How Jingsourcing Help You Import From China?

Step 3. Production Follow-up Service (Start from 5%)

Production Follow-up

Once you confirmed the sample and ready to place order, the next step is Production Follow-up.

Generally, production follow-up can be more time consuming than looking for a supplier, usually taking weeks or months. You definitely don’t want to waste weeks or months in both time and energy to keep eyes on your production.

That’s why you need our Production Follow-up Service, because we help you save huge time and you can put all your effort to grow your business.

Your personal agent will help you coordinate with manufacturers, to make sure everything is produced as you required. No upfront charges, only pay as low as 5% service fee, when your order is finished.

service fee

For anyone who used our Production Follow-up service, you will get all following services for free:

1. Quality Inspection:
We help you check the quality of the goods in our warehouse for free and ensure that all quality problems are resolved before leave China.

2. Cargo Shipping: 
Your agent help you arrange shipment from China all the way to your address (or Amazon), and handle all import & export process. As we are shipping out tons products everyday, you can always get low shipping cost, no matter it’s sent by express, sea freight or air freight.

3. Warehouse Storage:
You can use our warehouse in China 2 moths for free. Thus you have enough time to consolidate more products to ship together for saving shipping cost.

4. Product Photography:
You will get 5 white background product photos for free, and you can upload to Amazon or Ebay immediately. Thus you don’t need to find any photographers, paying $50 or $100 for sample shipping and their service.