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As a leading sourcing company based in China, we helped hundreds of people find flashlights in bulk directly from manufacturers, and gained best flashlight manufacturers resources in China.

You don’t need to have any experience about importing, because a professional agent guides you step by step, until you receive all products in your country.

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Multiple Flashlights We Sourced for Our Clients

Promotional Flashlights


Promotional Custom Mini Led Flashlight

Item ID: 9b19a01
Price: $0.2/pcs as low
MOQ: 1000pcs


Promotional 9 LED Aluminums Alloy UV Flashlight

Item ID: 9b19a02
Price: $0.7/pcs as low
MOQ: 500pcs


Promotional Magnetic Pen Mini Flashlight

Item ID: 9b19a03
Price: $1.9/pcs as low
MOQ: 500pcs


Full Color Logo Print Promotional Cheap Flashlight

Item ID: 9b19a04
Price: $0.39/pcs as low
MOQ: 1000pcs

Pen Flashlights


Laser Pointer Pen Flashlight

Item ID: 9b19a05
Price: $0.75/pcs as low
MOQ: 500pcs


Portable Medical Nurse Torch Light

Item ID: 9b19a06
Price: $0.9/pcs as low
MOQ: 1000pcs


Min LED Pen Flashlight

Item ID: 9b19a07
Price: $1.5/pcs as low
MOQ: 1000pcs


Lighting Mini Pen Torch

Item ID: 9b19a08
Price: $0.79/pcs as low
MOQ: 500pcs

Headlamp Flashlights


Led Headlamp

Item ID: 9b19a09
Price: $1.27/pcs as low
MOQ: 200pcs


LED Headlamp Flashlight

Item ID: 9b19a10
Price: $3.96/pcs as low
MOQ: 1000pcs


LED Cap Headlamp

Item ID: 9b19a11
Price: $0.45/pcs as low


LED Headlamp Flashlight

Item ID: 9b19a12
Price: $2.8/pcs as low
MOQ: 1000pcs

Mini Flashlights


Mini Led Key Chain Flashlight

Item ID: 9b19a13
Price: $1.55/pcs as low
MOQ: 500pcs


Promotional Hand Led Flashlight

Item ID: 9b19a14
Price: $0.69/pcs as low
MOQ: 500pcs


Mini Flashlight Gift Flashlight

Item ID: 9b19a15
Price: $0.7/pcs as low
MOQ: 1000pcs


Mini Work Aluminum Led Flashlight

Item ID: 9b19a16
Price: $4.6/pcs as low
MOQ: 100pcs

Rechargeable Flashlights


USB Rechargeable Multi Function LED Flashlight

Item ID: 9b19a23
Price: $7.5/pcs as low
MOQ: 500pcs


Rechargeable Aluminum LED Flashlight

Item ID: 9b19a24
Price: $2.11/pcs as low
MOQ: 1000pcs


Vertical Rechargeable Plastic Led Flashlight

Item ID: 9b19a21
Price: $0.9/pcs as low
MOQ: 1000pcs


Promotion Rechargeable Led Flashlight

Item ID: 9b19a22
Price: $3.75/pcs as low
MOQ: 1000pcs

Waterproof Flashlights


Mini Portable Waterproof Speaker LED Flashlight

Item ID: 9b19a27
Price: $9.9/pcs as low
MOQ: 1000pcs


Led Diving Waterproof Torch Flashlight 

Item ID: 9b19a30
Price: $2.0/pcs as low
MOQ: 500pcs


Waterproof USB Rechargeable Led Aluminum Power Bank Flashlight

Item ID: 9b19a28
Price: $5.55/pcs as low
MOQ: 1000pcs


Waterproof Portable Solar Led Torch Flashlight

Item ID: 9b19a26
Price: $2.6/pcs as low
MOQ: 1000pcs

Solar Power Flashlights


Mini Solar Power Rechargeable Led Flashlight

Item ID: 9b19a32
Price: $1.0/pcs as low
MOQ: 1000pcs


Solar Flashlight USB LED Rechargeable Light

Item ID: 9b19a33
Price: $8.49/pcs as low
MOQ: 1000pcs


Bright Solar Power Camping Flashlight

Item ID: 9b19a31
Price: $0.8/pcs as low
MOQ: 1000pcs


Led USB Charging Collapsible Flashlight

Item ID: 9b19a34
Price: $3.2/pcs as low
MOQ: 500pcs

USB Flashlights


USB Flashlight Flash Drive Keychain

Item ID: 9b19a35
Price: $3.0/pcs as low
MOQ: 1000pcs


USB Charger LED Torch Flashlight

Item ID: 9b19a36
Price: $5.2/pcs as low
MOQ: 500pcs


USB Rechargeable Led Flashlight

Item ID: 9b19a37
Price: $1.0/pcs as low
MOQ: 1000pcs


USB Charging LED Flashlight 

Item ID: 9b19a38
Price: $8.9/pcs as low
MOQ: 1000pcs

If you are not interested in these flashlights or need to customize your own one, tell us more details of the products you are looking for. 

Your personal agent will find the manufacturer in China and send you quotation shortly (Amazon, Ebay links will be good).

