How Jingsourcing Help You Import From China?

Step 4. Quality Inspection (Free)

Quality Inspection

Once the production is finished, the most important thing to do is quality inspection.

Generally, people will hire 3rd party inspection company to do inspection and pay $300 each time. If the quality problem is found, you need to negotiate with manufacturers all by yourself. Then you still need to pay for the 2nd or 3rd inspection, until no more quality issues.

However, if you used our product follow up service, we help you inspect quality for free!

We help you collect all your products in our warehouse first, and check the quality. If there’s any quality issue, we will not only let you know, but also help you negotiate with manufacturers on your behalf. Our workers can also help you fix quality problems in our warehouse.

If you still concern about quality, we have another “Inspect 1 by 1” service. Our workers will check every single your product, to reduce the defect rate to 0. That means you won’t receive any bad reviews from customers, when selling online. What you need to pay is very low labor cost in China.