If you are looking to start a business by selling or reselling small wood products or if you already have some experience in small woodworking projects and you want to learn about more woodworking money makers, this product list might give you some ideas and inspirations.

I’ll list the specific products and their approximate wholesale and retail price which can vary from the actual price because of order quantity, material type, customization, and other factors.

Wood, as a material, is healthier and more environment-friendly than many other materials in our daily life. So, daily used wooden products, of which the market is huge and the profit margin is steady, would be a good option to start a business with.

1.Wooden jewelry box

Wooden jewelry box

Alibaba/wholesale price: $5-$20

Amazon/retail price: $55-$75

Jewelry box is a very classic wood project, it’s highly customizable, which means you can make whatever customizations you want to your products to make them look more creative or premium. To buy wooden jewelry boxes directly from suppliers will normally cost you $5 to $20 for each, and the retail unit price for normal standard wooden jewelry boxes is around $30 to $70.

2.Wooden knife stand

wooden knife stand02

Alibaba: $5-15

Amazon: $25-50

Knife stands are essential kitchen equipment, and everyone who uses a kitchen will need one of those to properly place and store their knives. The size of this product is also suitable for shipping. The unit cost to buy this item in bulk will normally be around $5 to $15, while the unit retail price can be around $25 to $50.

3.Wooden disposable cup organizer

wooden disposable cup organizer02 (1)

Alibaba: $5-$10

Amazon: $15-$35

This is another commonly seen household utensil. People need all kinds of organizers to keep their house tidy and clean, and organizers made of wood will only make their house more environmental-friendly. The wholesale price of this product is about $2 to $10, and the retail price is about $15 to $35.

4.Wooden phone stand

Alibaba: $1-$3

Amazon: $10-$15

If your business is in the startup stage, small items like this wooden phone stand might get you on a roll. The purchase cost of this product is relatively low, meaning so are the risks. Every piece of $1 to $3 worth of product can be sold out at $10 or more.

5. Kitchen heat resistant wooden holder and mat

Kitchen heat resistant wooden holder and mat

Alibaba: $1-$3

Amazon: $10-$15

Useful kitchen utensils always find their way to wooden product shops and stores. A wooden heat-resistant mat can make one’s kitchen life much easier. This product is also easy to ship and easy to customize. You can design the pattern and the shape of your own wooden heat-resistant holder or mat. The wholesale price of this product is around $1 to $3, and the retail price is about $10 to $15.

6.Wall-mounted wooden shelve

Wall-mounted wooden shelve

Alibaba: $3-$10

Amazon: $20-$50

Wall-mounted wooden shelves are among the most useful wood product list. It is a very simple but practical product, which can be used in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen. Depending on the size and material, the wholesale price of this product is ranged from $3 to $10, while the retail price we can find on most of the online stores is ranged from $20 to $50.

7.Wooden bedside table


Alibaba: $10-$20

Amazon: $40-$60

Some small and handy furniture like vintage wooden bedside tables can also be easily profitable, they are practical, durable, and classical. The price range of this product is wide when taking the raw material, size, and style of the product into consideration. But normally a table that costs $10 to $20 dollar can be sold up to $50 or even $60 through retail channels.

8.Wooden cigar humidor

Wooden cigar humidor

Alibaba: $5-$10

Amazon: $25-$35

Most of the cigar humidors are made of wood, you can make a profitable seller by ensuring the functionality and durability of your product and make it looks as premium as possible. There are cigar boxes at all price levels, taking the basic type as an example, the unit wholesale cost will be ranged from $5 to $10, and the retail price will be ranged from $20 to $40.

9.Wooden picture frame

wooden picture frame02

Alibaba: $2-$5

Amazon: $10-$30

Wooden picture frames have large market demand, even though the competition could be relatively higher, it is still one of the most profitable wood products. The wholesale price of the basic kind of wooden picture frames is normally ranged from $2 to $10, while the retail price is ranged from $10 to $30.

If you want to make money fast, you can try to figure out what people are buying these days, and get those trendy wood products on your selling list.

1.Wooden rocking toy horse

Wooden rocking toy horse

Alibaba: $20-$50

Amazon: up to $150

Wooden toys are another popular product category. Compared with plastic and metal toys, wooden toys tend to be healthier and more harmless to children, which is also one of the main reasons why consumers are willing to pay for them.

Products like wooden rocking horses can be bought in bulk in wooden wholesale markets at prices of around $20 to $50, while the highest unit price of similar products that you can find on Amazon may be up to $100 or more.     

2.Wooden candle holder

wooden candle holder01

Alibaba: $3-$10

Amazon: $20-$30

Small and delicate wood projects like wooden candle holders could be a good option to start your business. They can be used in house decoration or be used as gifts. Being small in size means it can be shipped easily. The wholesale price of this product is about $3 to $10, while its retail price is about $20 to $30.

