Europe, India, and China, which could help you satisfy your new and existing customers’ requirements.

1 US Hot Wheels 17 US American Plastic Toys
2 US Hasbro 18 EU LEGO
3 US Fisher-Price 19 EU Steiff
4 US Mattel 20 EU Moulin Roty
5 US Kids2 21 EU Janod
6 US Manhattan Toy 22 EU Djeco
7 US Little Tikes 23 EU Vilac Toys
8 US Step2 24 EU Playmobil
9 US Green Toys 25 IN Funskool
10 US Crayola 26 IN Zephyr Toys
11 US K'NEX 27 IN Brainsmith
12 US Vermont Teddy Bear 28 IN Smartivity
13 US Uncle Goose 29 CN Gigo Toys
14 US Maple Landmark 30 CN Top Bright
15 US Spooner Boards 31 CN Classic World Toys
16 US Wikki Stix 32 CN Auldey

Toy Brands in the United States

1. Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels is known for manufacturing toy cars since 1968. The brand is managed by Mattle, Inc, a US-based multinational production company established in 1945. With more than 50 years of experience in providing top-notch toy cars, Hot Wheels has gained licenses from several automobile manufacturers to design look-a-like miniature car models for their customers.

And because of producing realistic car toys, the company’s target audience has expanded its boundaries to not only kids but even adult car lovers, who admire growing their collection. Moreover, the products are available in the economical price range.

2. Hasbro


Hasbro Incorporation is an American multinational organization that is known for manufacturing kids’ toys. Although the company came into existence in 1923, the first-ever toy brand it produced was “Mr. Potato Head” in 1952.

Presently, the company has around 1500 toy brands, including ‘Power Rangers,’ ‘Star Wars,’ and ‘Disney Princess.’ Likewise, it has been a leading manufacturer of board games, such as Monopoly.

Despite numerous categories, Hasbro’s principal toys are action figures, dolls, and electronic toys with different prices that serve toddlers, teens, and even customers above 18.

3. Fisher-Price


Since 1930, Fisher-Price is serving the juvenile segment by offering educational toys for kids. Headquartered in New York, United States, the company makes its marks in the American toy industry as one of the renowned toy producers, which has manufactured more than 5000 toys from the time of its origin.

Some of its notable brands include “Power Wheels,” “Chatter Telephone,” and “Dora the Explorer.” However, there are numerous other toys available for children, starting from newborns to 5+ years, at fair prices

4. Mattel


When it comes to US-made best toy brands, no list is complete without mentioning Mattel. Mattle, Inc. is an American-global toy-producing organization established in 1945. Although it’s a parent company of several brands, like “Hot Wheels,” it owns a wide range of products, such as “Barbie the Doll.”

Moreover, the firm has multiple featured brands, including “Star Wars (Yoda character),” “WWE,” and “Thomas and Friends.” Mattel is specialized in producing dolls and action figures, targeting kids between the ages of 0 to 18 years.

Plus, the toys are available at different prices, but quite affordable.

5. Kids2


Despite numerous toy brands in America, Kids2 appears to be taking over the toddlers market. Also known as the “Kids II,” this brand claims to help new parents build a bright future for their infants. That is why the company has a robust toy brand portfolio that surely provides entertainment for the young ones.

For instance, one of Kids2’s famous toy brands is “Baby Einstein,” which includes a wide range of multimedia products, such as flashcards, baby gear, and of course, toys.

In the same way, there are other products, like “Ingenuity” and “Bright Starts,” that come with fancy walkers and musical sleepers. However, due to high quality, you can expect the prices to be accordingly.

6. Manhattan Toy Company

Manhattan Toy Company

It all begins in the year 1978, when Francis Goldwyn made the first soft toy product, “Dinosaur,” and introduced it in the New York market. Bringing forward the founders’ dream, today, the Manhattan Toy Company manufactures different toys for children aging between 0 months to 5 years.

The product line is vast; the evergreen toy products include the “Playground Adventure,” “Musical Lili Llama,” and “Playdate Friends Freddie.” Indeed, the pricing may look different, depending on the toy category, but they seem to be affordable.

7. Little Tikes

Little Tikes

Little Tikes is another US-based kid’s toy manufacturer with headquarters in Ohio.  The company offers many different toy products for children starting from 0 to 4+ years on reasonable pricing.

