Dropshipping becomes more and more popular among e-commerce businesses. And I mentioned in the last post that dropshipping businessmen whose target customer is in the USA had better choose US-based dropshipping suppliers to cooperate with.

Similarly, if your target market is in Canada, apart from finding Chinese dropshipping suppliers, it is also advisable for you to dropship from Canadian-based dropshipping suppliers. But as a new businessman, you may encounter such a question: where to find reliable dropshipping suppliers?

In my today’s post, I will explain why choose Canadian dropshipping suppliers and list top 13 dropshipping suppliers in Canada for your reference.

Attention: enough research about dropshipping suppliers is necessary before you choose one. We couldn’t guarantee the complete legitimacy and reliability of the following recommended dropshipping suppliers.

1. Why dropship from Canada?

Many businessmen are interested in choosing dropshipping business to start their online business because of its low-risk. And most of them will choose to dropship from their local supplier. So if you are a Canadian dropshipper, it is also a good option for you to dropship from Canada. But do you know why dropship from Canada? There are mainly 4 reasons.

Shorter shipping time

As we all know, for any online business, timely delivery time is always an important aspect buyers will concentrate on. But it will take several weeks from China to your end customer in Canada. So it is advisable for you to dropship products from Canadian suppliers directly, which will shorten the shipping time to a large extent.

Higher customer satisfaction

If your customer is from Canada, and you dropship products from Canada to your end customer, which may bring you a higher customer satisfaction. The reason is that they believe the product quality made in their own country will be better and the shipping time will be shorter.

Higher profit margin

It is well-known that China is a famous manufacturing country with abundant labor. You can buy good products at a competitive price from China. Many new businessmen will choose to buy from China, but there are also some merits for buying products from the end customer’s local country.

As many customers in other countries may be confused about the low price and worry about the product quality made in China. And they may prefer products made in local country.

So if your target market is in Canada, you can dropship products from Canadian based suppliers. Though it may take you a higher cost, you still can make a higher profit than dropshipping from other countries. There are mainly two reasons for it, firstly, you can set a higher retail price. Secondly, you can receive more orders as many buyers prefer products made in the local country.

Free of import policy

As import policy ranges from different countries, especially the import tax standard may change quickly. Sometimes, you may make a limited profit margin.

But if the products are shipped from the local country, many suppliers will provide free shipping service for you. Hence, the cost will be lower and it needn’t obey the import policy, which is convenient for fulfilling the order.

2. How to identify whether the supplier is reliable?

As explained in the above section, there are many benefits for cooperating with dropshipping suppliers in Canada. In the meantime, how to choose a reliable supplier is an important step. No matter what kind of dropshipping suppliers or where are they located, the judgement standards are the same. Here are 3 aspects you should consider.



No extra fee

Many third-party platforms will charge you some monthly fee to provide you supplier directory like Spocket, which is common.

But some dropshipping suppliers that have their own online shop like Silverts may charge you an ongoing monthly fee. And only when you pay the fees, can you cooperate with them, which may be a potential sign showing the supplier is a “fake” dropshipping supplier or they sell products with bad quality.

However, I don’t mean you can’t buy from them, and you also can cooperate with such suppliers after you do enough research and judge them carefully.

A complete return policy

A good dropshipping supplier should have a complete return policy, which you can find on their e-commerce store.

Supposing that there is something wrong with the product, if the supplier doesn’t set a concrete policy, you may lose your money and get a bad feedback from your customer in the end, which is not beneficial to your business development. Hence, it is not advisable for you to cooperate with them.

Timely and professional feedback from supplier

When you need to select the best one among several suppliers, you should choose the one that gives you prompt respond and professional answer to your question.

3. Top 13 Canada dropshipping suppliers

In the section, I will list the top 13 Canadian dropshipping suppliers for your reference mainly divided into two types: 9 top Canadian based dropshipping suppliers; 4 top websites where you can find Canadian based dropshipping suppliers.

9 top Canadian based dropshipping suppliers


Silverts, began in 1930, is the leader and innovator in adaptive wear. And it specializes in offering clothing and shoes designed for people who have difficulties in dressing including elderly clothing & footwear, handicap apparel, hospital apparel, etc. It only supports dropshipping in Canada and the lower 48 U.S. States (Excludes AK, HI, PR, etc.).

