MOQ is a common concept in international trade. For some buyers, MOQ can be a challenge, especially for those who want to purchase small quantities of products or for personal use. What should you do if your order quantity doesn’t meet the supplier’s MOQ?

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What does Alibaba MOQ mean?

Alibaba MOQ stands for the minimum quantity of products that a supplier requires buyers to purchase in a single order on Alibaba.

When searching for products on Alibaba, each supplier may have their own MOQ, which is typically stated in their product listings or can be negotiated with the supplier directly. The MOQ can vary depending on the product, supplier, and other factors.

Note that the MOQs listed on the product page are not always set in stone, you can always negotiate with suppliers to get a lower MOQ and unit price as long as your order quantity is large enough.

How to buy 1 item from Alibaba?

Many people have this question: Does Alibaba support buying only one item? The answer is yes. However, buying a single product on Alibaba is not cost-effective because even though the product is cheap, shipping costs can be high. Another situation is to ask a supplier for a sample. But the cost of international express delivery will be relatively high.

In fact, Alibaba is primarily used as a B2B platform for bulk and custom orders. If you only want to purchase a small number of products or individual items, a better option is AliExpress. AliExpress is a subsidiary of the Alibaba Group, and it is a retail platform targeting consumers for small orders.

On AliExpress, you can find many sellers who also have stores on Alibaba. These sellers often provide dropshipping services, allowing you to place orders directly on AliExpress. This means you can buy small quantities of products at lower prices.

Note that custom products are usually not suitable for purchasing in small quantities or as individual items. Customization involves the supplier’s production processes and cost considerations. Producing a small number may not be cost-effective for suppliers, as they often require a MOQ to ensure profitability and cover production costs. Therefore, whether on Alibaba or AliExpress, you may be rejected.

How can I reduce Alibaba MOQ?

We will explore strategies and considerations for different order quantities below.

Small quantities for personal use

You can find spot products on Alibaba’s “Ready to Ship” channel, usually without any MOQ restrictions. You can buy the desired quantity directly. It doesn’t make much difference whether your order is large or small because the supplier still have inventory after you place the order.

For high-value products like drones, typically have existing models available for selection, and there is no MOQ either. Additionally, I recommend comparing prices on AliExpress for these high-value products. If the prices are similar, you’d better choose AliExpress because they provide better after-sales service.

Slightly below the MOQ

The MOQ requirements vary for different customized products.

For simple customization, such as embroidering patterns on T-shirts, a quantity of one or two hundred is usually acceptable. However, for products like seamless underwear, the custom MOQ is high because the production line is set up to handle thousands of pieces. This is necessary for suppliers to ensure profitability. For suppliers, producing 500 units might result in losses, which is an objective factor they can not accept.

If you are unable to meet the supplier’s MOQ but the difference is not big, you can switch to another supplier. Some suppliers may be unwilling to cooperate due to their high volume of orders, and they may not consider your smaller order significant. In this case, you can contact other suppliers, and some of them may be willing to compromise and accept your order.

For a very high order quantity

If your order quantity is extremely large, such as requiring several containers to be shipped every month, you don’t need to worry about the MOQ at all. As a large customer, all suppliers will highly value your order.

In this situation, you have more leverage in price negotiations and can ask for lower product prices with the suppliers. For example, if a supplier provides a quote of $1.50 per piece, you can mention that another supplier offers $1.20 per piece to put pressure on them.

The MOQ varies based on the value and characteristics of the product. For spot products, you don’t need to consider MOQ as long as there is one item available in stock. For customized products, low-value items (such as toilet paper) usually have higher MOQ requirements. However, for high-value goods, suppliers are typically more flexible with lower MOQs. Additionally, the more complex a customized product is, the higher the MOQ tends to be.

Therefore, you need to handle the MOQ issue flexibly based on the product’s value and market demand. Adopting different strategies will increase your chances of successful negotiation.

If you find it troublesome to communicate with suppliers on Alibaba for a lower MOQ and don’t want to invest too much time and effort, Jingsourcing can help you. We have our own supplier database, including some that you may not come across on Alibaba. Moreover, we have established a strong working relationship with them through multiple collaborations, enabling us to negotiate for a good MOQ on your behalf.

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