By exploring the Little Tikes product line, you can find five distinct categories out of which four are focused on toys, namely “Active Play,” “Ride-Ons & Wagons,” “Baby Toys,” and “Pre-school Toys” .

Furthermore, the firm also offers “Baby Furniture,” like fancy kids’ beds and many more.

8. Step2


If talking about the largest preschool and toddler toys in America, you can’t just avoid Step2 from the list. The company has a strong belief in promoting education in the young generation. That is why its toys are marketed towards school-going children.

And to ensure the right supply and demand, most Step2 employs are parents and grandparents, who are helping this organization to produce correct toys as per the children’s requirements at good prices.

With more than ten toy categories and hundreds of brands in them, Step2’s renowned toy products include “Springtime Wheelbarrow,” “Deluxe Workshop,” and “Fantasy Vanity.”

9. Green Toys

Green Toys

Green Toys is an American-kids toy brand that claims to manufacture toys by recycling plastic jugs. The conversion is 100% environmental-friendly and safe for the children. And because these are organic toys, customers feel free to get them around the toddlers and kids up to 3 years.

Additionally, the pricing is catchy and light on the budget. A few demanding Green Toys products include “Airplane and Board Book,” “Rescue Boat,” and “Trucks.” The company even offers bath and outdoor toys for little angels.

10. Crayola


Crayola LLC, established in 1885 under the name of “Binney & Smith Company,” positions itself as a children’s toys brand with a specialty in colors. It is known for producing crayons combined with toys to make things sensational for young consumers.

But apart from delivering crayons, Crayola also offers complete playsets by the name of “Scribble Scrubbie Pets.”

Likewise, all the sets offer various crayons and pet-faced toy figures that you can add to the cart or order in bulk without paying high prices.

11. K'NEX


If you’re looking for some low-priced construction toys, then K’NEX might satisfy your demand. For instance, K’NEX’s popular toy, “Dragon Revenge Coaster,” gives a free hand to kids to create an amazing roller-coaster by joining the pieces together. And the fun part is, children can let the dragon character ride it with just a little push.

Similarly, there are “Pac Man” roller-coaster sets and many more.  However, K’NEX toys are meant to entertain kids between 10 to 15+ years old. Presently, the brand is purchased by “Basic Fun,” but the products are still marketed by the original name “K’NEX.”

12. Vermont Teddy Bear

Vermont Teddy Bear

Specialized in producing teddy bears, this Vermont Teddy Bear Company is one of the largest teddy bear sellers in the USA. With more than 500,000 units manufactured each year, the brand is popular for delivering handmade teddies worldwide.

While you can order teddy bears for each occasion, such as the “Graduation Bear” that wears a black gown, and “Hoodie-Footie Bear” under a pink hood, some of its best-seller products include “Get Well Bear,” “Mermaid Bear,” and “Baby Boy/Baby Girl Bear.”

And the items are pricey because the products are hand-crafted.

13. Uncle Goose

Uncle Goose

If you think your target audience is toddlers or little kids, who are more into classic toys, Uncle Goose toys might help you serve your desired segment. This toy brand offers wooden block toys made with non-toxic and harmless ink. Moreover, all the products are 100% US-manufactured and budget-friendly.

The most demanding Uncle Goose toys are “Cubelings” and “Classic Blocks.” Furthermore, if you go for the “Uncle Goose Language Collection,” you can find different languages written on the wooden blocks, including Arabic, Danish, Chinese, and many more. 

14. Maple Landmark

Maple Landmark

Maple Landmark is an American eco-friendly kid’s toys brand that deals in games and educational wooden toys since 1979. It offers products from one-month-old babies to 8+ years children at a different price range.

Although the company has multiple toy categories, some of its award-winning products are from the “Lift & Learn” series, such as “Deep Water Puzzle” and “US Map Puzzle.” Also, Maple Landmark’s “Stack Like An Egyptian” building blocks have won the Seal of Approval from the National Parenting Center in 2020.

15. Spooner Boards

Spooner Boards

Spooner Boards is a US-based toy brand that only focuses on manufacturing prototype hoverboards for young surfers who seek learning balance from an early age. That is why the brand has a high demand among children aging between 6 and 15.

Its “Freestyle Balance Board” and “Spinflyer” are the two most important products that have been the company’s star products for the past few years. Besides, all goods are also economical, challenging, and fun.

