Customize Sock Packaging for 3 Main Types of Socks(Cost)

The packaging is not only used to protect the sock, but also to reflect the characteristics and quality of the product, it also enables users to have a preliminary understanding of the sock through packaging. Besides, the packaging is the most effective way of brand spread. 

So if you want to start a sock business and get your own brand known, you should spare some effort on the packaging design. In a word, the better the product, the more need to have proper packaging design to attract people’s eyes.

However, socks are not packaged in the same way, the packaging of different types of socks are different. This guide will introduce the sock packaging from two aspects – inner packaging and outer packaging. I bet you will have a better understanding on how to design your own socks packaging after reading.

Inner Packaging for 3 Main Types of Socks

First of all, I will divide the socks into three categories and introduce the inner packaging of each sock.

  • Regular socks
  • Silk pants stockings 
  • No show socks

Inner Packaging for Regular Socks

Inner packaging needs the following: tag (cardboard), band Tagging gun, hooks

The tag and the band play the same important role in sock inner packaging. They are used to fix the shape of folded socks and present the basic information of socks. The following basic information is usually stated on the tags and bands:

The design of the Tags

Regular tag:

The tag of the socks that we most often see in the market is the kind to be folded over the cuff of the sock and be printed on 16pt 2″x6.5″ cardstock. This kind of regular printed paper cardboard tag costs around $0.08/pc. It requires the tagging gun to pin the tag on the socks.


Novelty tag:

The tag can not only be made into a rectangle but can also be designed into various shapes and colors according to your inspiration and needs. In order to make their products different and to attract customers’ attention, I can’t say it is not a good idea to novelty designs on the tag style. 

This kind of tags may not be very practical, but it does have a great attraction for customers, especially some customers who want to buy socks as a gift, they are especially willing to buy this kind of design to make a surprise, even they would spend more money for the adorable tag design. 


The design of the bands
Sock band plays the same character as the tag. Band labels wrap around the middle of each folded pair of socks and are printed on the cardstock. It can also be designed into particular styles. And the sock information will be displayed on the bands.

p05 sock band

Inner Packaging for Pants Stocking

Unlike regular socks, pants stocking is easy to be hooked, so it is not suitable to be pinned with tag. To keep the stocking flat, the stockings will be folded around a white rectangle paper card and packed into a flat paper card packaging with a transparent design in the front to let the customer be able to see the color of the stocking inside.

The four angles of the card are designed with radians to reduce the probability of a stocking hook. And the card will not be designed with any information on it, the basic information like length, color, needles, etc. will be presented on the back of the packaging. 

Inner Packaging for Pants Stocking

Inner Packaging for No Show Socks Packaging

In most cases, the no-show socks need to be held stretched with cardboard, in order to present the shape and pattern of the socks to consumers more intuitively. 


Outer Packaging for 3 Main Types of Socks

Socks packaging has a variety of designs, but the material can be divided into plastic packaging and paper card packaging two categories. 

Plastic Packaging

Plastic packaging is the most common and popular packaging method, the plastic packaging can be divided into self-adhesive opp bag and Zipper bag, and they share some prominent advantages.

Cost effective:The cost of plastic is much lower than that of carton packaging.

Convenient for transport: plastic packaging saves more space, thus saving transport costs, and is less likely to be deformed and damaged during re-delivery. While carton packaging is easy to be rolled deformation.

Full view of socks: transparent plastic, which is convenient for quality inspection, and enables customers to see the characteristics of socks more intuitively when shopping for socks.

Of course, there are some differences between them. Because of the material differences, the zipper bags can be printed with decorative patterns on it, such as the logo, while opp self-adhesive bag cannot be printed with any pattern. Therefore, the price of a zipper bag is higher than the OPP bag.

Self-adhesive opp bag:

Most socks on the market are packaged in this kind of bag which usually OPP bags. There is a cut on the top of the bag so that the hook on the sock label can be exposed. In this way, it can be hung in the store for customers to choose socks intuitively. 

The cost of this OPP packaging is very low, and it is also much cheaper than PE or EVA zipper bag. There is 1-3 mil thickness with various prices in the market for you to choose, I suggest choosing the thicker bag as they make the socks look more upscale and there is nearly no difference in cost between 3 mil and 1 mil thick bags.


Zipper bag:

Zipper bags are usually made of PE or EVA and are of much better quality than the OPP bag, often used for the upscale sock packaging. With the above, the Zipper bag is much more expensive than the OPP bag which costs 0.6cents/pc, while the Zipper bag costs 3 cents/pc. 

sock-zipper-packaging (1)

Paper card packaging

Paper card packaging is commonly used to package silk stockings, as silk stockings can not use tags to fix silk stockings inside the packaging, so the relatively flat paper card packaging can prevent silk socks from getting messy or wrinkled in the box.

p05 sock packaging paper card

Carton packaging

Comparing to plastic packaging, carton packaging can be designed into a variety of shapes and styles, it is the good choice for the businessmen who want to highlight their products (to be more attractive) or make their socks more eye-catching.

A well-designed carton packaging can make the sock an ideal gift. I would like to list several novelty sock cart packaging designs for you.

Just for fun

2-Carton-packaging-3-768x213 (1) (1) (1) (1)

Gift box packaging


The End
I hope this article can bring you some inspiration for your to customize sock packaging design, if you want to entrust us to help you produce the packaging you designed, you can submit an inquiry, or if you are interested in more sock packaging designs, don’t hesitate to consult us, we will help you implement your design.