Besides, it provides some discounts for dropshipping orders as below.

  • 25% discount off regular priced items
  • 30% discount over and above $5000.00 in sales


Sweetlegs focuses on providing a collection of unique leggings. Besides, it also provides many other product categories, like jewellery.


TeeHatch, founded in 2016, is the first T-shirt drop shipping company based in Canada. The products are shipped from their local facility in Vancouver BC. to your customers in Canada, which is very convenient.

Besides, the big advantage is that you can buy from the platform without paying any monthly fee.

teehatch advantage

T-Print Canada 

You can buy many categories of products, including sustainable apparel, embroidered hat, toques, etc at a very competitive price. And your customers can add custom sayings, names, numbers etc., to any design or apparel in your store, then the company will produce and ship the products within a short time. Besides, it won’t charge you any sign up fees or re-occurring monthly payments.

Kimmy shop

Kimmy Shop specializes in toys, building blocks, bags, backpacks, luggage cases and many more brand name products including Disney, TMNT, Marvel, Mattel, etc. If you want to choose its dropshipping program, you just need to pay a monthly subscription fee of $15. And you will have a 14-day trial.

Besides, it provides a 15% discount for the entire catalog including sale items for dropshippers.

Note: Selling on Amazon is strictly prohibited.

Coastal Contacts

Coastal, a Canadian-based company, specializes in the manufacturing of eyewear. You can buy a variety of glasses like contact lenses, sunglasses, branded frames, etc.

But there is a disadvantage, it doesn’t have an app that help you integrate with your online store directly. So you have to copy and paste the pictures manually.

Grover Essentials Inc.

Grover Essentials specializes in selling products for the home, including a variety of bed and bath products, etc. It has over 200 retail stores. Besides, it provides free shipping service for Canadian and USA orders.


Prepac is a successful designer, manufacturer and drop shipper of functional and stylish RTA (Ready-To-Assemble) home furniture. It maintains a “Just in Time” inventory which ensures that stock is always available to ship within 2 business days! Its RTA product categories include Bedroom Furniture, Home Office Furniture, Living Room Furniture, Media Storage, Audio Video Furniture, Entryway Furniture, and Utility Storage.


Dream hug focuses on providing therapy blankets that can ease anxiety. About the shipping, you needn’t pay any fee, but orders in Nunavut, Yukon and the Northwest Territories pay a discounted rate of $9.99 for shipping.

All orders are currently being fulfilled from the Toronto warehouse to Canadian customers via Canada post. And you can get the tracking number accordingly by email after the order has shipped.

4 top websites where you can find Canadian based suppliers


Spocket is a dropshipping marketplace connecting dropshipping businessmen to thousands of suppliers.

It offers four pricing plans: Starter, Professional, Empire and Unicorn! There are monthly and annual plans.

The image below shows the differences and benefits of the four monthly plans. Each monthly plan offers a free 14-day trial!


The image below is the annual plan.

spocket annually price plan

You can use the filtering system to choose suppliers that have their product inventory located in Canada.

Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands has been dedicated to providing the largest, most comprehensive directory of certified wholesalers and dropshippers. While they are based in the US, it also has thousands of Canadian-based vendors.

They continually update their list with new reputable and reliable suppliers. Receive access to this directory for a one-time fee of $224.

worldwide brands price plan


It has a directory of dropshipping or wholesale suppliers. And it provides 1.6 million+ branded products at a competitive price. But if you want to get the supplier directory, you should pay a membership fee. As you search products, you can filter them to show products and suppliers that come from Canada.

salehoo price plan

Inventory Source

You can get a directory of dropshipping suppliers. But before getting the service, you should become a member of the platform first.

There are three types of price plans for you to choose on the platform. Then you can filter the Canadian suppliers when you search for the products.

inventory source pricing plan

To the end

I hope you can benefit a lot from my post. If you think it is helpful, welcome to share it with others. Besides, if you have any questions or want to recommend other reliable Canadian based suppliers, welcome to share with us by leaving a comment.

As the leading sourcing company in China, we can not only help you wholesale products from China, but also provide dropshipping fulfillment service. That means, we can help you dropship products to your end customer, which can help you save a lot of time and money. If you want to learn more, feel free to contact us.

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