16. Wikki Stix

Wikki Stix

Sticky and easily bendable, Wikki Stix is categorized in molding toys for kids manufactured using non-toxic wax and knitting yarn. It’s a purely American brand that promotes art and creativity in youth. The ingredients help these sticks shape into anything as per children’s imaginations and increases their skills.

Wikki Stix’s products include a wide range of activity kits in different themes. The company also allows you to shop for other educational and office-related products, but “Wikki Stix” is the company’s main brand that can be purchased at reasonable rates.

17. American Plastic Toys

American Plastic Toys

American Plastic Toys has vast experience in manufacturing ‘safe toys’ for children since 1962. Each toy goes through several testing phases and finally gets approved by the FDA to ensure safety standards. The company offers more than 125 kids’ toys ranging from doll toys to role-play and kitchen sets, available at different prices.

But a few products, such as the “Fashion Doll Beach Cruiser,” “Fashion Doll Set,” “Dollhouse,” and “Doll Cozy Cottage,” appear to have a high demand. Even though there are some other products like the “Quad Rider” and “School Bus Ride-On” that attract the “boyish” segment, American Plastic Toys is more focused on creating “girlish” toys for consumers up to 5+ years old.

Toy Brands in Europe



LEGO is a Danish toy manufacturing company founded in 1932. After its inception, the company explored new geographical locations to prove its mettle, and soon, LEGO attracted global customers. It’s a famous toy brand that manufactures interlocking plastic bricks that allow customers to show their creativity, such as the “LEGO Originals.”

On the other hand, some of the prominent themes it offers include ‘LEGO Super Mario,’ ‘LEGO Star Wars,’ ‘LEGO Batman,’ and ‘LEGO Spider-Man.’

LEGO toys are expensive but suit a wide age group starting from 1.5 to 18-years-old customers.

2. Steiff


In the world of stuffed toys, Steiff appears to be a prominent brand, operational since 1880. It is a German-based toy company known for producing excellent quality teddy bears. However, the first-ever toy sold by this company was a stuffed elephant.

Since then, Steiff’s main target audience has been kids and young children aging between 0 to 15-years-old. So if you’re looking for some baby toy brands, Steiff could be your option.

In contrast to its competitors, Steiff’s offers expensive toys. Some of its top-toy brands include ‘Starry Sea Star,’ ‘Trampili Elephant,’ and ‘Kristopher Labrador.’

3. Moulin Roty

Moulin Roty

Moulin Roty is a France-based kids’ toys brand founded in 1972. The company claims to utilize some of the finest and expensive materials and French fabrics to design its toys, but fortunately, the items are inexpensive.

Even though Moulin Roty offers several products for infants/newborns up to 4+ year kids, its stuffed toys, such as the “Tiny Albert the Sheep,” “Little Nini the Mouse,” and “Gabin the Koala,” appears to be satisfying for all.

4. Janod


Janod is a French brand known for manufacturing traditional toys from cardboard and wood since 1970. The company has expanded its product line from the year 2008 and introduced several best-seller products like “The Magnetic World Puzzle.”

Currently, the brand is also offering a whole new range of baby and toddler toys, like “Push and Pull Toys,” “Pyramids and Blocks,” “Music Toys,” and many more. But you can also look for Janod toys for kids ranging from 2 to 8+ years, which are available at accessible prices.

5. Djeco


Established in 1954 in Paris, France, Djeco is a salient brand that manufactures educational toys. Additionally, the brand is also centered on producing cardboard and wooden toys, jigsaws, and much more for infants, toddlers, and kids above 12-years.

There are more than five kids’ toys categories with 100+ products. “Pearls of Dew,” “Emile and Olive,” “Colomba and Ze Birdhouse,” and “Cubic House” are some well-liked toys by children. And most essentially, you can get these products at moderate pricing.

6. Vilac Toys

Vilac Toys

Vilac Toys is another French kid’s toys brand involved in manufacturing classic toys for newborns and children up to 2+ years. You can find outdoor toys, rocking toys, and ride-ons.

But its pull toys, like the “Island Bird” and “Rosy Cow,” are appealing for the crawling and walking babies. Nevertheless, the prices are kept a bit high compared to the material and cost used in making toys.