3. Wooden sofa arm tray

Wooden sofa arm tray


Alibaba: $3-$10

Amazon: $20-$40

Wooden sofa arm table is a very easy-to-customize product. You can customize the shape and the size of your product, add your own logo, and apply some of your own designs to improve the functionality, and also, it’s an easy-to-ship product. The wholesale price of this product is around $3 to $10, while the retail price is around $15 to $40.

4.Wooden toilet paper holder

Wooden toilet paper holder


Alibaba: $5-$10

Amazon: $15-$25

Toilet paper holders are in large market demand. Everyone can be your potential customer, you can try to build a best seller by designing your product to be attractive enough to people. A typical vintage wooden toilet paper holder normally has a wholesale price of around $5, if your design is distinct enough, you can sell them at a retail price up to $25.

5.Wooden book stand

Wooden book stand 02

Alibaba: $2-$8

Amazon: $15-$35

Wooden book stands are very easy to make and easy to ship, there are tons of suppliers n the wholesale market that you can choose to work with. Normally, the wholesale price of this wood product will be around $2 to $8, and the retail price will be around $15 to $35.

6.Portable Wooden cigar ashtray

Wooden book stand 02


Alibaba: $5-$25

Amazon: $35-$85

This small wood item would be another good option to start your business with. When I search for a wooden portable cigar ashtray, I found only several products on Amazon’s first search results page that match my keywords, which means the market is not that saturated, that is to say, the competition would be relatively low if you are selling in this product niche.

Through wholesale channels, the unit prices of the common types of this product are usually around $8 to $25, while the retail prices on online wood product stores are ranged from $40 to $85, so the profit margin of this product is also relatively high.

7.Wooden playing card holder

Wooden playing card holder

Alibaba: $2-$6

Amazon: $10-$20

Card games and other board games are becoming one of the major entertainments among people of all ages, especially during the worldwide quarantine time when no one would force himself out to look for other outdoor entertainments anymore.

Under this circumstance, market demand for products like playing card holders also meets its high point. A small wood product like this is rather simple to make and easy to ship.

Wholesale prices of wooden card holders in China are around $2 to $6, while it can be sold on Amazon at $15 or more, you can see the profit margin here is remarkable. This product could be a good choice to get your business up and running if you have some proper sales channels.

If you intend to push your business scale to a new level, try some of the creative wooden products. Sometimes, it only takes a good idea to get your product to the top-selling position of the market.

1. Spartan knife block

Spartan knife block

Alibaba: $3-$10

Amazon: $15-$35

Creative kitchen utensils, like this Spartan-shaped knife block, have become trendy recently. You can customize your product to be any shape that seems interesting to you, provided that you can keep it usable and practical.

For a 30cm high knife block like this Spartan-shaped one, the lowest wholesale prices provided by suppliers are usually ranged from $5 to $10, while the lowest retail prices we can find on online stores are ranged from $40 to $100.

2.Wooden wireless alarm clock

Wooden wireless alarm clock


Alibaba: $2-$10

Amazon: $20-$35

Wireless equipment has become a big trend in the consumer electronics market. A wireless clock can be useful in anyone’s house, and it would make it a more fashionable product if it is made of wood.

A product like this can be bought in bulk at a wholesale price of $2 to $10, while it can be sold on Amazon at a price around $30. You have to pay attention to the product safety and customs requirements when importing wooden wireless clocks since they are electronic and contain batteries.

3.Animal shaped wooden pencil holder

Animal shaped wooden pencil holder


Alibaba: $2-$10

Amazon: $12-$35

The reason why people like animal-shaped wooden pencil holders is that they can not only serve as a pencil holder but only be a nice craft to decorate your desk. You can put your own creative idea into this product and make it unique. The wholesale price of it is usually somewhere near $5, while the retail price can be up to $30.

4.Animal shaped wooden pencil holder

Animal shaped wooden pencil holder


Alibaba: $8-$15

Amazon: $25-$50

Same as animal-shaped pencil holders, these wooden lamps are not just lamps, they are also delightful decorations. This product is also customizable, you can choose to sell your own ideas, or you can sell the existing models in the market.

To wholesale creative wooden lamps, you normally have to pay $5 to $15 for each, but you can sell them at a retail unit price up to $50.

5.    Wooden rustic family signs wall decoration

Wooden rustic family signs wall decoration03


Alibaba: $5-$10

Amazon: $20-$35

Sometimes a simple idea can make a hot-selling product, especially when it comes to decorative wood crafts just like this simple wooden family sign with multiple application scenarios. Wholesale this sign will cost you about $5 to $10 for each, while the retail price is normally above $15.

6.Decorative wooden window frame with arrows

Decorative wooden window frame with arrows

Alibaba: $5-$15

Amazon: $25-$35

You can customize the decorative arrows into any shape you like to make your product distinct from other similar products in the market. The wholesale price is around $10 for each set, and the retail price is normally above $20.

7.Creative business card holder

Creative business card holder


Alibaba: $5-$10

Amazon: $15-$25

This product is also small in size, easy to customize, and easy to ship. The wholesale price of this product is no more than $10 usually, depending on the type of the material, and the retail price can be up to $20.

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