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How Jingsourcing Help You Import From China?

Step 1. Product Sourcing Service (Free)

Product Sourcing (Free)

We provide you with Jingsourcing’s services, a totally free, convenient and dependable way to set up a connection between you and the superior Chinese suppliers.

First click the big orange button I need an agent to start” and submit your inquiry to our customer support. You can send detailed information about your products like photos, prices, quantities to us. And it is better with product link on Alibaba or Amazon.

Then our customer support will assign an professional agent for you according to your products.

Once our agent is assigned to assist you, he or she will contact with you and have a further discussion about products with you to fully understand your request.

At meanwhile, if you need to add any your own ideas to the products, you can discuss it with your agent. And your agent will find the best solution for you.

Then after 1 or 2 working days, your agent will offer you 2-3 quotations with the most reasonable price as well as the best quality. The service above costs you nothing. It is totally free.