7. Playmobil


Playmobil comes in German’s top toy brands. It has been actively participating in manufacturing educational and construction toys but with colorful themes and action figures to make sure the fun time remains constant for a while. The toys are particularly steep and designed for kids from the ages of 4 to 12.

Playmobil is famous for its “Back to the Future” and “Dino Rise”-themed playsets. There’s an entire category dedicated to western films, where you can find action figures of the prominent cowboy, sheriff, and native Indian characters. Contrarily, the “Palace” playset is also very popular among kids.

Toy Brands in India

1. Funskool


Funskool is an Indian toy production company, established in 1987. Although the company acquires its personal brands, it also manufactures and takes care of the distribution channel of international toy brands, including Disney Warner Bros and Hasbro.

Funskool’s products are designed to attract kids aging between 0 and 14+. The majority of its toys are plastic-made and considered soft toy brands and non-toxic toy brands, including shape sorters, stacking rings, squeakers, and teethers.

Likewise, it also provides board games for young children, such as chess and draughts, snakes and ladders, Chinese checkers, and the traditional ludo, available at economical prices.

2. Zephyr Toys

Zephyr Toys

Zephyr Toys is another Indian toy manufacturer that marks existence since 1983. The company aims to develop learning habits in children through games, so it owns brands like Red Bus, Mechanix, and Blix to help kids learn engineering from an early age.

Moreover, Zephyr Toys includes a wide range of toy categories, such as doctor sets, board games, construction games, puzzles, and many more, suitable for kids and teens. Although the prices are high, Zephyr’s products are celebrated in the Indian market.

3. Brainsmith


Some of the creative toys can also be found at Brainsmith. Made with premium wood, you can source educational toys and percussion toys from this Indian manufacturer. This company has a specific market where they mostly target babies up to 2 years.

The “Shape Sorting Clock,” “Magnetic Fishing,” and “Super Transporter Lorry” are the popular toy brands among the kids. All goods are available at cut-rate, and the company claims them to be durable.

4. Smartivity


Smartivity is an Indian startup that has soon gained recognition in the native country and across the borders. As the name suggests, this brand offers wooden and plastic construction toys for children aged 3 to 8.

If you look closely at the products, you might find them a bit trickier and technical, but Smartivity is still in demand because its toys help kids to be creative.

And among different kids toys, Smartivity’s best-selling toys include the “Pinball Machine,” “Mechanical Hand,” “Microscope,” and “Hydraulic Crane.”

Toy Brands in China

1. Gigo Toys

Gigo Toys

Living in the tech era has changed the perspective of the toy industry. Currently, kids are more fascinated with robots and gadgets as compared to ordinary toys.

Gigo Toys in China has been working on contemporary customer behavior, and that’s why its main focus is on producing creative toys for entertainment and educational purpose.

This toy brand specifically manufactures average quality assembly bricks and technical bricks to help children showcase their creative side by joining the plastic blocks and shapes to create zoo tracks, cars, planes, and robots.

2. Top Bright

Top Bright

Top Bright is manufacturing kid’s educational toys in China for more than 30+ years. Some of its popular toy brands include ‘Puzzle and Learning,’ ‘Pretend Play,’ ‘Building Toys,’ ‘Family Games,’ and ‘Music Toys.’

However, Top Bright toys have limited variations in their categories, and most of its products are suitable for children around 5 to 14-years-old. Plus, the price range is comparatively a bit extra if you look around the other toy brands offering similar products.

3. Classic World Toys

Classic World Toys

Classic World Toys, also called the “Classic International Co. Ltd,” was founded in China in 1998, and it is best known for manufacturing baby toy brands for a maximum of 3-years-old kids. Presently, the company has major customers in Denmark, New Zealand, and Singapore.

Furthermore, the company is a multi-award winner for many of its products, including the “Learning Walker,” “Coco Truck,” “Tool Belt,” and “Multi-activity Cube.” You can also source Class World Toys at reasonable prices.



To some extent, it is safe to say that AULDEY is the China version of Disney. It owns tons of Chinese original intellectual properties, which include the famous “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf” and “Balala the Fairies”.

With all those phenomenon IPs, AULDEY produces and sells related toys that are more than popular among hundreds of millions of children and teenagers. And it has set thousands of sales centers and expanded its distribution network all over China

Final Words

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