Knowledge of Buy Flashlights in Bulk

Most flashlights are battery-powered. Battery types can be divided into dry batteries (such as AA, AAA battery) and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The most common rechargeable lithium-ion battery is the 18650 battery.

Some flashlights with rechargeable batteries are designed with solar panels, which are convenient for using outdoors in case of emergency. But it will take you more time to charge with solar power.

Custom Logo: the MOQ for logo printing on flashlights (including hand-held flashlights, pen-shaped flashlights, and mini flashlights) is around 1000pcs. If your purchasing quantity is between 800 and 1000pcs, you need to pay about $0.32/pc for the logo printing. The MOQ for logo customization of the headlamp is about 500pcs.

Custom Size: the MOQ for size customization of the flashlight is around 5000pcs, and you need to pay more than $1600 for the mold. While the MOQ of the pen-shaped flashlight size customization is more than 10000pcs.

Custom Color: if you want to customize the color of pen-shaped or headlamp, your purchase quantity should reach about 1000pcs. And the MOQ for mini flashlight color customization is 3000pcs or so. While 2000pcs is the MOQ for customizing the color of the hand-held flashlights.

The ordinary(hand-held) flashlights are produced in Yiwu and Shenzhen. Headlamp, pen-shaped, mini flashlights are mainly produced in Ningbo, Zhejiang province.

If you want to buy flashlights in bulk online, some Chinese wholesale websites such as Alibaba, Dhgate and so on are good choices for you. Or you can choose a trustworthy sourcing agent company to help you deal with the issues from sourcing to arranging shipment.

Why Choose Jingsourcing to Wholesale Flashlights from China?

Competitive Price
Competitive Price​
We are located in Yiwu, Zhejiang where flashlight producers are concentrated, and we have a long-term cooperation relations with many suppliers. You don’t need to worry about getting unreasonable prices of the flashlight because we will help you find the flashlight supplier at a fair price.
Production Follow-up
After you confirm the purchase, you don’t need to waste a lot of time and energy to keep eyes on your production process of the flashlight. We will help you to follow up the production and negotiate with the flashlight suppliers to ensure that the flashlight is made according to your requirements.
Quality Guarantee​
After the flashlight factory completes the production, we will take all flashlights to our own warehouse for strict inspection. If there’s any quality issue, we will help you negotiate with manufacturers on your behalf. And we will arrange the shipment after making sure they are of good quality.
Shipping Cost/Time
We will provide with shipping consulting service, giving you advice on shipping method after helping you calculate the time and cost of various shipping methods. And we will inform you of the certificates you need to prepare for customs clearance, making it easier for you to ship flashlights from China.

The Process of Purchasing Through Jingsourcing

Step 1

   Fill out the contact form. An agent will reach out to you, and send you quotation from the best manufacturer. It’s free.

Step 2

   Get product sample from us to check quality. We also help you customize product sample with your design or packaging. Sample cost just starts from $20.

Step 3

   Confirm all details before production. Then we help you follow up production, make sure products are made according to your requirements. You only pay service fee 5% as low.

Step 4

   Once the production is finished. We help you inspect quality for free, and send you inspection report. Then help you arrange shipment all the way to your address in your country.