Woodworking business is mostly idea-driven, the more creative your products are, the better they will sell. In this post, I’ll list 24 best-selling wood projects for sale or resale, you may find yourself some good woodworking business ideas here.

1. Mushroom-shaped wooden music box

Mushroom-shaped wooden music box 02

No one can say no to a gift as cute as this mushroom music box. It even has a magnetic feature to make the separable parts of the product stick tightly together. The wholesale price of this product is around $10, and private label and customization are both applicable.

2. Wooden message board

Wooden message board 02

This is a message board that can be of use in your home and office. It won’t take too many spaces because the size of it is even mini than it looks (about 8*8cm), which also means it can be easily shipped. For a product of this size, the wholesale price is no more than $2 usually.

3. Wooden lamp base for crystal balls

Wooden lamp base for crystal balls

A simple wooden light base that will make the crystal, glass, and acrylic pieces in your house shine like a whole new charming universe. Also, it will serve well as a night light with its 5V power supply. The wholesale price of this product is around $3.

4. Wooden calendar

Wooden calendar 02

This is a calendar that can be used every year with multiple application scenarios. It weighs in 350 kg and size in 20.5cm*9cm*12cm. This calendar is made of pine, and you can add your own logo to it. The wholesale price of this product is about $3.

5. Wooden vintage moon-shaped calendar

Wooden vintage moon-shaped calendar

Here is another genius piece of wooden calendars, and it is both decorative and practical. This calendar is made of maple by engraving. Normally, the wholesale price of this product will be around $4 to $7.

6. Portable mini wooden toothpick holder

Portable mini wooden toothpick holder 02

You may think this is lipstick, while actually, it is a mini toothpick holder. Of course, it can be used as a sew needles organizer too. Also, it’s very suitable for OEM, and you can add your own brand name or logo to this product. The wholesale price is normally no more than $2.

7. Wooden pet collar tag

Wooden pet collar tag

This is a product with much space to customize. You can decide the shape and size of your product and add your own logo to it. And if you buy this product in bulk, the shipping cost will also be relatively low. The wholesale price is no more than a few cents each.

8. Wooden wine glass charm

Wooden wine glass charm 02

Wooden wine glass charm is another cheap and customizable wood project. The wholesale cost is no more than $0.5 each.

9. Wooden folding book lamp

Wooden folding book lamp

This is a lightweight and portable lamp, and the folding feature makes it applicable in many scenarios – bedside, dining table, or bookshelf. The wholesale price of this product is normally ranged from $12 to $15, and you can resale it at price twice as much as that.

10. Wooden house-shaped storage cabinet

Wooden house-shaped storage cabinet 02

This is a wooden storage box shaped like a house – of course, you can change the shape in the way you like to make it more special, and you can add your logo to it too. The cost for bulk purchase of this product is about $5

11. Multifunctional cutting board

Multifunctional cutting board 02

Cutting boards are common wooden products. To earn your place in this product niche, you need an optimized version of a cutting board like this multifunctional one. The unit price for the bulk purchase of this product is about $15.

12. Decorative hexagon wooden shelf

Decorative hexagon wooden shelf 02

A set of hexagon wooden shelves can be a helpful decoration and storage solution for anyone’s house. It can be adjusted to many home decoration styles such as rustic, minimalist, or modern. Normally, purchase this product in bulk will cost about $3 to $5 for each.

13. Decorative boxwood lotus

Decorative boxwood lotus

These beautiful lotus flowers are crafted using boxwood, they can be used to decorate your houses or cars, and they can be carefully wrapped and sent out as gifts. The size of this flower is about 70*70*40mm, and the wholesale price is about $6.

14. Chinese vintage wooden cutout bookmark

Chinese vintage wooden cutout bookmark

I think a nice delicate bookmark can always improve one’s reading desire somehow. And bookmarks are small in size and very easy to customize – you can add your logo or design your own pattern and style freely.

15. Wooden assembled globe

Wooden assembled globe

This is a very carefully crafted piece of wood product that is assembled with many independent components. This wooden globe can be used as a children’s toy or home decoration. Depending on the models and the material used, the bulk purchase cost for this product will normally be ranged from $12 to $30 for each.

16. Wooden jointed doll

Wooden jointed doll 02

A set of wooden jointed dolls can be very convenient when you need to decorate your room. And you can also place your wearable pieces onto these little dolls. The bulk purchase price of this product can be down to $2 to $3.

17. Mini wooden bowling game

Mini wooden bowling game

This wooden desktop bowling toy is one of the best-selling products in Amazon’s toys & games category. No doubt an easy-to-set-up bowling game can add more fun moments to a family. This product is priced more than $12 on Amazon, while the bulk purchase price that we can get from wholesale markets of the same product is about $3 each. 

This product is also customizable, and you can add your own logo to it. If you decide to sell this product, it would be better to suggest adult supervision for the small parts in your product description.

18. Wooden humidifier & diffuser with LED light

This is a classic multifunctional wood product. You can use it as a humidifier, an aroma diffuser, or simply a LED light. It has a volume of 200ml and is designed to cover space up to 20 square meters. The bulk purchase cost for this product is about $9 each.

19. Punch free clothes hook

Punch free clothes hook

The greatest thing about this hook is that you don’t have to make any hole on your precious wall to use one. Since they are made of wood, they can be easily stuck to the wall without leaving any scratch. The unit cost for bulk purchase is about $2.

20. Wooden shelf message board

Wooden shelf message board

A message board like this one can be a very creative and useful gift. And you can make it a nice decoration in your house if you want. If you want to purchase this product in bulk, it will cost you about $5 to $10 for each.

21. Portable wooden cigarette case

2 Portable wooden cigarette case

A wooden cigarette case shaped just like the ordinary paper ones, only this one can make your cigarettes free of any possible impact that makes them out of shape. Also, the fragrance of wood may even linger around the cigarettes through time. And bulk purchase price for this product is about $6 to $10.

23. Pentagon wooden LED Light

Pentagon wooden LED Light

This pentagon wooden LED light can be a great match to many of the home decorations. With different positioning styles, it can be used in different application scenarios including your personal library, office, or living room. The bulk purchase cost for this product is about $10 to $15.

24. Wooden vintage wireless speaker

Wooden vintage wireless speaker 02

This is a mini Bluetooth that weighs 0.7kg. It is portable and it also supports TF card mode, under which mode you can play music with simply a TF card without connecting your phone to it. The bulk purchase cost for this product is about $10.

Trends of hot-selling wood products are evolving, but one thing that stays unchanged is that creativity always generates sales. If you manage to input your ideas into your wood projects, then you’ll probably get the chance to be ahead of other sellers in your product niche. By the way, small wood items are friendly to startups, as large-size wood products cost much to be shipped. 

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