If your target customers are in Europe, besides requiring CE marking and UKCA marking, you need to provide a Declaration of Conformity. However, surprisingly, many importers are not aware of the importance of it.

Today’s post provides a comprehensive introduction to DoC. I believe you will have a clear understanding after reading it.

What does a DoC mean?

The Declaration of Conformity is a document made by manufacturers to prove their products fit the rules in Europe and the UK. Usually, the DoC is the last part of getting CE marking.

Rules and standards may differ across various countries and regions. For example, the EU mandates an EU Declaration of Conformity, whereas the UK necessitates a UKCA Declaration of Conformity. However, the core principle remains consistent, aiming to ensure product quality and safety.

Is the Declaration of Conformity the same as CE?

If you sell products in EU countries, it’s necessary to affix the CE marking on your products for legal sales. Issuing a supplier declaration is to offer formal proof, acting like a certificate, allowing regulatory bodies, distributors, and consumers to verify the product’s compliance.

As a result, in the European market, manufacturers often provide both the DoC and the CE marking. Together, these indicate that the product is legal, compliant, and safe.

Which products need a DoC?

In the European market, selling products requires compliance with relevant regulations and affixing appropriate marks, such as the CE marking or UKCA marking. Here are some common product categories:

  • Toy
  • Lifts
  • Machinery
  • Construction products
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Hot water boilers
  • Low voltage

You can also check more rules of product categories on its official website.

Customs typically inspect products and request certification documents like the DoC. If you can’t meet these requirements, your products might be refused entry or delayed, affecting supply and sales plans. This is especially crucial for sellers on Amazon‘s European sites, lacking a DoC can lead to an inability to sell on the platform. You may face product removal, account suspension, and even potential legal issues.

DoC contents and templates

The contents of a supplier declaration of conformity can vary depending on the industry, product, and specific regulations or standards. However, here are some common elements that are often included in a DoC:

  • Product name, model number, serial or batch number, and product description.
  • Manufacturer’s name, address, and contact details.
  • A statement stating you take full responsibility.
  • Object of the declaration.
  • Applicable regulations or standards.
  • Authorized signature and date.

Here are two Declaration of Conformity templates. You can click to enlarge them.

Pic Source: hazardex.com

Pic Source: productcompliancesupport.co.uk

How to get a DoC?

Depending on the location of the supplier (whether within or outside of Europe), the signature of the DoC may vary.

If you sell European brand products, you are the distributor of those products. And you are responsible for verifying CE and UKCA markings, as well as the statement of conformity with the manufacturer.

However, when you wholesale, customize products from outside of Europe (like China), or import private label products, you are the manufacturer. And you need to draft a DoC, as declarations signed by Chinese manufacturers are not accepted. Furthermore, you must retain a copy of this declaration for 10 years after the products are placed on the market.

While it might seem complicated, the process is actually quite straightforward. The initial steps are handled by your supplier.

Here I take importing toys from China as an example. There’s a wide variety of toy products available, each requiring different certifications and testing standards. If you want to import electric toys, your supplier will follow the Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC and conduct the testing according to the EN62115 standard. Once certified by a laboratory, your supplier will affix the CE marking on the product. You just need to find a relevant template, input product information, and sign your name.

To ensure that your products are compliant, you’d better ask a professional agency for confirmation in advance.

JingSourcing is well aware of the product rules of the Amazon European station and has successfully helped many Amazon sellers of all sizes to promote their business success. If you want to wholesale or customize products from China, but you are not sure whether DoC is required, you are welcome to ask us at any time.

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